Is It Worth It

Is all the fame and fortune

Worth the sacrifice you make

Doesn't the pain of seeing those jokes,

Knowing many out there hate you,

Make you regret your decision?

By now you must realize

After being hounded by paparazzi

That you'll never be a normal kid

You'll never know if the person you love

Is there because you're you

You can never take weird photos

With all of your best friends

Without them showing up in magazines

With cruel headlines

Doesn't that tear you up inside?

Don't you get tired of fans?

Chasing you

Screaming your name

Ripping your clothes

Just because you're famous

And if you see this

Imagine what you'll never have

The security of knowing your true love

Loves you for you

Being able to show up

For your kids career day

A normal, simple home

Just to relax

A day where you can wear

Stupid shirts in public

And a friend who isn't

Using you for connections

So again I ask

Are the sacrifices you make,

Worth the fame and fortune

You receive?