Here's an idea
Maybe could we
(pretty please)
Go back to the days
When we'd fight with snowballs
Because that was all
We wanted to do
We'd spend days
Digging forts
(or you did, at least. I
made ammunition)
And preparing for
That all important battle
Against the enemy
(our siblings)
That more often then not
Wouldn't eventuate
And we'd laugh
(and pray they wouldn't
throw ice)

But now
I can't help noticing
(as I sip my vodka and lime)
That you've grown up
But this new and improved
Excessively attractive
And athletic version
Of you
Is more than I can deal with
(and I'll admit just quietly
that sitting with you and her opposite me
is making me feel light headed and weak kneed and foolish
[something I can't blame on the exercise])

So maybe tomorrow
Can we race down the summit
And fight with snowballs
And go back
To what it was
Before my brother started saying things
Like I think he has a crush on you
And before I started noticing
That maybe I did too


catch my atonement references?
loving it ;)