Chapter 3

Maggie walks over to the pool.

''hey Rom!'' Maggie says

Roman turns around in the pool and wipes his face.

''Aunt Maggie!'' Roman says

''happy birthday babe!'' Maggie tells him

''thanks!'' he says

''Maggie!'' Saddie says

Maggie turns around.

''Saddie aww hey!!'' Maggie says and hugs her tightly

Saddie hugs her back

''so how are you doing sweetie how's school and everything?'' Maggie asks her

''I'm good and everything is good and school is good.'' Saddie tells her

''well that's good.'' Maggie says

''yea it is good.'' Saddie says and smiles

''so how are Grandpa,Grandma and Uncle Chris?'' Saddie asks her

''they are great everyone is just great.'' Maggie tells her

''that's good.'' Saddie says

''yea it is.'' Maggie says and smiles

Lauren goes back over to peter who is flipping burgers.

''hey.'' Peter says

''hey so my sister is here.''Lauren tells him

''aww she is?'' Peter asks her happily

''yea she is.'' Lauren tells him and smiles

''when did she get here?'' Peter asks her

''oh just a few minutes ago.'' Lauren tells him

''well make aure you tell her to stop by I would like to see her.'' Peter tells her

''aww yea oh I definitwly will.'' Lauren tells him