Chapter 1

One morning Lauren Graham is just getting home to her 15 year old daughter Saddie after a date night out with Peter Krause and her daughter is just waking up on the couch.

''well, well, well someone is home way past thier curfew.'' Saddie tells her

''Did you have a good time?'' Saddie asks her

''yeah,really good.'' Lauren tells her

''good. So what did you guy's end up doing?'' Saddie asks her

''oh ya know just went out to diner and went back to his place and we drank and it got late and so I uh just stayed the night.'' Lauren tells her

''were you being careful and protection was involved?'' Saddie asks her

''yes mom and we didn't have sex.'' Lauren tells her

''good!''Saddie says

''okay well I'm gonna go upstairs and shower and get into sweats and then I'll be down in a few so pick a movie.'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Saddie says

Lauren kisses her cheek then goes upstairs to her room to find some clothes then gets into the shower. Lauren comes down a little while later.

''hey.'' Lauren says

''hey good shower?'' Saddie asks her

''yea really good.'' Lauren tells her

''good so um how's uh Peter's son?'' Saddie asks her

''Roman?'' Lauren asks her

''yea.'' Saddie says

''He's great babe!'' Lauren tells her

''that's good!'' Saddie says

''yea actucally we were thinking of going out for ice cream with you guy's this weekend.'' Lauren tells her

''oh okay I mean if you really want to.''Saddie says

''we do.'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Saddie says

''okay.'' Lauren says and smiles