Chapter Five: Hit Me Once, Shame on You; Hit Me Twice, Shame on Me aka Some Sort of Animal Planet

Part I

Perhaps the poor boy was abused as a child. Lucien was halfway to his next class, and the only explanation for the hauntingly beautiful boy's appearance in a gentlemen's club was that, he could think of no other reason. Rationally, he thought, that itself was barely a reason. Lucien had grown up thus far with little to no parental attention, but that didn't cause him to go out and whore himself as a misplaced search for a father's love that he had never been shown. His mother was a head executive for the paper company that had put this place on the map; she was rarely at home, and even when she had the chance to be home, she was on business call after the next, and holed up in her spacious office. Once those doors closed, woe to the one who had to open them before she was finished with whatever she was working on. A mother's wrath hath no fury. Hell's flames paled in comparison to his mother when interrupted.

However, if his mother was hell, his father was Lucifer himself. His father was no executive. No, his father was a cold, calculating lawyer; one who could win nearly any case thrown at him without breaking a sweat. The man could intimidate even the most corrupt felon into saying what he wanted to hear with wit and looks alone. His father was big time. So big time, in fact, that he rarely set foot in his own house for more than a week at a time, and usually even less than even that. The man had an agenda, and whether he be at work in town or across the country, nothing could get in the way of the big plans he made for himself.

Ruthless. That was the word for a man such as he. Lucien shook his head as he walked to his next class. The man demanded perfection in every possible way- impeccable manners, straight A+s, playing multiple musical instruments, handling his own investments, you name it and Lucien was doing it. His father's influence was exerted over him without the cold, calculating man saying more than a few words to his son in a month. It was almost as though Lucien had raised himself thus far, almost. He practically lived on his own in the big house.

But that still didn't explain the boy. Again and again his mind was dragged back to the boy. Living alone hadn't caused Lucien to go out and do... what that kid did. So that meant his life had to be more miserable and more lonely than Lucien's. That was-

Oomph. Lucien flustered as he ran hard into someone else, his bag falling to the floor, and the other person's books skittering everywhere.

"Oh, sorry man," came a boy's voice from close by. Lucien ignored it, scooping up his bag and hurrying to his next class before he could be late yet again.

Standing alone in the hall, the boy with the deep brown eyes and plain hair was left staring after the rude boy he had never met. Sighing, he gathered his books and headed the same direction to his next class.

Lucien didn't stop when he heard the jeering voices from the other side of the hall, but ignored them and walked into his next classroom, which would be history class when it finally filled. He was early, as per usual, and decided to head to the bathroom to relieve his bladder before he had to sit through another class of first day 'introductions.'

His seat in the front row secured by his bag and his jacket, Lucien walked into the hall, turning towards the closest bathroom on this floor.

"Hey, nerdy boy. Looks like you wanted to come back for more, eh? You miss us, nerdy boy?" The boys from before stood a little way down the hall, snickering at him, and acting like they were the hottest stuff of the century.

He snorted. Max Goodall and Stephen Payne, the would be captains of the football team. That is, if Spring Meadows had actually had a football team. None of the other schools in the little town of Kingston had a football team, so it stood that even the rich kid school wouldn't either, as they wouldn't have had anyone to play against if they had. Max and Stephen kept hoping, though. The two had harassed Lucien since the first day of his sophomore year, the day they entered the school. He wasn't sure how he felt about being bullied by underclassmen. On one hand, it was embarrassing that he, as an upperclassman, was able to be talked down to by boys younger than himself; wasn't he supposed to have enough authority simply because of his status of being older and wiser than them? But that was also the reason he didn't mind so much. They were younger and more immature- in a way he couldn't have expected less of them.

"See the jocks in their natural habitat," muttered Lucien as he continued walking toward the bathroom. It wasn't until he entered the tiled room and meandered to a stall that he realized they had followed him. The two teens backed him into the stall and shut the door behind them. It was a bit of a tight fit.

Max, generally being the more physical of the two, pushed Lucien down onto the toilet and spat in his face. "Perfect son of a bitch."

Lucien couldn't hold back a smirk as he heard the words. "Perhaps if you tried, you could be half as successful as me. If you worked really hard, just maybe you wouldn't be mistaken for the stupid, bumbling idiots you are."

The condescension left his mouth before he had a chance to stop it, and he berated himself mentally for not showing the notorious Mathers' cool.

It was then that Stephen hauled back and hit him in the jaw, sending Lucien's head into the side of the stall with the force of it.