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Teenage Terrors: Criminals

"We are criminals, the arsonists, the thieves and the rapists."

This was written in every single page of Susan Fishers geography jotter, she sat silently at the front of the class pretending to think of reasons why the United Kingdom's birth rate was low, but instead her mind was on the rotting corpse that was hiding under her bed at home. The girl lived with her aunt who didn't pay much attention to her, she never went to her school shows, she hardly ever talked to her so Susan wasn't worried about it her aunt never stepped a foot in her room. Susan had been living with her aunt for most of her life; her parents died what she was five years old. Her parents they had went into the store to get basic things, milk, eggs, washing up powder and other home essentials, they had been in the store for way longer than an hour and Susan was left in the car, they told her that they'd only be ten minutes, she climbed into the front seat and opened the door as the back doors of the car were on child lock.

The little girl had pushed the door hard and walked in and found herself paddling in a sea of blood, her blue eyes settled on her father lying face down on the ground...but his head was nowhere near his body it was far away at the other side. Her eyes left her father and they soon found her mother and one of her arms and legs were missing, Susan slid on to her hands and knees and cried rocking gently back and forth, closing her eyes tight, she did this about ten times before finally taking in the fact that her parents were gone, she wanted it all to be a dream and that she would wake up. For what seemed like forever she heard a small movement and her eyes flashed open and she saw a boy standing before her holding an axe in one hand and a gun in the other, he was covered head to toe in blood, his eyes were a dark grey almost black and his hair dark brown and very messy, they both had stared at each other for a long time the silence hanging in the air between them. The boy cocked his head to the left then he held up the gun and aimed it at her but he stopped and took it down again then moved towards the scared child, he held out his hand to Susan who wiped away her tears with her t-shirt sleeve before taking hold of his bloody hand. Susan looked into his eyes and the fear grew stronger she moved away from him and he walked past her to open the door.

"You killed my mummy and daddy" she sobbed as she watched him open the door slightly. He looked at her again and gave a small smile to her as saying 'sorry' but deep inside she knew that wasn't what he was smiling at. She was put through so much therapy and to begin with it seemed to help but after the years of horrible memories and nightmares Susan knew what she was becoming. It had been ten years since her parents were murdered and the police gave up looking for the boy who did it, Susan also gave up but not with herself, she gave up with the police she was hunting for this boy and when she found him she won't give him time to scream.

Nobody apart from her aunt knew about her parent's murder for she knew if anyone knew everyone would treat her differently, though she used this event in an imaginative story for English and she got an A+

People at her school were scared of her and they couldn't work out why, she hardly ever spoke, she kept to herself, no friends and when people did try to talk to her all she did was stare at them and her stare was somewhat cold.

Susan was a silent girl, but she was smart, she observed everything around her, what people said; if anyone threatened her she would likely blackmail them, she was powerful but was never noticed until the moment came. She has only ever been one fight at school and it was with the head cheerleader, Megan Lindy, she was teasing Susan for a while until she pushed her to the ground, of course Susan got her back, she broke Megan's arm and nose. No one messed with her after that.

The body under her bed was a girl called Cassie, it took her a long time to track her down but she eventually found her living a nice life in a small home with a black and white cat, the dead girl had a fling with the murderer she was hunting so Susan had thought that they might have still been in contact. Cassie had sworn she had no clue where he was but once her body was lifeless Susan hunted down her phone for the murderer, Cassie had made it to easy, Susan had went through the contacts when she came to one which had a heart next to it.

Blake Grey.

Susan had celebrated afterwards and left Cassie's body under her bed keeping her for tonight. She had text Blake telling him that Cassie had to speak to him and it was urgent, he still loved her, he would be there, Susan just knew it. School had ended once the final bell sounded, Susan had rushed home, and her aunt wasn't there which was perfect. Removing the body from her room was going to be difficult but the place where she'd finally meet him wasn't far so she it shouldn't be too hard to get the body there without attracting any worried eyes. It wasn't the best idea but it would have to do, she covered up the body the best she could with a long fabric and stuffed it into a wheelbarrow. She piled on plastic bottles and bags with filled clothes which had been too short for her and slowly made her way to the reclying centre. The reclying centre was more or less just right across from an abandon warehouse where she would meet the killer tonight, junkies often used it to sniff their glue but the police had recently placed up a fence behind it, but Susan knew another way in.

By the time she got to the warehouse it was turning dark, a few people give her looks but then turned away as they noticed the bottles and bags, Susan couldn't help but smile at the fact she got away with carrying a body in a wheelbarrow. Around the back there was a small garage which was connected to the warehouse nobody used it because everyone and heard that there had been more than fifteen murderers committed in it.

Twenty-seven, she thought,soon to be twenty-eight.

Cassie's body was flung into the garage as Susan began to push open the small door open which lead into the warehouse, after a few pushes it finally opened full, she took hold of Cassie's legs and pulled them through the small door, once inside the warehouse she sat Cassie in a chair and tied up the body to keep her up straight but her head wouldn't stay up. Luckily she always carried a knife with her; she took her knife and cut through the skin and carved at the bone until she could simply rip it away then for effect she sat it in the dead girls lap. Everything was set out right, she had imagined him raging through the fence and into the warehouse and stumble about the dead body and watch him cry in anger and pain, like she did so many nights. Susan finished up some extra touches then left to go home, she had told him to meet at ten pm. Once home again she found her aunt in the kitchen making herself pasta she didn't notice Susan walk up the stairs into her room, she had English and Maths homework to do for Thursday.

Time ran fast like it was begging Susan to hurry and kill her parents murderer, she was excited though she wasn't so sure how she was going to torture him even though she had spent half her life dreaming about all the different kinds of ways to slaughter him; she had left her knifes there hidden away and she noticed a chainsaw in the garage as well, that could come in handy.

"I'm out for a bit" she told her aunt who only nodded her head, Susan stared at the back of her head, she was thinking about killing her also after all Susan just found her aunt to be a waste of space.

Outside the moon was out but hidden behind the clouds she lifted up her jacket collar as the wind picked up and then quickly walked to her next victim. Opening the door into the warehouse she saw that everything was still in place she ran to where she left the knife, they were still there from the corner of her eye she saw the chainsaw, she smiled to herself and moved over to the chair where Cassie still sat it was still light outside but it just shone on the corpse. She slowly made her way back to the dead body to admire the work that she had done to it before she left, stepping in front of it she smiled...and then instantly the smile was gone.

The head was missing.

"Thank you for the head, I shall sit this on my mantelpiece" said a male voice behind her, she heard a click and swallowed the bile that had collected in her throat "Turn round" he then said softly. Susan turned and faced him; strands of her hair covered her eyes hiding the fury burning in them from Blake, he hadn't changed at all, and he still wore the same small smile he did those years ago.

"You killed my parents." She said through clenched teeth.

"You killed Cassie."

"So what?"

"So what?" he replied. Susan made her way towards him but halted to a stop when little red dots appeared on her jacket and few on her face, she looked up and scanned the ceiling and to her dismay saw many guns aiming down directly at her, "Take one more step I press a little pretty button and 'BANG' your dead." she stood still and glared at him and his smile turned into a smirk, there was silence for a few more moments as both of them just stared at each other. Susan didn't want to die but she would if she moved only an inch.

"Do you remember me at all?" she asked him keeping the angry tone in her voice.

"No," he replied calmly, "I've killed many families and I've never left anyone alive, not even their children, so I am confused, why would I ever let you go" he replied lightly stroking the button but not pressing down. He knew exactly why he didn't kill her but he wanted to keep her talking as truth be told Blake didn't want to kill her, she was too pretty to mutilate.

"I was five years old when you killed my mum and dad," Susan tried to remain calm as she helped jog his memory, "My parents went into the store to get a few things...they were taking forever...I went inside and-," she bit her lip to save a few tears from falling, "Saw my father's head meters away from his body and my mother lying dead in a pool of blood...I sunk to the bloody floor and cried then you turned the corner...you held up the gun and pointed it right at me but you didn't shoot, then you helped me up then left me alone. Do you have any idea what it's like for a little girl to stand in pools of blood and stare at their parents bodies?"

He didn't answer her question, he didn't say anything at all, it was only a few moment before he sighed and looked at Susan, "I remember you...little short haired blond girl, I remember."

"Why didn't you kill me?" she asked her palms becoming sweaty.

"When I held up that gun at you I was going to kill you, bullet through the head, I was looking forward to seeing your blood and brains splatter in the door but, the sight before you infected your child mind like a disease and once that happens, well, its pretty much goodbye to a normal life. If a young child witness's murder of a bloody scene the chances are you are going to end up as a teenage murderer. I looked into your eyes and I saw the disease swarm in you. I couldn't kill you because I made you, I made you the killer you are today."

Susan took a step forward raising an eyebrow "You made me a killer?"

He smiled and nodded his head as he pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on and walked towards Susan with a small painted on his face, Blake couldn't believe how good Susan's self control was, any other person would have instantly tried to strike him then they'd be dead in a matter of seconds.

"I've been hunted all my life, police, the army, none of them have come close to finding me but you, you are silent, deadly and are very smart, you're a cold hearted murderer like me. But the one thing you are certainly not going to do though is kill me"

Susan laughed, "Oh and how do you know that?"

"Because we are both the same," he walked up to Susan and handed her over the button, the red lights flashed on again but this time they stayed on Blake, "All you have to do is press that button and I'll die" Susan grabbed it from him and pressed down. Or she would have pressed it but her thumb stayed hovering over it. No, this can't be! She thought. After a few more attempts of trying to push it down she roared in anger and threw it away and screamed kicking, punching and stomping everything close to her; her hands collided with the dead body and she started clawing it over and over until a pair of hands grabbed hold of her wrists and placed them behind her back.

"Calm down dear, you won't get any satisfaction out of scratching a corpse" he whispered into her ear.

"Calm down? I've spent more or less my whole life looking for you and now...I can't press a freakin' button that will kill you!" she cried at him. Susan shook him away and fell to her knees and sobbed covering her eyes in misery. Blake looked down upon the crying girl and chuckled, he knelt beside her, took her hands away from her face and lifted up her chin, she didn't move away from, Blake smiled and moved closer to her face and she didn't stop him, "Are you afraid of me?"

Susan didn't understand him. Throughout her life she thought that Blake was just an evil killer who destroyed her life but looking at the eyes that used to haunt her dreams she his true intentions towards her. She stared wide-eyed at him. A part of her was flattered and ice butterflies fluttered about in her stomach, the teenage hormones kicking in but the feeling quickly disappeared as the images of her dead parents flashed in her mind that she reminded herself that this man was the butcher of her parents life and in a way her own. She decided to play along.

"I was, but not anymore" she whispered to him, he wrapped her in his arms and lowered her to the ground and lay lightly on top of her. Susan couldn't figure him out at all, he seemed so, calm, and she expected him to be insane and furious. She awkwardly ran her hands through his hair and Blake smiled at her uncomfortable she was, he held her by the waist his hands cold, "Please don't..."

"Why not? You've already started, might as well go along with me angel face" he smirked on her skin as he lightly kissed her bare shoulder up to her neck, his hands making little circles on the sides of her waist and she had to admit that the movements felt kind of nice. And it got better.

A boy in primary school had only ever kissed Susan on the cheek and Susan didn't like it and she pushed him to the ground and he never tried to do it again. Into secondary school she never received any attention from boys at all, she knew she was pretty looking but her personality kept others away and in this moment she regretted not at least trying to get a boy friend. She froze at almost every touch he made of her body, Blake knew what he was doing and it frightened her to know that in this position he was capable of anything.

"You need to relax," he moaned as he pulled away to look at her eyes, "Seriously, you've never had interaction like this," it wasn't a question, "You've been missing out" he chuckled.

Something about his tone of voice sounded challenging and Susan wasn't one to back away from one; she removed the small ounce of fear she had and sat up a little and her eyes landed on his lips, there was a surge of temptation flowing underneath her skin, closing the gap slowly Blake gave her his signature smile though this time it felt like he was mocking her. Susan didn't like that, she pulled away from him and sighed, the game was harder than she thought.

He gave her a puppy-like look and whined, "Oh come on, you were so close" he smirked. Blake was now moving close to her face, if she couldn't do it then he would have to help her.

"I will once I do something" she replied. The game was over for her.

"Oh and what's that?" he asked their lips just centimetres apart

She leaned forward but placed her lips next to his ear, "This..." she whispered. Grinding her teeth together she sent her knee as hard as she could against his groin, Blake rolled off her and groaned as he went on to his hands and knees trying to recover. Susan cursed as it seemed like she didn't cause him much pain; she got up from the ground and sprinted over to where she hid her knifes.

If I can't kill him with a gun, I'll slice his limbs off one by one!

Grabbing hold of one of the knifes she heard his footsteps charging at her, she spun round and cried out as she threw the knife at him, it tore into his flesh but it didn't go in as deep as she wanted it to. Blake's fist rammed into Susan's face then his hands quickly grabbed hold of her shoulders before flinging her to the ground and then threw her across back into the centre.

Susan glanced at him her vision failing from the hard impact of being thrown onto the floor, he picked up one of her knifes and flipped it about in his hands and in a blink of an eye sent it towards Susan; she tried to dodge the flying sharp object but it went through her left shoulder. The girl murderer cried in pain and quickly pulled it out but the agony soared through as she held on to her wound with her other hand.

The killer boy walked over to her and bent down again punching her stomach hard and slapping her face a few times until her nose and lips were bloody, each punches, kicks and slap was worse than the last and soon the pain had gotten to the highest point and it took Susan into blackness.

The blackness didn't last long though, Susan lay in a small pool of blood gasping for her life she couldn't see Blake anywhere but she heard him moving about; the knife was still in her hand she tried to grip it tightly but her bones were sore she groaned as a ripple of pain ran through her.

"Ah finally came round then" said Blake as he began walking back over to Susan, he noticed the knife in her hand and kicked it away from her, Susan cried out in pain tears forming in her eyes, she gargled a little as she tried to ignore the pain and focus on her breathing. In this lands he held a small mirror he hovered it over Susan's body and she gasped in shock, bruises and knife wounds, he didn't stop when she passed out. Blake laughed "Do you like my masterpiece? I'd get that hand seen to quickly" he smirked down at her, Susan gritted her teeth together as she pulled herself up but only to fall down onto her knees as the pain again shot through her then Blake lightly pushed her and once again she was lying on her back. "I'm sorry Susan but if you hadn't of hurt me then this wouldn't of happened" He pulled out the button again and sat in it her hand "See if you can press it now" Susan pressed down and she closed her eyes as she expected the guns to shoot at them but there was no sound she opened them again and found Blake to be smiling wildly at her. "Did you really think I would load the guns up? You stupid girl"

Susan began crying. She had failed. Blake went into the darkness and a new noise entered the warehouse and it chilled Susan right to the core from the corner of her eye she saw Blake holding a weapon, she swallowed the bile that rose in her throat and waited for the killer to slice her in two.

"If you had listened to me Susan I'd let you live! You could of been my partner in crime but revenge was the only thing you lived on to keep the killer in you alive, you were like me but not anymore, you aren't a killer!" he shouted over the noise of the large chainsaw "I'm so sorry Susan but you asked for it" Blake slowly walked forward and Susan kept her eyes at the warehouse ceiling, in her eyes she saw her parents looking down at her smiling holding out their arms.

"I'm sorry...mum and dad, I've failed" she whispered as her eyes slowly shut tight. The lights seemed to dim as the weapon was lowered down and down until it reached its victim, blood and pieces of flesh and bone was spread everywhere covering everything, a head rolled away and the face was smiling as if the life that once filled it was happy to be dead. And that really annoyed him.

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