"With Letter Similar This, I Wrote Her
–Compliments, Muse (To 'nother)"

Those words over-line are –I
wish constancy with connection,
to forces abjectly unknown,
with her if you will let me,
let this, fondness of, be shown.

Though so little I know her,
nothing more is sought
than tie 'tween her and cadence,
what I write, as voice will naught.

But of her voice, seraphic,
and form, of the divine;
in memory, 'tis trusted
to keep this, cherished, mine.

And as the moment is sincere,
ever I regret revise
–The art of truth,
of timing lost
for-sake of tactful guise.

And so I end this now
as none of this is me
–All just a means to reach you
in way of poorly-polished poetry.