Jeffrey had just come home from a bad day at work. It was over 80 degrees throughout his entire shift. That morning, he had spilled a cup of coffee onto his shorts. A German shepherd chased him out of a yard before he could deliver the mail to that house. Needless to say, he was glad it was over.

Thirteen minutes later, the alarm on his watch went off. It was 6:00; time for his regularly scheduled happy hour.

Jeffrey's favorite thing to do was ride his bike. By the time the clock struck six, he was already out the door wearing sports gear.

The man spent the next 60 minutes biking all over the city, making sure to avoid his postal routes in favor of parks, hills, and lakes. He blocked out all negative thoughts and just concentrated on the tarmac streets and concrete sidewalks. Though the temperature was still in the 80's, he kept cool by drinking plenty of water. To Jeffrey, nothing could beat the feeling of having the world racing toward him while he jetted to meet it in an endless game of chicken.

At 7:19, Jeffrey returned home. He felt like a new man.

The moral of the story is, everyone should have a "happy hour" set into their daily schedule. Spend just 60 minutes doing the activities you enjoy the most. Block out all negative thoughts and focus on making those 60 minutes the happiest hour of your day.