Speak your mind and let me
speak mine. Undo what you've
done wrong. Inform yourself
and (m)others like me. Crack
open my shell and not
under pressure. Inhale
and exhale before you
speak. Drown those bad words ('cause
'fucker' is not my name).
Erase poor memories
lurking in your head. Wake
up and see that this is
real. Inquire about
what's wrong. Love me because
you can. Listen to me,
don't just hear me. Nod to
show me you're listening.
Open up to me so
I can too. Talk to me
about my day. Break down
my walls because that's what
they're there for. Ease the pain
with your gentle laughter.
Try to understand me.
Hate no one because it's
a strong word. Empty your
closet of skeletons.
Decipher my mind. Eat
your words. Allow me to
live free or die. Toil
towards a better friendship.
Hold me close, please, at my
darkest hour. Own me
with your eyes. Force me to
share the details. Make me
find a reason. End with,
'I trust you do not lie.'

A/N: About the line (m)others like me, I'm not a mother. I'm not sure if this flows well but I still like it. Don't ask what 'Own me with your eyes' is supposed to mean. It's just a line that I made up in my mind that I thought sounded cool.