Chapter 4

In the morning Lauren slowly wakes up and gets up not to disturb Peter and gets out of bed letting him sleep and goes downstairs to make some coffee and Roman comes out of his room into the kitchen rubbing his eyes.

''oh hey baby what are you doing up so early?'' she asks him

''hi I don't know.'' he tells her

''what are you doing up?'' he asks her

''making some coffee.'' she tells him

''I'm so sorry that you lost at the last second last night baby.'' she tells him

''oh that's okay they were a better team and desreved to win don't worry we will win other games.'' he tells her

''that's my boy.'' Lauren says and smiles

Roman smiles 'I love you.'' he tells her

Lauren smiles back ''love you too kid.'' she tells him

''so what are your plans for today?'' she asks him

''oh I don't know maybe go over to Anna's and just hang out with her.'' he tells her

''oh that sounds fun.'' she says

''yea.'' he says

''so thing's are going well between you guys huh?'' she asks him

''yea really well.'' he tells her

''so did you guy's have a good time at Beef O Brady's last night?'' she asks him

''yea we did.'' he tells her

''that's good.'' she says

''yea gave us some time to unwind and relax from our week at school and just hang out with each other.'' he tells her

''that's good.'' she says

''yea.'' he says

''what time did you end up getting home last night?'' she asks him

''um 12:30 because I gave Anna a ride home.'' he tells her

''oh okay.'' she says

''you're really not going to get mad that I was late?'' he asks her

''no because your dad says he trusts you and you got home and in one piece so why should he have to know?'' she questions him

Roman just smirks ''okay thanks Lauren.'' he says

''you're welcome.'' she tells him