Hi. A message to my two or three readers. (If you are still following the story, which I doubt because I haven't updated since the beginning of the year) I just read through my entire two stories and I am sorry to say that they really are awful. Haha. The storyline has no order and the characters seem bland. It is moving way to fast and the grammar and spelling mistakes are many. Plus I have got everything mixed up and screwed up.I may or may not continue the story. But you can expect to see a new story from me just like this one, though it will seem a whole lot darker, and hopefully will have many of the same characters. I will try to start it after summer ends. (This summer I am not going to post anything I write. Or show anyone. That way I can write without the pressure of knowing will be reading it and thinking it is bad or uninteresting)

Again, I am sorry to end it so suddenly, but I have no interest in continuing such a badly planned story. (The concept is good, but it hasn't come out as I would like)

Also, I am looking to collaborate a bit with fellow writers. None of my friends write (I don't have many. Only like 5 or 6 and then like 2 0r 3 close friends) The one that does writes about vampires and love. (Not what I wanna talk about, lol) So if you are interested, message me if you have a facebook or something and I will add you :)