I am darkness

I am light

I am sunrise

I am night

I am peace

And bloodiest fight

I am blind

With the best sight

I am pain

And I am comfort

I have lost

But I will gain

I am sanity, it's obvious

And at the same time, darkly insane

I have ruled

And I have followed

I have argued

And I have agreed

I am the mighty redwood

And the tiniest unplanted seed

I am the world's greatest predator

Yet I have fallen prey

I love the world I live in

I don't want to see another day

Sometimes I want to go to them

And find myself running away

I am the director

And I am the cast

I am the face

You see in your dreams

All you can see is the mask

I am love

But so much hate

Argue with me

I'll win the debate

I give you life

I'll be your death

I suffocate you

And give you breath

I am the storm

And the sun shining through

I'll keep you warm

And be the cold that kills you

I am my own worst enemy

And my closest friend

I've been here since the beginning

But will I make it to the end?

I am soft music

And blood curdling scream

I am your worst nightmare

And your sweetest dream

I'll be your candle

Lead you through the dark

I'll be the one

To stab you in the heart

I am the traitor

And the one betrayed

I am your savior

I am the one that needs saved

And still after this

You can't really see

Who I really am

I am Me