Being 16 and having braces just isn't the most enjoyable experience. I'm mean come on, how much worse could it get? I wear glasses, I have braces- which I don't even need- I'm short and freckly and just all around awkward. Okay I'm not awkward but I say things that make other people awkward, I'm not very good at thinking before I say.

And of course that's the reason why I'm in this stupid mess-braces and being impossibly impulsive.

"Morgan can you like shut the fuck up?" I whisper yell viciously to the tall messy headed boy next to me. It's all his fault really, he's the one who made me snap.

"What Emmy in a bad mood cause you can't suck cock now?" He sneers at me, glancing at the teacher.

"Morgan you're such a hoe bag, I hope you get stabbed to death one day." I grimace as I cross my arms and slouch in the chair.

Morgan takes a deep breath to say something but he stops and we bother watch as Mrs. Grimwald walk to the door with her phone.

"All of you remain silent as I must speak with someone."

As the door shuts I snort, "Yeah probably Mr. Skinner…" It's so obvious that they have something going on. Mrs. Grimwald is really nice but she can be scary and she's always inviting Mr. Skinner to visit class and they're always talking and laughing. He's not married but I see the way he looks at her. Good thing they're pretty young teachers or it'd be nastier.

"Why are you such a fucking tight ass Em? Oh wait-"

"Shut up Morgan you're easier than figuring out one plus one, you shouldn't be talking." I practically spit on him.

"You're such a slag you know that? I'm easy but so are you just admit it."

"Get a life scumbag." I scoff and I hear the other two kids in the room laugh. Oh detention, filled with scum and a bitch. Okay yeah I know I'm a bitch but I'm not always like this, it's Morgan Wilson that makes me like this.

I've known him since the first grade and I used to have a crush on him that was way before he came a jerk to me though. I went off to boarding school for the 8th and 9th grade and when I came back he became such a jerk. Of course he wasn't so sweet when he threw things at me and pulled on my hair in grade school but needless to say he got way worse than just that.

"I had a life until you came back from boarding school, bitch…"

Okay so I kind of stole his best friend, just a little bit. When I came back Andrew, his ex best friend, got really into me and he started to ignore Morgan and then Morgan walked in on us and that began his eternal hatred. Then in revenge he slept with my older sister and that began my eternal hatred.

"Oh please, you're lacrosse captain and you're a soccer star too and it's not like you don't have friends."

"Yeah well Andrew was my best friend until you became a whore- I hold grudges."

"Obviously. But sweetheart I'll win this war." I glare at him.

"Are you sure? You know since you're always on your back." That's it. I get out of my chair and jump on him and try to claw his fucking eyes out. But of course Mrs. G just has to have the best timing and walk in- I only realized it when she pulled me off of Morgan.

Two weeks of detention, great.

"Emmy Roschbach, you need to stop this rivalry between you and Morgan." Tula scolds me. I swear she had a child while I was gone because she's such a mother.

"Nope." I say nonchalantly as I close my locker and she gives me a look.

"Oh please, for one, he needs to get over the whole Andrew thing. If he was a 'true friend' then he wouldn't have ditched him and he shouldn't have slept with my sister."

"Fine, you have a point but just put it behind you. This is our last year and we don't need some fiasco to end the year. Plus you guys need to make up so that when we graduate and you never have to see him again or feel bad when he dies."

"When he dies I'll be at his funeral and throw a party."

"But then Em you'll see him in Hell." She deadpans.

"Oh shit you're right." I scowl as we walk into the cafeteria.

It's rather unfortunate that besides Morg's best friend since 4th grade, Izzy Dominic is such a great guy and one of my friends. It's also unfortunate that his other best friend is Evan Roschbach, my twin brother. He's the nice one of the family and the tall one too.

"Hey Ev, Iz." I greet them as we sit down. Only moments later Carrie, Richie and Parker sit down.

"Where's Hitler?" I ask before taking a sip of my flavored water.

"Come on Emmy." Tula scolds. I roll my eyes as Evan and Izzy laugh. Speak of the devil…

"Hey Satlin, Iz, Evan, Richie, Parker, Tula, Carrie." He nods as he sits down across from me.

"You're a foul human being you know that?" I retort.

"Em you just called him Hitler." Evan adds with a half smile, such a wonderful brother he is.

"Emmy I was wondering, since you won't be on your knees I guess you're stuck on your back now." Morgan glares.

"Well then Morg I guess you'll be on your knees more."

"No that's your job; I could never take your place since you are the Queen on being a whore." Such venom in his voice, I bet I can top it.

"Morgan aren't you late?"

"For what?" he rolls his eyes.

"For the appointment at the free clinic, you should really check up on that herpes of yours."

"Herpes free but I guess if I fucked you I wouldn't be."

"Oh please-"

"Emmy, Morgan." Tula scolds.

Evan and pretty much everyone has become accustomed to our spats. Even a few teachers, but of course if it gets out of hand then detention it is.

"So Em, hot date this weekend?" Izzy laughs, of course he just had to set me up with some guy on the soccer team. I'm not good at staying in a relationship, I get bored too easily. I'm still working on the three year plan to get Izzy and Tula together.

Morgan snorts, "Who's the poor sap?"

"Daley Jackson." Morgan narrows his eyes.

"Oh come one, Emmy will corrupt him, he's too nice and…a virgin."

"Shut up." I snap at him, "Hey Tu, do you have my glasses in your locker?"

"Yeah I do, I'll give them to you after lunch but you have to show me Daley."

Daley is a golden boy, buttery blond curly, skater boy locks, blue eyes, soccer player, smart, medium height and very sexy and sweet- which is contrary to Morgan and his medium brown long shaggy messy sex hair, way too tall and fit physique, hazel eyes, cocky and a total arrogant jackass.

"He's a golden boy." Morgan snorts- creepy, it's like he read my mind, Morg cough is you can read my mind.

"Seriously? Is he hot?" Tula asks.

Morgan rolls his eyes, "Yeah he is unlike-"

Izzy elbows Morgan and he coughs. So does that mean he can read my mind?

"He's hot Tu, I'll show you him later." I throw a look at Morgan.

"Good, you better because I have to approve of him."

"You're such a mother, are you sure you didn't give birth and conceive while I was gone?"

Tula scoffs and Izzy has a paranoid look on his face, "Uh no. I'm just very motherly and caring," She deadpans, "Now enough about Daley, let's talk about Christian." Christian is the guy that Tula currently is obsessed with.

Izzy's face drops and Evan just chuckles-besides out looks I don't see any relation between me and him.

"Evan!" I whine, stomping my feet.

"Jeez Em you look awful."

"Gee thanks. Can you drive me to school?" I plead softly.

"It's Saturday morning Em."

"Yeahhhhhh but I have Saturday morning detention." I sigh.

"Lemme guess, with Morgan?"


"He's a good guy Emmy it's just that you guys are always at each other's throats, he seems like a bad guy to you, but he's not."

I let out another sigh, "Whatever it's not like anything is going to change between us."

"Tula's right you guys just need to let it go and be friends."

"Tell him not me- if he stops being a jerk then I'll start being nice."

"Maybe I will then." He quips as we leave the house.

Once in the car I immediately fall asleep.

"…Em…" I hear, I groan and swat the air.

"Hey bitch get the fuck up."

I grumble and practically growl.

"Come on you whore, get off your back."

"Morgan!" I shoot up and try to hit him. He's currently at the drawn window and smirking.

"I hate you." I frown and try to slam him with the door.

"Hey! Abusive." He scolds.

"Whatever, thanks Evan." I gives him a slightly smile.

"No prob sissy. Don't get into more trouble."

"I doubt it." I reply wistfully, it's true.

"She's right." Morgan adds, "See ya bro."

"Bye guys."

I let out a long drawn out sigh before I leave my spot as Morgan walks leisurely behind.

Okay Emmy, control yourself, you're grumpy and tired just don't say anything and this morning will go smoothly.

I hear a heavy buzz and tinkering noise. Definitely not my phone.

I hear him chuckle and he catches up to me.


I look up at him and give him a disgusted look, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothin'" He shrugs.

"You're so weird."

"Since when was saying 'hey' weird?"

"It's weird for you. We don't say 'hey' or 'hi'."

"What, want me to greet you with a kiss instead?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" This is not normal- in fact it's abnormal, so abnormal it could be considered paranormal activity.

"Nothin'" He shrugs again.

Tick, tick, tick, why is the clock so loud? I groan and Morgan chuckles.

I make a repulsed face as I look at him and lay my head back onto the desk.

"Psst Em!" Morgan whisper yells.

I grumble and turn my head away.


Have self control Emmy don't talk to him and you won't get angry. Take deep breaths…

Suddenly I hear loud hacking and some pounding on wood and my head snaps up to see Morgan. Drama King.

"Mr. Wilson!" Mr. DiMarco scolds.


Mr. DiMarco sighs, "Emmy take him so he doesn't drop dead."

"Do I have to?" I pout.

He contemplates this as he looks at the choking Morgan.

"Uh yeah I guess so, so I won't get in trouble."

"Fine." I scowl and grab Morgan's arm pulling him out of the door.

Once we get out of ear shot Morgan stops and grins.

"What in the world was that for?"

"To get out of there, I was dying and you weren't answering me."

I scoff, "Whatever."

Oh good job Emmy, I pat myself on the back mentally. Didn't cuss, didn't yell, and didn't do anything bad- this is amazing.

"What's up with you?" he asks mocking me.

"Nothing." I let out a breath.

"Oh now you're mocking me too."

"Nope, not intentional."

"Huh," he considers something, "Interesting."

"What?" I snap.

"There's the Emmy I know."

I scoff, "Please, you don't know me."

"Yeah? Wanna bet?"

"It's on. What's my favorite color?"

"How trivial." He waves off, "Chartreuse and periwinkle."

Oh my god, I stand with my mouth agape, "This is amazing."

"Hit me with your best shot babe."

"What's my shoe size?" Five and a half but six in tennis shoes.

"Your heels are five and a half and so are those little flat dainty shoes-whatever they'll called and when you wear those sneakers or whatever they're size six." He says pointedly.

"What about my clothes? My jeans too."

He scoffs, "Easy, you're an extra small unless you wear baggy clothes then it's a small or medium or you borrow Evan's clothes. You jeans are what size 2? Cause you have hips but you're skinny."

"Hrmm…" I look at him skeptically, "What kind of dog do I want?"

"You want a husky."

"Who's my favorite actor?"

"Ryan Gosling- your favorite romance is The Notebook, and your favorite actress is Rachel McAdams and Mean Girls is debatably your favorite movie. You cried so much when we watched The Notebook that you even cuddled up to me and Izzy was trying to put moves on Tula- and during Mean Girls you pretty much laughed till you cried and you and Parker kept reenacting scenes from the movie"

This is so bizarre, "Seriously? You seriously know all this?"

"Yeah." He replies nonchalantly.

"Oh my god you've got to be kidding me." I stop and stare at him with my mouth hanging open and he stops and just looks at me- no glare, no hostility, nothing but general pleasantry.

"Nope. It's no big deal." He shrugs.

"Are you serious? Not even Evan or Tula know that much about me."

"Ask more questions, we'll see."

"Where do I want to live after high school?"

"You want to move to England or New Zealand but if you can't you'd want to live in Southern California on the beach."

"What do I like to eat when I'm on my period?

"Pudding and cookies."

"What about when I feel fat?"

"You try to eat cold carrots but then you get moody and hungry and pouty so then you eat yogurt and popcorn."

"What's my favorite restaurant?"

"You love that Wasabi restaurant where the food travels on the conveyor belt around the whole place."

"What's my favorite thing about myself?" I ask with my arms crossed.

He thinks about this one, "You like that you have tiny feet, and you like that your bra size is a 36C but you secretly love that you have green eyes and freckles."

"What's my favorite thing about Evan?"

"That he's so kind and nice- that he's good at heart and basically around a good person."

"What's my favorite thing about you?"

He stops and furrows his brows, "What?"

"What's my-"

"No- I heard you." He looks confused.

Morgan runs his fingers through his hair and sighs, "You don't have a favorite thing about me."

"11-1 you dork."

"What?" He asks dumbfounded.


"No-no I get it but-"

"What?" I say incredulously. My, my things have a taken a turn- this is officially paranormal activity.

"Okay, so then if I'm wrong, what's the right answer?" He retorts.

Too bad I didn't foresee that he'd ask that.


"See, I'm right." He replies sourly and smugly.

"Your smile." I reply sheepishly.


"You really need to stop saying that." I deadpan. Okay, not things are getting more normal.

"Why in the world do you like my smile? I have a terrible smile."

"Oh come on, since when were you so insecure?

"I don't have a superiority complex like you may think."

"Oh well you're right, I do think that." I deadpan.

"Of course you do, I know you would."

"How do you even-?"

"I notice things Emmy. I've known you since the first grade-"

"And Evan." I interject.

"And Evan, so I know a lot- we spend more time together than anyone else really."

"Well that's true…" I admit

"Of course it is."

"Well anyways you have a nice smile…" I try to swallow my pride but it's like dry swallowing a little robin's egg or something.

"Now do I? Please explain." He requests rather too smugly.

"Ya 'know your teeth and…uh…you mouth? And your dimples…and uhh…" I bite my lip not exactly sure what to say.

Morgan chuckles, "Oh really?"

"Yeah and I guess when you do that thing…"

He gives me an expecting look, "The smirking thing." I manage to say. Now this is just too bizarre.

"Really?" He says surprised, "I thought you hated that, and my stupid dimples."

"So now you don't like your dimples? What you hate your freckles too? What about your brown hair and your hazel eyes, hate those too? And having a nice smile doesn't mean that it changes that you're a foul person at heart." I sneer with some sarcasm.

"I know and sometimes." He shrugs.


"Sometimes I wish I had, butter blond locks and pretty boy blue eyes, and sometimes I wish I had perfect non blemished skin- freckles being the blemishes- and sometimes I wish I wasn't so tall." He shrugs.

Okay did he just…?

"Morgan what are you getting at?"

His lips slightly move so one of his dimples shows up and he looks down, "Nothing." He shrugs.

"Come on let's go." He says after a few moments of silence and I hear him mutter something under his breath.

"I see no one died." Mr. DiMarco chides.

"Wrong Mr. D I did die, this is my spirit willingly walking back to Saturday morning detention with Emmy Roschbach the girl who hates my guts."

"Sarcasm Mr. Wilson? Oh how refreshing of you." He retorts as he goes back to reading and Morgan plops back into his seat and slowly I sit down next to him- I sit down so gently because I feel like if I just plop down then something would like ruin the space time continuum. This is just too weird.

Carefully I look at Morgan and he seems to be fuming and my brow furrow as I place my head on the desk once again.

I always found it interesting that me and Evan always looked so similar but inside we've always been pretty much opposites-besides that Evan is a giant and I'm like a little fairy thing or whatever. The same dark practically black hair, bright green emerald eyes and freckles all over our faces and some on our arms and then our lightly always tanned skin- all the same on each of us. Then I'm the one who wears glasses since I used to sit so damn close to the tv at night. And for some reason I also have to get braces and he has to wear a retainer. Just my luck- as well as my whole 'I just say anything syndrome' and how the side effects are awkwardness, terminal moodiness, and being a bitch. Oh no wait I was born a bitch hrm.

"Hey sissy." Evan greets as he sits on my bed, "You seemed weird at the party last night."

"What? How?" I ask, even though I really do know. I was kind of avoiding Morgan and I was trying to spend sometimes with Daley without Morgan seeing so I looked kind of sketchy to all the sober people- Evan doesn't drink but I do at times.

"Oh come on you know how." He practically scoffs.

"Okay fine!" I shriek as I throw my hands in the air, "It's just that Morgan-"

"Ah ha, Morgan! So what happened?"

"Well…I don't know he's just been acting weird."

"What, you guys have some sort of huge even bigger than normal fight?"

"No! I wish, the thing is that we haven't been fighting."


"Yeah and it started since detention Saturday."

Evan's eyes go wide and his face drops, "Oh shit!"

"What-?" I ask confused.

"Oh-"He looks nervous, "Nothing!"

"You jerk! What did you do? What happened?!"

"Promise that you won't say anything to Morgan?"

"NO! TELL ME NOW." I grit my teeth.

"Fine. Look Morgan…he…well he has feelings for you."

"Huh?" Okay I didn't mean to say huh but nothing else came to mind.

"Morgan likes you! Well-er- I think he loves you." He confesses.

I just stand the with my jaw practically on the floor.

"Emmy? Are you okay? Please don't tell me you're having a heart attack or something."

"No- it's just that-when? Huh!"

"Since the first grade." He says so plainly.

"What? Are you kidding?"

"Nope- but you know despite that I'm your twin I shouldn't be telling you this."

"Okay fine- so what should you be telling me?" I reply rather snarky.

"Well- I told him on Saturday to try and be pleasant- to get over it all and drop the whole 'I hate you but god damn I'm in love with you' façade and I guess he did- and yeah…"

"So what- he's just going to not say anything to me?"

"Well I don't know! It's not like you like him anyway."

"You're right, I don't but come on, he can't just-just NOT say anything to me! Maybe if he wasn't so childish and learned to express his feelings then maybe I would've liked him!"

"I know, that's why I always tell him to stop acting like that with you- I mean he can't help it. He was totally pissed when Andrew went after you and then he fucked you and then after a while he stopped being so pissed but then in his mind he just couldn't get over it and drop it and it just happened."

"Are you fucking serious?!" I scream, "This ugh!"

"Come on Emmy, please can we drop this now?"

"No! No we can't- God! I'm going to-"

"Don't go and talk to Morgan Emmy."

"Well why not! I'm taking your car!" I shout as I run into his room and hunt down his keys.

"Emmy! No, please-"

"No!" I growl as I run down the stairs. I think it's time to give Morgan Wilson a piece of my mind-besides all those other times.

After a very heated, speedy drive and me almost hitting a mailbox I reach the house with windows all a glow that contains the Wilsons.

I practically run to the door and I think my face is all red and I bet I look gross but I bang on the front door ignoring the doorbell.

"MORGAN WILSON OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" I shout as I kick the door.

I hear clumsy footsteps and something hitting the wall-probably Morgan- and he opens the door. He's in his plaid red boxers and shirtless- leaving his six pack exposed and his hair is all messy and the side of his face is really red.

I give him a skeptical look.

"I slipped on the stairs and hit the wall." He explains sheepishly- looking totally innocent. Besides the half nakedness.

"Good." I shove past him and he closes the door behind me, "Now please explain to me why you're acting so weird."


See Evan, if you can hear me through our twin telepathy, I did not mention what you mentioned to me.

"Don't play dumb with me!' I shout, scowling.

"I'm just trying to be pleasant."

"And why is that?" I say testily.

"Because I think this" He points to him then me, "us fighting all the time- is stupid."

"You're so stupid- I know it's more than just us fighting."

"Really, then tell me what you know." He snorts.

"I know that it must take a lot for something to want to change how things went between us."

"That's the thing Em, it's because of how things went between us."

"What the fuck are you so calm?" I shout at him, practically in hysterics, "This-this ugh!"

"I'm calm because I'm done fighting- I'm done pushing you away and making things worse." He says defeated, "It's done Em. I'm ever going to win this fight because I'm not Andrew or-or Daley or anyone you want. I'm not him and I guess I just have to stop being this-this guy that you hate because being that guy isn't getting me anywhere." He's shaking his head and sighs, "Do you get it now?"

"Yeah Morgan…I do." I bite my lip defeated. This isn't how it's supposed to go, talking to Morgan is supposed to make things worse- to make me hate him more- it's not supposed to make me feel like a jerk and like I just kicked a puppy.

"Morgan…" I start.

He gives me a pleading look and I step closer to him and play with the hem of his boxers.

"Emmy," He moans, "You can't-"

I pull his face closer and kiss him- his softer amazing lips and he places his hands on my hips. Our bodies meld together and our lips move together too but all too quickly he pulls away.

"Emmy." He scolds as he shakes his head, "You shouldn't have kissed me. I know you and you just did it because you're impulsive. You did it because of the moment. I can't do this if you're pitying me or something."

"It's not pity Morgan! I don't pity people- but you're right that I'm impulsive. But god damn it Morgan I don't really know how I feel…"

"Em, you don't love me. I don't deserve you and honestly we probably were meant to fight until we graduated I you leave and I end up pining for you and regretting not making a move on you before Andrew,"

I tense up and panic so instinctively I walk out the door and drive away.

The next day I walk into Psychology completely breathless as I see Morgan sitting there as David Roman is talking to him laughing.

"Heyo! Emmy!" David calls out. God.

Morgan weakly smiles at me and then looks down as I walk over.

"Hey," I say to him, "I'm Emmy Roschbach."

David looks confused, "Don't you already-?"

"Hello Emmy Roschbach." Morgan says, playing along.

"I'm sort of a bitch-okay a huge bitch, and I'm moody as hell and I think I'm fat and kind of a whore. I'm also way to short and ugly and I'm mean and just an atrocious person unlike this guy named Morgan Wilson and I totally don't deserve all the attention he's given me all these years."

"Oh really now?" He asks amused.

"Yeah," I smile sheepishly without showing any teeth. I lean to put my lips on his ear to whisper, "And I sort of had a crush on him in the first and second grade like every other girl in our class. And wanna know a secret?"

"Yeah…" He says smugly as his voice is husky and breathless.

"I think I might've never gotten over him."

"Wanna know a secret?" He mocks and I nod my head.

"You're beautiful and I'd love to be the father of your children." He laughs heartily and I pull back and smile.

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