The Lost Statue

Trust me to break my arm on the first day of the summer holiday. I am lucky I have some good friends who are coming to look after me while my mum and dad go to London. We are going to have a sleepover as well, the first to arrive were Ben and Callum they are really nice. They have brown eyes, black hair and love sports. I love sports too. Next to arrive was Max he is their best mate and has brown hair and green eyes and likes football and rugby best. Imo was the last to arrive she is my very best friend of the group even though she loves shopping for clothes and makeup but apart from that she is a lively person with blond hair and blue eyes. When everyone was here my mum and dad said their goodbyes, we all rushed up to the attic and that was where the adventure began…

In the attic there is this big old box it has loads of old things inside like old crockery, school books, there were some old newspapers dating back to 1995, which was when we were born. There were some old diaries, when we opened a diary an old dirty piece of paper fluttered out. "It is a map!" said Imo enthusiastically "Why don't we follow map to Egypt and find the statue of Kamandadees, it will be tough." So the next morning we set off Egypt, it was a long journey. When the sky got brighter and the weather felt warmer we new we were getting nearer. We started at the airport in Cairo, and then travelled down Egypt and into Luxor. When we had had a look around the temple at Luxor we caught a boat across the River Nile and then took a long journey on camel back from the River Nile to the Valley of the Kings "It is a bit bumpy up here isn't it?" Said Imo.

When we got to the Valley of the Kings we went into Tutankhamen's Tomb and a guide opened the coffin. We all screamed as he came back to life, coved in dirty, slimy, rotten bandages. He got out. We ran. He chased us. Round the Valley of the Kings. Into the pyramid of Kamandadees to where the sacred statue of Kamandadees lies. We were wandering round in circles for an hour or so before we started getting really tired. Then we finally thought of an idea. It was to stand on each others shoulders and find the centre of the pyramid maze, collect the statue and begin our trek out.

When we had finally found our way out of the hot stuffy pyramid we were relieved to find out that the weather had cooled down so it was easier for the camels to walk. We travelled through the Valley of the Kings, but didn't go in any tombs or get chased by any mummies. It took about an hour to get back to the Nile then it was a ten minute boat trip across the Nile. When we got off the boat at the other side of the Nile, we found some camels and began our trek back to the airport. We had to stop a couple of times to fill up our water-bottles, but we were relieved when we got back to the airport half an hour later.

We had just missed the plane back to England so we decided to go for a little walk outside to pass the time. We saw all of the planes taking off and landing, we chose our favourite one and wondered what colour ours would be…When finally, we spotted our plane we knew it would be the plane we were going on so we did a final check before dashing back inside the terminal to get on the plane. We didn't think the plane journey took that long to get back because we all fell asleep. When we arrived back at home mum and dad were pulling up on the drive so we went round the back and through the back door , quickly got changed, sat down on the sofa and put on the television then mum and dad burst through the door hands full of shopping -bags. We knew they were pleased to see us, my mum ruffled my hair "What is this sand doing in you're hair?" I replied, we've been in the sandpit." "Oh!" she said in amazement. So mum unpacked the shopping and gave us a big slice of cake each it was beautiful. "They'll never know," we all said together when they were clearing up "They'll never know!"