Stop looking at the horizon
and turn your gaze a little closer.
Take a look over here
to what has been staring at you
for the past six months
(or rather
Draw your caramel eyes
(her favourite kind)
back here
and tell me what you see.
You're on the peculiar side of intriguing;
I guess you could say she's fallen for you.
You, with your open eyes
open heart, open skies.
But you'd never notice.
Just like you didn't notice
that she fell for you
the second she saw you in that crowded room
(which explains her disinterest
that only ended when she met you
[in a weird way]).
Just like you didn't notice
that secret smile
she sent your way.
Just like you didn't notice
that she would have kissed you
if you let her.
But you wouldn't notice
because those caramel eyes
are too trained on the horizon
to see me.