1 year later.

A whole year had passed. It was hard to comprehend. An entire year since the battle at Acer.

Cale Ziisters sat on a dead log, on a hill, overlooking the plains outside of Life forest. With only two crystals, he had a lot of work ahead of him. That work started today. For the past year, they all stayed in Life forest. Preparing, being forgotten, and starting to slither from their home. From what their spies had gathered, the Wilds had rebuilt Acer city. They had taken over the land and made it known that anyone who decided to oppose them would be punished slowly and horribly.

Ixam, Cale supposed 'friend', now sat on the thrown. He still contacted Cale through his mind to give him updates. Cale doubted Ixam's plan, but he still didn't know all of it so he wouldn't judge just yet. The previous king and his daughter were maids now and both were forced into rather... revealing clothing. How did Cale know this? Arthia was one of the spies and she told Cale the small things she didn't bother to tell Jay and the new Druid leader, Frue.

Cale closed his eyes. He felt something move beside him and he opened his eyes to see Amber and Jesse sitting to his right. All three of them had grown in the two years since they left the forest. Cale's hair was slightly longer and he was much quieter, except when around either of the two next to him and Arthia.

Warhon and Arbine had gone missing. They hadn't been seen since after the battle for Acer. Arthia went to Silver town a few weeks after the battle and they weren't there. Today Cale was supposed to start on his journey to get the remaining crystals.

"You ready?" Asked Jesse.

"That doesn't matter at all." Stated Cale, smiling.

"No, I suppose not." Laughed Jesse, "On the plus side, we'll see everyone again."

"That will probably turn out really bad. We haven't seen our parents in close to a year and a half." Said Amber, unsure.

"I agree, but my duty comes first. With the king defiled and the Wilds in control of everything... we need to act now." Said Cale.

"We'll be with you every step of the way!" Exclaimed Amber, leaning forward on the log to see past Jesse and gave Cale a thumbs up. Cale grinned.

"Not to mention Wertz and Gurt." He said.

"I still can't believe he was thrown out of his country. Though I'm glad he did." Said Jesse thoughtfully, "He and his crew make an excellent little mercenary group."

"What I don't believe is how they transformed that old pirate ship into that low lying airship." Said Amber.

"You know, he told me that where he's from those are owned by a good deal of people. Not to mention that the army there has a good few hundred of them." Said Cale.

"Really?" Asked an astonished Amber. Cale nodded.

"Cale." Said Amber.

"Yeah?" Asked Cale.

"What do you think my mom will say when we get there?" She asked.

"She'll probably hold you for a few hours and whisper nice things in your ear. Tell you everything will be okay." Said Cale. He trailed off, wishing that he had a parent in Silver town to comfort him. He shook the thoughts from his head and scolded himself. He had to stay tough. For himself and for his friends.

"You okay?" Asked Jesse, putting a comforting hand on Cale's shoulder. Cale smiled and nodded. There was a noise behind them/

Arthia walked over to the group, Wertz and Jay behind her.

"Are you ready?" She asked Cale, Jesse, and Amber all laughed.

"What's so funny?" Asked Wertz. He looked confused, but Cale could tell he was amused at the same time.

"Nothing." Said Cale, "Yes, I'm-" He looked at Jesse and Amber, " We're ready" He corrected himself.

Arthia nodded and beckoned them to follow her.