YT! hola or..yo ppl! here is a new story( that I hope I can finish..) starting, me ^^ and some important "friends" of mines. This whole plot/story came about during class last year and this summer. Everybody, I think, as least been through the whole "are you emo?" or "are you a prep?" Sadly, I went through that and I am still going through it =_+ Sooooooo, I decided to make a story about it!! Buena, no? Anyway I hope u like this story. Read & review! :)


Another day. Another hour. It was normal and boring. School is normal for me. I survived as a freshman, with only a few mistakes, but I'm only human. I made some new friends and enemies on the way, but I'm find with that. I founded out who I was as a freshmen, even though it took a while and some a broken heart, but I did. My grades a roller coaster, that would go up, than drop all of a sudden. I blamed Mrs. Martin, English teacher, for that wild roller coaster that took place during my first year at high school. I hope I'll never see her meany face again! Her brown, now brown and pink..or was it black hair? I don't remember, but I hope when she looks through her glasses at that "To kill a mockingbird" project I hope she'll remembers me and all the stuff she put me through. For I, will forget when I walk through my high school's door on August 23 with a huge grin on my face.

Now, let's put all my past life behind and take a step towards the future. I, Yulia Stewart, have a new motive this year. Not a HUGE motive that required the whole school year to finished, but a simple, yet complicated one. This motive came to me, In art class last year when I was talking with my friend Afraa, a.k.a. double-A. We were best friends since 6th grade, so we grew up together as friends.

"Yulia, are you emo?"

"Emo? Uh...sure..why?"

Afraa let out a heavy sigh and turn to Jesus who was eavesdropping to our conversation. I continue to finished my Self portrait that was half done, and I drew a small line underneath my nose.

"Yulia...come on! You are too "happy" to be emo! Plus, you don't cut yourself."

" Psst, Afraa shut up. She's just yulia", Jesus said with a small grin. I look up and gave him a small smile in return. At least someone here wasn't so into the whole stereotype thing.

Afraa told Jesus to shut up and Jesus told her to shut up too, but in Spanish. Mr. Willigham, our art teacher, strolled over towards us.

"Afraa. Jesus. No yelling. Get back to work. You can dooo it!"

We laughed at our teacher and we continue with our portraits. Afraa was complaining to Mr. Willigham that her face doesn't look her face, and some other funny complaints. Sometimes I wonder, why is she even in this art class? I pick up my pencil and I began to add more darker tones around my cheeks, when I felt eyes on me. I look up and saw Jesus starting at me and my drawing.

" Tu dibujo es perfecto."

I gave Jesus a puzzled look and said, "Cómo?"

Jesus rolled his eyes and lift up his portrait of himself.

"See!? Your's better than mines.."

I started at his paper for a mere second when I commented back saying, " don't even have nothing on your paper."

He than look at his own paper and shove it on the tan table. "So! You are's unfair! Life sucks!"

Afraa through a pencil at Jesus who grumbled some explicit Spanish words at Afraa who didn't seem faze at all.

"Jesus, you are weird. You belong with the freaks or something.." Afraa told Jesus who glared at her.

"Well, you belong with the Preps than, because you are a bitch."

I rolled eyes and watch as my two friends went back and forth insulting each other. I love them, but they really do not get along together. Afraa's judgmental and obsess with popularity didn't clash well with Jesus's rebellions with society. Although, that's what I love about them, because Jesus is with the emos while Afraa is with the..hmm..I don't which clique she fits into, but she reminds me of a teen who wants to hang out with popular kids. One time, she told me not to talk to Katie, my other best friend, because she as nerdy looking. If only Afraa knew that real Katie that will kick anyone ass, if you pissed her off.

"So, Yulia, are you a prep..emo...jock....freak....outsider..nerd...gangster...?

I gave Afraa a long look and thought what AM I? I know that I'm a girl and that I am nice, funny, quiet, little shy, yet loud and crazy. Yet what was I in high school? How did my peers see me? Do they see a prepy girl who thinks she rules the whole school? Or do they see a dark and mysterious girl who likes to stay in the library and cut herself, who doesn't eating in the cafeteria? Or better yet a obnoxious girl who likes to play sports and only cares about winning? Or a girl who wish for a place to belong in this world? Or a girl who likes to read books and play with pokemon cards during lunch, while the popular kids laugh?

Everybody must fit somewhere in a category in high school, because that is how people recognize you. Jesus was trying talking to Ashstan, emo girl, who was wearing a slipknot shirt. She was nice, yet she hardly spoke at all. The words I head from her was "hi" or "hn", and Afraa told me that she is emo and that she probably cuts her self. So, I never did try to talk to her, even though she sat right across from me. I look at my red, black, and white shirt with chinese symbols in the side that clung to my body just right. Also, my simple black shorts. Did I look emo?

The bell went off and I pack all of my things. I waited for Afraa who was stuffing her pencils in her pink backpack. I hate her pink backpack, because the pink that was covering the whole thing. Jesus was long gone, but he did gave me a quick wave before rushing out of the class. My sliver bracelets was dangling as I swung my arms back and forth.

"Come on yulia!"

Afraa and I walk out the class, being the last ones as usually, and we gave our teacher a hand five.

The hallway was pack with different types of people and cliques, and I somehow felt out of place. I don't where I fit in and it's annoying!

" I can't stand Haliey! She's mean to me. She thinks she's all popular just because she is a cheerleader..grr..preps.."

I laugh at Afraa and said, " She isn't that bad. She was nice to me and she still is..I think? Heck, I don't care. I don't even see her anymore."

"Yeah, but she is mean! Her and Taylor was talking about me in the hallway. All preps are mean!"

I sigh and open up the double doors and look at my nails. I don't get Afraa sometimes, why does she care so much what people think and say about her? Most of the people we see now in high school, we are never going to see again, so why bother be mad?

"Afraa...all preps are not mean," I mumbled. We walk to her Child Development class that was in A-hall. Afraa drop her backpack and turn her full attention to me.

"Yulia..all preps are mean. They are snobby popular people who think they rule the whole school. People like us, hate preps, and for me, I can't stand them. Matter of fact, I don't like freaks..nerds..or emo people either. They are weird..."

I stared at my best friend who just turn into a different person in a matter of seconds. What happen to my innocent Afraa?

" As for me, I'm just normal. I'm not emo nor a prep. I'm normal! And yulia, you need to decide who you are. I care for you a lot and I don't want you to get lost in the last four years we have left of school."

Afraa picked up backpack and just as she was about to walk in she said, " You can't be the sweet innocent yulia that everyone likes anymore, because people won't believe it. Grow up yulia." She gave me a straight face and went into her class. I was shock. I was hurt. I wanted to cry. I ran down the hall to the Girl's bathroom. I stormed in and a group of blonde hair girls was staring at me.

"Uh..I had a breakup," I mumbled out a lie. It seems to work, because the girls nod theirs head and continue on doing their make-up. I walk to a stall and shut the door and cried. I actually cried in a stall! Afraa's words really hurt me, and somehow they were true. I did need to grow up and face reality, not everybody is going to like me. I took off my glasses and clean them with my shirt. I walk out and found that the girls was gone, so that gave me some alone time for the being.

I look at the mirror.

My curly black hair was laying on my head, my boobs pooping out a little through my shirt, my curvy hips, my full lips, and my square glasses that rest up on my nose. I am a beautiful girl yet I couldn't see that. All I saw was a lost girl, who didn't have no where to belong. Than a idea click to me! What if I try to find my clique this year? All I have to do is hang out with different cliques and find out which clique suits me. It was simple, yet complicated. What if I get lost? What if I lose myself? I shook the negative thoughts aside and smiled.

"You can do this yulia. You can do th-RING! can't do it.."

I left the bathroom and I decided that my first attempt would be with the emo clique. Since, I was depressed and sad as it is. So, I headed towards E-hall which was the on the other side of the school. " I hope I don't get dent....hey!"

I look at a male teacher who was wearing glasses. He told to me to come over and get my detention slip. I slowly walk over to the line where students was waiting for their slip. The person in front of me, turn around and gave me a blank look. I gave them a blank look too! The person, who I guess was a girl, was wearing some black skinnies and a shirt that has a Alesana written in a gothic way. Also, some sliver chains was on the pants and her left eye was covered by her black bang that was tint with some red. The girl gave me a smirk, than turn around and move up in the line.

Normally, I'm a nice and quiet girl, but this emo chick is pushing it! Who does she thinks she is!? Satan?! How about she do me a favor and go cut herself, so I can get my slip and leave. I cross my arms and notice that the girl was taller than me, by at least a couple of inches. Also, the girl didn't really have any curves or boobs when I saw her from the front. Plus her know what, skip that!

The emo girl took her pass and lean up against the wall playing with her snake bites. The other students had already took their slips and stomp away to their class. I bend forward and wrote my name on the yellow paper and my grade. The glasses teacher was talking with a female Spanish teacher who kept giggling every three seconds. Flirt, much? I grab my slip and continue my way to E-hall. It was quiet and empty, besides the announcement that came on. The Moment of Silence was on and I stop to say a min prayer..

" Dear God, I pray that I have a good day today, even though I have this big yellow slip that seals my faith for not riding the bus today. I hope I met new friends and old ones and I hope I have a great year. Thank you God," I mumbled and when I look up the same emo chick was mumbling a prayer too. The emo chick slowly look up and gave me another smirk. I rolled my eyes and walk past the emo chick, who suddenly reach out and grab my arm. I stop and glare at the emo chick who just gave me a smile and drag me down G-hall and shove me up against the wall.

"Ow..what the heck is wrong with you?"


I rubbed my head and said, " You are crazy and go away you cutter!"

I guess the emo chick didn't like what I said because, she squeeze my tiny wrist where my bracelet was. I bit my lip, and slap the emo chick across her face. The chick step back and rub her cheek where I slapped her and she look shock. Her hazel eyes was wide and she shove her hands into her jeans.

"Ha! I bet you didn't think I would do that, huh emo girl?," I brag at the quiet chick. I dust my self off and continue to walk to E-hall, which was around the corner. The emo girl ran after me, and I glared at her. What is her problem!? She's nuts! I started to walk faster, but the chick started to walk faster too. I look at her and she look at me. Her eyes was twinkling with determination and I bet my eyes was twinkling with annoyance. We both storm into Mr Quigley class, and the whole class was staring at us.

Mr. Quigley stop writing on the board and gave us a confuse look. I notice my friend Nada was even looking more confuse than our teacher. When I thought it couldn't get any worst, the preps in the back was whispering with one and another while looking at me and the emo chick.

"Care to explain how you guys are like 20 minutes late to class?"

I quickly step up and tried to explain that this emo chick was edging for a fight and she got her ass kick in the hallway, because she squeeze my tiny wrist. Than we chicken race all the way down here. Wow...that sounds like a good explanation.

'Well, we both had to get Detention slip, but they ran out so, we had to wait," A deep voice mumbled from behind me. Wait..behind me?!? I quickly turn around and saw that the emo girl was in fact a emo guy! How can this happen?! Did I miss something here?! I was gawking at the 'boy" behind me, who only gave me a blank look in return.

"Okay, just take seat," Mr Quigley mumbled and continue on writing on the board. I walk to my seat that was in front of Nada and took out my math notebook. My teacher was talking about a theorem you can use to identity a polygon. Sounds difficult, yet fun. I love math class, yet I doesn't show on my report card. I began making a sorry accuse of a mickey mouse, when I remember the so called emo boy. He's in my class and I never knew it! I turn around and I saw him talking to some other emo guy who was chewing on a toothpick. The emo guy didn't seem that bad looking with his light brown skin, sharp nose, piercing hazel eyes, sexy smile, and...hold on..scratch that. Am I finding a emo I bite my lip and the other emo guy push the emo chick, who is really a guy, in the arm and he gave me a cold glare.

Scared, I quickly turn around and began taking random notes. What's his problem I didn't even do nothing to him..wait...I did called him a cutter and he did seem pissed about it. Although, Afraa always say that emo people cut themselves, so why would he be mad if I called him what he is? He does cut himself..right? I quickly began to feel guilty about what I had done. The emo "guy" never DID say anything mean to me, but he did almost break my wrist.

"Okay, I have everybody test's result!"

Mr. Quigley was waving a thick full of tests, and began passing them out to the class. My heart stop and my mind went completely numb. "Please let me at least get a 70 on this test," I mumbled to myself. Nada told me to calm down and just relax, but I didn't care. She has a 97 in this class, of course she's going to fine. She doesn't have to go through the struggles I go through in this honors class. Mr. Q handed me my paper and I immediately bang my big head on the desk.

"What's wrong", Nada whisper to me, as she put away her test, which was probably a 97 or something close to it.

I life my head and said," I got a 66...."


"Yes, okay! Don't remind me!"

I glance at all the red marks over my test and let out a heavy sigh. Curious, I turn around and saw that the emo guy was laughing at his emo friend who look just as bad as I am right now. I focus more on his paper and saw the three digits mark in red and my whole world fell apart. That emo guy got a 100?! What the hell!? Not only is the emo guy a cutter, but he is also smart. I guess Afraa is wrong, because this emo guy is smart.

The reminder of the class went slow, and my mind was still numb after seeing my "grade". The emo guy and his friend was doodling on the board in front of me when Mr. Q gave us the reminder of class to do our homework. Nada and I talk about what we did over the weekend and what teachers are being annoying this week. I like Nada a lot, but she seems to fit with the nerdy people, because she likes to read and she is smart. Afraa told me that Nada is a flat-out nerd and that I should not talk to her, but Nada is really nice and funny once you get to know her. However, I wonder if Nada thinks she is a nerd or maybe she knows what I am truly am?

"Nada, do you think you are a nerd," I ask Nada who was doing her homework. She look up at me in surprise and gave me a confuse look.

"Excuse me? You think I am a nerd?"

My face heated up and shook my head as a no.

" No..I are smart..and you read books a, you really don't act all..uh.."

Nada close her math book and took a seat next to on my left.

" Yulia..I don't know why you are asking me this, but for the record, no. I don't think that I am nerd. Just because I read books and I am smart doesn't mean I am a nerd."

I look into Nada's brown eyes and saw anger. I whisper a sorry to her and Nada gave me a small smile and went back to her seat. I ran my hand through my hair and saw the emo guy staring at me. I stop touching my hair and walk up towards him. He didn't seem faze at all, to be honest, he seems shock. His friend look at me through his long brown hair and folded his arms.

" Hey," I said to the emo guy.

" Yo," both of them said at the same time.

"Uh..well..I'm sorry about what I said about you being a cutter.."

The emo guy turn to his friend who nodded to his left, and than stroll back to his seat. Emo guy than bit his lip and rolled his eyes at me.

" No problemo, but next time, watch what you say yulia."

"Okay", I mumbled with a small smile on my face. The emo guy gave me a quick smirk.

"Wait..what's your name," I asked.


" Zerlinda? Sweet! That's a pretty name..for a boy".

I let out a small laugh and Zerlinda gave me a smile. He was pretty cute when he smiled. I quickly remember my idea back in the bathroom. I can hang out with Zerlinda and see if emo is what I am! Perfect idea! I guess my excitement must had showed, because Zerlinda was blinking like he was confuse.

I laugh and ask, " You mind if you can tutor me for the next math test Zerlinda?"

He stood there and blink at me for a couple of seconds and said," Sure. We start after school.."

Zerlinda walk back to his other friend who was drawing in his black notebook. After school? What? Why after school? I won't even see him.

"Zerlinda, why after school?"

Zerlinda lean back in his chair and gave me a cocky grin and said," We have detention together..remember?"

I notice a hint of tease in his voice and I quickly commented back.

" Yeah I remember ZerlinDA. See ya in dentention!"

I walk over to my desk and began working on my math homework. Zerlinda's friend was laughing and I could I swore that I heared Zerlinda to tell him to shut up, but who cares. Nada gave me a quick wink and I return it. Maybe finding my true clique and myself won't be so hard after all.

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