I watch as you approach her as she's alone. You know that it's when she's at her weakest. She sees you, and tries to act calm and normal. She thinks you're going to pass her by the way she passes you by, but you don't.

You pull her close and surprised, she struggles. But you don't give up so easily this time.


She settles down, realizing you won't give up. She's smart like that. You hold her and hug her tight, not saying anything. She stands there, not knowing what to do with her arms. She's awkward like that.

You pull her close and breathe in. You whisper into her ear, and she flinches. You always could make her do that – make her go weak at the knees. She tries once more to pull away, but you keep your grip.

She says something, and you respond. She looks tired from your answer, but she doesn't respond. It looks like she doesn't have the strength to.

You make her look at you though, and she does. Her eyes look at you finally, and they're dying to look away. It hurts her to look at you.

But you keep her eyes there and watch her. You say some more, and she struggles. You're still hugging her tight.

You talk to her some more, and she weakens more and more. You're breaking her down.


But I can see it in the way she's moving her feet: she's going to pull away. The thing is, you have to hold her tight so she can't. Because now, she has a true motivation to run.

Don't let her run again.

Tell her everything. Tell her before she goes on lockdown, or you might not have the chance to.

She does pull away, but you make sure your grip is tight. She looks near tears now, trying to break away, and I can see you're hurting too.

Be strong. Love's worth it.

You tell her everything, and she's shaking her head over and over, trying not to believe it. She's starting to begin her lockdown. You have to try harder.

And you do. You shake her, which causes tears to come out, which causes you to stop. You stare at her in awe and pull her tight again. She puts her arms around you now, sobbing into your shirt. You don't seem to mind.

She says something, and I can see you're trying to prove her wrong. You keep repeating the same words, and she keeps shaking her head into your chest. She tries pulling away once more.

But you stay there, not letting her go. You don't speak anymore, leaving her to think. Finally, she pulls back, but not to run away. No, she looks up at you and says something.

You lean down and finally smile, and she can finally smile back at you.


You both walk away; your arm still around her, and hers around your waist, holding you for support.

Now it's my time to walk away for my final time. You found her. And I'm done trying to find you.