Author's Note: This is another short story/one-shot I created for Kingdom Come. It is based in an Alternative Universe for the story, so it doesn't go along with the actually story in anyway. It can be read alone, though one or two things might be confusing if you haven't read Kingdom Come. This story is based around the crack pairing Ethan x Oliver x Deangelo.

Warning(s): Strong Language, Adult Situations, Explicit Sexual Situations

It's Better in Pairs

"What do you mean mom and dad are gone?" I demanded, hands on my hips and eyes set in a slanted glare that I hoped scared Ethan shitless. He just gave a helpless shrug in response, not at all pacifying me or explaining what was going on. Where the hell had they gone? I let out a heavy breath and dropped my hands to my side, giving them a shake for frustrated emphasis. "Damn it, how could they do this? It's my birthday and they up and abandon me?"

Ethan cracked a smile and his brilliant blue eyes lit up with mirth. He was silently laughing at me! Ethan grabbed his toast, which popped up from the toaster on the counter. He spread a large dollop of butter on the slices and said, "I don't know what to tell you. Mom said they were overdo for a vacation and the deal was too great to pass up."

"Well that's stupid." I huffed, dropping my own pieces of toast in the toaster. "And when were they planning on telling me about this?"

"Now." Ethan grinned toothily before taking a large bite. Strands of blond hair fell in his face and he pushed them back with his free hand. I leaned back against the counter and watched him under a veil of black lashes. Ethan was as handsome as they came; the all American boy with a shock of curling blond hair and eyes like the clearest sky. His body was buffed, with a set of broad shoulders only a quarterback could own. There were only two things that kept me from attacking his rock hard ass: the fact that he was my adoptive brother and that I was already in a relationship. Okay that and the fact that Ethan was as straight as they came.

My toast popped and I turned around to slap my own hunk of butter on the slices. "I can't believe them. Going on a cruise when they should be here celebrating my nineteenth birthday! Did they at least leave me a present?"

Ethan laughed richly and motioned towards the living room. "They left it there for you, but they said you aren't allowed to open it until tonight. So what are your plans today?"

He finished off his toast just as I started into mine. Ethan licked the butter from his fingers and I eyed the path to the living room. I knew though that Ethan would see to it that I didn't open my present until tonight, so there was no point in even trying to get to it. I finished off my first piece of toast and said, "Deangelo is taking me to meet up with Candy and Rory for lunch, then he said he had a surprise."

"Sounds like a plan." Ethan said, washing his hands in the sink. I eyed him curiously again as he turned his back to me, a sly smirk crawling on his face.

"You know what it is."

Ethan turned to look at me, not even hiding his knowing grin. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Fess up! What is Dee's surprise?" I stomped over towards him, jamming my finger against his hard chest. I wasn't short, but Ethan had me beat by a good two or three inches. Trying to be intimidating with him was like a hill trying to tower over a mountain. It didn't work.

"I don't know anything baby brother."

"By a few months!" I snapped.

Ethan chuckled and brushed past me, saying nonchalantly over his shoulder, "you'll want to get dress now."

I scuffed and watched him go, cute ass shaking with each step. There was a reason he had been the most popular boy in school, and it wasn't just because he led our school's football team to the championship every year. I sighed heavily and finished my toast in a few quick bites, washing it down with a glass of orange juice. I stomped up stairs, making more noise then was necessary. So far this birthday started off on the wrong foot, but I could trust Deangelo to make it right again. I shivered with anticipation over what my surprise could be. Hopefully it included something to do with him naked.

I walked into my room, which looked like a bomb of clothes had gone off in it, and hunted for the perfect outfit to wear. After finding the right clothes combination, which consisted of a pair of tan Abercrombie and Fitch vintage shorts and a dark navy striped polo from Ralph Lauren.

Deangelo was due here around 11:45 so I had an hour to get ready, more then enough time. I hoped in the shower and did my thing, making sure to get extra squeaky clean. Once the room was filled with billowing steam I turned the shower off. I wiped down the mirror and went to work styling my hair with a minimum amount of products. I wasn't big on hair products. They made your hair hard and just gross feeling.

Once I was dried off I slipped on my clothes and hunted down a pair of brown flip flops, which were under a pile of clothes by my bed. Ethan leaned against my door frame, watching me shove the pile back under my bed. "You should really clean up."

"You could do it for me. It is my birthday."

"I'll pass." He rolled his eyes skyward.

I dropped down on my bed and squinted at him. "So what did you get me then?"

"You'll get it later." He grinned slowly and it had every affect he wanted it to and more. I squirmed, wanting to probe him for questions. But just like mom and dad's gift, and Deangelo's, he wasn't going to budge.

"You know, you aren't being very nice to me on my birthday."

"I'm your brother, I'm not suppose to be nice." Ethan chuckled.

"Ethan!" I whined.

He shrugged and pushed away from my door, vanishing down the hall. He was just popping up to torture me. I scowled at the spot he had been, debating over the idea of beating the information out of him. But I knew I couldn't physically beat him and the door bell rang, so I gave up on the idea. I headed down stairs, calling out, "Dee is here! I'm going!"

"Have fun!" Ethan yelled back.

I tossed a look at the innocent present sitting on the coffee table. It was about tiny with flashy wrapping paper and a large curling bow. My fingers itched to pull the bow away. As if sensing my longing, Ethan yelled down, "Don't touch mom and dad's present!"

I glowered and grumbled, "stupid brother."

The bell rang again. "I'm coming!" I snapped, stomping over and wrenching the door open.

Deangelo arched a brow at me. "You okay?"

I shrugged, shoulders slumping with defeat. "Yeah."

Deangelo nodded, dark eyes sparkling warmly. He had pulled his long black hair back into a ponytail. "Okay, well you ready?"

"Yeah, lets go."

His motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Night Rod, sat in my driveway. I was use to it by now, but I was still apprehensive about riding it. It didn't matter how long I rode on it, motorcycles would always be death mobiles. But I had to admit, there was now a slight thrill to riding on the back of it. I liked the feel of my body pressed up against his. There have been a few fantasies that have played through my mind, centering around Deangelo's bike.

"So baby, how's your birthday going so far?" He asked, stopping in front of the bike.

I pursed my lips and looked back to the house. "My parents left bright and early this morning with out even saying anything and Ethan won't let me open their present."

Deangelo chuckled and pressed a kiss to the corner of my mouth. "Don't be a brat. Look at the bright side. This means you get to be home alone."

"Except for Ethan." I mumbled, returning the kiss a bit more deeply.

Deangelo's tongue probed at my mouth, pressing past my lips and tasting my toothpaste. I sucked eagerly on the wiggling muscle, suddenly forgetting where we were standing. He pulled away before we could get to far and said, "I'm sure he won't be a problem."

He grabbed my helmet and passed it over towards me. As soon as we were both on the bike, my chest molded to his back, we were off. I ran my hands up his chest, feeling his heartbeat against my palms. We zoomed down the road, the wind whistling around us. Instead of focusing on the cars that blurred by, I focused on the feel of his heartbeat and the musky aroma that was all him.

We pulled into the parking lot of a little diner in the heart of Hilliard. Rory and Candy were waiting for us in Candy's little red car. Deangelo turned into the spot next to them and cut the engine to his Harley. I nuzzled his back one last time before pulling my helmet off and climbing off. Candy slipped out of her car with a broad grin and gave a wave, "there's the birthday boy!"

I smiled at her and gave a small wave back. "Hey."

Rory came around the car, hands stuffed in his Hollister shorts. Rory was a lot like Ethan in the way of all American, but instead of a football hunk, I related him best to a puppy. Sometimes dumb, always eager, and filled with more energy then he knows what to do with. Hence the reason he had earned himself a scholarship in track and field. His body was lean and defined by a sleek build.

Candy bumped her hip into his, her ample breast shaking with each step. Candy was a Playboy bunny in the making; big breasts, tiny waist, and a curling mass of bleach blond hair highlighted with candy red streaks. She snatched her purse from the car and said, "lets move, I'm starved."

Her eyes flashed and I knew better then to argue with her. Deangelo looped an arm around my waist and I could feel every sinew of muscle he had. He was the only person I knew that could wear black in the summer and not turn into a crispy piece of bacon. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a black tee that fit like a glove. Badass was invisibly tattooed on his forehead. He pulled me towards the diner, dipping his head down before walked inside to bite at my neck, whispering, "happy birthday."

My stomach twisted with yearning and I had to fight down my hunger. I smiled up at him and said, "thanks."

"Hey! Love birds! Stop humping and get your asses in gear!" Candy shouted from across the restaurant, turning the heads of all its patrons. I shot her a glare and opened my mouth to say something just as caddy back, but Deangelo squeezed my hip to silence me.

We sat down in the booth she picked, Rory across from me and Deangelo trapping me in. I grabbed one of the plastic covered menus from behind the napkin dispenser and put it in the middle between me and Deangelo. Our waitress, who was so appropriately named Flo, approached our table on wobbly doorknob knees. She had a crown of fiery red hair streaked with gray and a pair of horned glasses on a beaded chain. She looked between us with a sweep of her hawk-like eyes and asked in a grandma sweet voice, "What can I get you kids?"

Kids? Hello? Nineteen!

I bumped my shoulder against Deangelo as I looked at the menu. Rory ordered some large, random number of food. Candy ordered a simple burger and fries with a milkshake. I smiled and pointed at Candy, "I'll have what she is, but make my shake chocolate."

"Same." Deangelo hummed, throwing his arm over the back of the vinyl booth so his fingers brushed my arm.

Flo jotted down our order and sauntered off. I squirmed eagerly in my seat and asked Candy and Rory, "so where's my present?"

Candy grinned in the same way The Big Bad Wolf had to smile alluringly at Little Red Riding Hood. I didn't like it one bit. There was something very evil in that smile. "Uhh… never mind. I don't want my present."

"Oh you're opening it. I spent a lot of money on it." Candy growled. She shifted through her luggage sized Coach purse and whipped out a card and a small square package tied up with curly green ribbon. She dropped them down on the table between us, lifting a brow challengingly. I eyed the present, which seemed rather small and harmless, wondering what nightmare she had hidden in it. I glanced at Rory, "Uh, what you get?"

Rory shifted awkwardly and said, "Um, I went in with Candy. She made me!"

I collapsed, limbs suddenly made of jell-o. "Rory!"

"Sorry!" Rory whined. "She threatened me!"

Candy laughed and I threw a sugar packet at her. She swatted it away and nudged the present closer. "Open it."

Deangelo tapped my arm. "Go on."

I eyed him carefully. I think he was in on it. With a sigh I picked up the card and opened it. It was a random cute cartoon character with a clever saying about birthdays. Inside Candy had so eloquently added "enjoy bitch".

I jabbed my tongue into my cheek and dropped the card, trading it for the present. I pulled the ribbon away and tore at the purple wrapping paper. The white box was taped on all four sides. I cut the tape with my knife and opened up the box, stomach fluttering with excitement and worry. There was a bed of sparkly pink tissue paper. I pulled some of the tissue paper away and blanched at what was nestled in it.

"Candy!" I hissed furiously, dropping the box and pushing it away. "What the hell is that?"

"Anal beads." Candy cackled.

Nestled in the bed of tissue paper was a set of polished black glass anal beads; balls about 25mm in size connected by a cord with a large loop at the end. There were at least eight balls on the cord. I put the lid back on the present before Flo could see as she brought our milkshakes. She set the glasses down and said, "food should be out shortly." She didn't even give us a passing glance.

"I can't believe you bought me anal beads!" I snapped furiously. "What the hell am I suppose to do with them?"

"I figured you and Dee could enjoy them." Candy grinned toothily from ear to ear. Rory was as pale as a ghost.

Deangelo smiled a little too smugly and squeezed my arm. "Oh we will."

I blanched again and pulled the present off the table before grabbing my shake and sucking at it. The rest of lunch proceeded without anything else exciting happening, though I didn't think there was much that could trump anal beads.


Deangelo pulled up into my driveway a little after six. We had spent the day together. He had taken me flying through the sky, out towards a secluded forest a few miles from Hilliard. We spent the afternoon secluded from the world and it was Heaven on earth. The entire time though Deangelo wouldn't tell me what he got me.

I climbed off his Harley and pulled my helmet off, shaking my short black strands of hair out. Dee pulled his helmet off and looked down at me, smiling in a way that stole my breath. The sun was setting in the horizon, casting a warm light across his strong face.

"You coming in?" I asked, trying to be nonchalant about my present.

"Naw, I have to work early tomorrow." Deangelo said, still sitting on his bike.

I blinked slowly. He… say… huh? I glared at him and whined, "Deangelo!"

Deangelo chuckled, climbing off his bike and saying, "I'm kidding brat. Lets go."

I huffed, dropping my helmet down with his by the bike and walking back to the house. I unlocked the door and pushed it open, calling out as I stepped in, "Ethan! I'm home! Deangelo is with me!"

There was no response. I leaned out the door and looked in the driveway, double checking to make sure I didn't hallucinate Ethan's beat up old truck. Yep the ugly piece of crap was still an eyesore in our front yard. I closed the door and said, "maybe he went out with some friends."

I walked to the kitchen and set Candy and Rory's gift down on the table, asking over my shoulder, "you want a drink?"

"Yeah grab me a beer, babe." Deangelo called out from the living room. I walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer.

He was standing in the middle of the living room looking at my parent's present. I walked over and passed him his beer, taking the gift and giving it a shake. "Its tonight. I think I can open it now."

I ripped away the ribbon and wrapping pair and tore open the small box. What was it going to be? Keys to a car? Yeah, right. Like my parents would do that. Besides, I haven't seen a car hidden around the house.

Nestled on a cotton pad was a folded sheet of paper. I dropped the boxes and unfolded the piece of paper, scowling down at my mother's elegant cursive. Deangelo peered over my shoulder, "what is it?"

"A note. They said they would be bringing my gift back with them." I huffed. Those cheap bastards! They forgot to get me a present and so they did this whole charade.

Deangelo chuckled and took the slip of paper away, dropping it on the coffee table. "Well that explains why they wanted you to wait to open it. They knew you'd be annoyed and it ruin your day."

"And Ethan knew, that jerk face!" I growled, already planning wicked things to do to him.

Deangelo snorted and nudged my shoulder. "Who cares? Come on, lets go to your room." He took a swig of beer before dropping his head down to nip teasingly at my neck.

I shivered and skirted away from him, shooting him a playful smile. Well… maybe it wasn't that big of a deal. Deangelo's inkwell eyes flashed brightly and in a split second he lunged at me. I laughed and ran up the stairs before he could snatch me, making a beeline down the hall to my bedroom. I threw open my bedroom door and stumbled to a stop, nearly falling flat on my face. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"

I stared at my bed with wide eyes, all the blood in my body pooling in my cheeks. Lying on my bed, spread out in all his glory (and man was it an amazing glory), was Ethan. He propped his head up on one hand, the other stretched down his tapered hips. The most prominent, and eye-catching part of his body was his fully erect cock. His very large, very delicious cock.

"Wa-wah-wah.…what are you doing? Why are you naked? Holy shit Ethan!" I stammered, somewhere between hysteria and arousal. Then it clicked in my head and I flapped my arms wildly, stumbling about for his clothes, "Christ Ethan! Clothes! Clothes! Deangelo is on his way up here!"

Ethan chuckled, completely at ease. Did he not realize he was naked and on my bed? His hard muscles were stretched out and I could see every detail; every swell and curve. My heart fluttered and my blood ran from my head straight down to my own suddenly aching cock. Was he for real?

"Ethan!" I snapped, dropping the random clothes I had gathered. I stepped backwards, throwing my arm out extravagantly to gesture to the clothes thrown about my floor. "I'm stepping out, get dressed and get out of my room!"

He watched me with warm blue eyes, a lazy smile spread across his handsome face. I stumbled backwards, unable to tear my eyes away from his body, which was lost in a state of aphrodisia. My back hit something hard and familiar and Deangelo's musky scent surrounded me. My heart thumped hard and then sputtered to a stop. I looked up slowly, suddenly feeling light headed. "D-Deangelo… I-I-I can explain. Uhh…"

Deangelo was staring across my room to where Ethan was, his eyes raking over my adoptive brother's naked body. There wasn't a single trace of anger, or even jealousy, on his face. His eyes were unreadable but from the hard bump against my back I could feel his desire.

What the hell was going on?

"Deangelo…" I started saying, but fell silent from the look he gave me. His eyes were blazing with hunger and my knees gave out.

Deangelo caught me by my arms, a slow 'fuck me' smile spreading across his face. He nudged me forward and said, "happy birthday Oliver."

Oh God. I stumbled forward, turning to look at him. "Deangelo?"

Ethan threw his legs over the side of the bed and rose up, stalking towards me. I swallowed a large lump in my throat, eyes flicking nervously between them. A smile that mirrored Deangelo's spread across Ethan's face. "Happy birthday baby brother."

Like a light switch being flicked, it suddenly made sense. I looked up at Deangelo and whispered, "My birthday surprise?"

"That's right baby," Deangelo said, "Tonight I'll make your greatest sexual fantasy come true. You and your brother."

I flushed furiously as I looked between them. Deangelo reached out and brushed strands of hair from my eyes. "But of course I can't let it just be you and him. I can only share you so much. So instead of just a night of you and Ethan, it'll be a night for the three of us."

My knees went out again, but this time they both caught me. They held me up between them and I felt my body begin to respond in a way that left me light headed. Ethan pressed a warm kiss to my exposed neck and a shiver ran down my spine. "How does that sound?" He asked, voice tickling my skin.

I licked my dry lips and mumbled, "g-good."

Deangelo leaned forward and pressed a slow kiss to my lips, his tongue flicking out tauntingly. He pulled away and pulled my present from Candy out from his back pocket. Ethan held me up, one hand sliding up my shirt along my flat stomach. His lips were branding the curve of my neck. He was suddenly a strong, agile man, not my sweet brother. Deangelo opened the box and pulled out the anal beads, dangling them in front of me.

"What are you going to do with those?" I asked. Ethan pulled at my shirt, slipping it off and tossing it with the many others. His fingers found my nipples, tweaking them until they were hard. A moan escaped me, my body twisting eagerly to his touches.

Ethan sucked on my earlobe and whispered into my ear, "what do you think we're going to do with them?"

I looked up at him, trying to make sense of this suddenly dominating persona. He directed me to my bed, helping me slide on. Deangelo walked to my dresser and pulled out the thing of lube I kept in my sock drawer, saying, "take your pants off Oliver."

Ethan ran his hand along his still hard shaft, watching as I shakily undid the buttons of my shorts. I kicked my flip flops off and shucked my pants and boxers, all the while watching with wide eyes as Ethan slowly jerked himself. My own cock twitched to life. It was slightly slimmer then both of theirs and about an inch smaller, but I wasn't comparing at the moment.

Ethan climbed up on the bed beside me, sitting on his knees. He reached out and took my arm, drawing me up. "Come here."

I couldn't find it in me to argue. I rose up, letting him draw me into a sultry kiss. His tongue tasted sweet, like strawberries, and his hands were strong as they rubbed my hips. He sucked on my tongue, hands sliding up my back and fingers tickling my spine. He pulled back, a trail of saliva connecting us, and whispered, "get on your hands and knees."

I stared up at him, mouth swollen, and nodded slowly. Greedily I pressed a trail of kisses to his muscular chest, tasting his sweet skin. I bit down on his right nipple, sucking and pulling a low groan from him. This was really happening.

Ethan nudged at my shoulders, pushing me down and I obeyed. I worked my way down, kissing his stomach and biting his hip so my teeth left marks. I moved down until I was bent at the waist and then shifted to resting on my hands and knees, his cock in front of me. His fingers stroked my hair, trailing down the line of my jaw. I looked over at Deangelo, who stood watching with appraising eyes. He nodded his head at me.

I opened my awaiting mouth, letting Ethan guide in his hard cock. He let out a soft shutter and mumbled, "that's it."

I sucked on the tip, swirling it with my tongue. He tasted salty from the precum that had pearled at the tip. I reached up with one hand to grab on to his cock, sucking down as much as I could. He pressed against the back of my throat and his hips jerked forward. I sucked hard, rubbing my tongue against the sensitive nerves that laced up his shaft. I pulled back, letting him slip from my mouth. Once again a thin trail of saliva connected from my mouth to the tip of his cock.

"God Oliver, you look so hot with your mouth on my dick." Ethan groaned crudely. The words were like fire pelting against my body, burning me up.

I rolled my eyes up to him and flicked my tongue against the tip of his cock. The bed shifted behind me and I jerked back to look at Deangelo. He had stripped his clothes off, his body responding just as mine and Ethan's were. In his hand were the anal beads, a glob of lubricant dripping from them. I turned back to Ethan's cock after he tugged at my hair, leaning down to suck in one of his balls. I massaged the flesh with my tongue, moaning as I felt the pressure of Deangelo's fingers against my puckered entrance. He pushed two fingers in, rolling them around to stretch my tight channel.

I bit gently at the skin along the bottom of Ethan's cock, causing him to groan again. My body quivered as Deangelo brushed against my sensitive prostate, my body a bundle of nerves. I closed my eyes, swallowing Ethan up again like a greedy cat in heat. Deangelo added a third finger and pressed a gentle kiss against my lower back. He wiggled his fingers around and I pushed back, grinding my ass against his hand. Just as I was beginning to get use to the friction, Deangelo pulled his fingers out.

I let Ethan slip from my mouth again and whined, "Deangelo!"

"Hold on baby, you'll get it." Deangelo chuckled, rubbing at my left hip. "Go on, suck Ethan. Show me how you like to do it."

I smiled and turned back to Ethan, grabbing his cock and mumbling, "you want this?"

"Yes Oliver." Ethan breathed, staring down with smoldering eyes.

I licked him up and down, taking him deep into my mouth as Deangelo began to insert the beads. I moaned as I felt them push through my sphincter. I had to grab on to Ethan's hip to keep my self from collapsing onto the bed. My head bobbed back and forth quickly, tongue curling around Ethan's cock as I sucked on him hard. The beads pushed in all the way and I thought that was it, but then I felt Deangelo's lubricated tip pressing against my already stretched ring. I moaned, vibrations shivering down Ethan's own shaft.

Deangelo pushed in all the way and my body rocked forward. Once he was sheathed inside me he began to move, pulling in and out until he was pounding mercilessly into me. My body rocked back and forth and Ethan grabbed my shoulders, steadying me so he could push his own hips forward and back, matching Deangelo's motions. They were fucking me from both ends, filling me completely with their pulsing cocks. I was pounded into mercilessly, complete and whole. I moaned pathetically, my own weeping length ignored.

As if understanding my gurgled pleas, Deangelo reached down and began to stroke my shaft. With a grunt Deangelo mumbled, "that's it baby, take it. You like being filled by us, don't you?"

I nodded my head, licking Ethan up and down. Within a few thrusts Ethan groaned, "Oli, I'm about to cum."

I opened my mouth wide, jerking him a few more times. His hips jerked forward and a powerful groan escaped him. Cum shot forward in a white splash, coating my mouth and face, dripping past my lips. It fell against my tongue and I lapped at it like cream. Deangelo pounded into me and Ethan pulled me up against him, sucking on my neck and biting down hard. After a few more hard thrusts Deangelo groaned and emptied himself, filling me up completely. I tilted my head back again, exposing my throat to Ethan's eager mouth and moaned out. From over his shoulder I could see the last of the sun vanishing over the rooftops.

Deangelo pulled out, giving me a few more pulls. He let go of me and grabbed the ring of the anal beads. The only warning was the feel of him shifting behind me. He pulled them out, the balls popping out one after another. The feel of them rubbing against my ultra sensitive rectum was enough to send me over the edge. I cried out, releasing all over my sheet in a sticky mess as the last ball slipped out.

I collapsed completely against Ethan, panting heavily against him. Sweat was slick down my back and I was sticky with cum. I looked hazily back at Deangelo, eyes heavy. He smiled and slapped my ass hard, "we aren't done baby."

"We aren't?" I asked, swiping cum from my lips. Deangelo pulled me back, crushing his lips against mine and tasting everything Ethan covered me with. I could feel him twitching back to life against my back. Ethan was already back to full staff.

"Rise up baby brother." Ethan said, pulling me up onto my knees. He then looped his arms under my knees and lifted me off the bed. My arms flailed out and I threw them around both their shoulders to keep balanced. Ethan spread my legs wide apart, angling my body with theirs so they both could push up. Their tips pressed against my lubed entrance.

"W-what are you doing?" I stuttered, tightening my grip so my nails bit into their shoulders. Ethan pulled me against him, sucking on my bottom lip. I moaned out loudly as they both pushed in at the same time, stretching me wide. My eyes became saucers and pain shot up my spine. "Oh God! S-So much!"

Deangelo kissed along my shoulder and neck as they both began to pound into me. I bounced up and down, my body stretching wider and wider. Deangelo chuckled and growled, "take it baby. Take us both. You like cock in you don't you?"

"Yes!" I moaned out. Pain danced with pleasure as they both hit my prostate. I filled the room with my breathy moans in a erotic song, mixing with both Ethan and Deangelo's groans and pants.

"Call my name Oliver." Ethan panted, meeting my eyes with his burning sapphires.

Deangelo tweaked my nipple and my head rolled back onto his shoulder. "Ethan, ah… Ethan! Harder!"

They pushed in harder and I felt fireworks being released inside me. They were going off behind my eyes, lighting my world in a rainbow of glitter and pleasure. I was on fire, filled with ecstasy as these two men drilled inside me. I was clinging to them both, barely able to keep my grip as Ethan began to stroke me. I rolled my head to him and exchanged a sloppy kiss, my chest swelling like a balloon.

"Ethan! Deangelo!" I couldn't keep up. I was breathless and light headed and my stomach twisted and turned like it was caught in a tornado. In a final explosion of flickering light and surge of euphoria I released, cum splashing up my abdomen.

My stretched channel sucked around both their cocks, convulsing and edging them to release. They both came at the same time, filling my already stuffed rectum full of their fluid. I cried out, surging up and arching my back.

I fell against them, trading kisses between them lazily. Deangelo pulled me up so they could slide out with a sucking noise. The room was filled with the muggy aroma of cum and sex, a perfume that was known as carnal sex. He laid me gently down on the bed and took my crumpled sheet. I watched him as he took the stained sheet and wiped me down before doing himself and passing it to Ethan. Once they were clean, Ethan dropped the sheet on the floor and laid in bed beside me. I pressed against him, shifting forward to press a soft kiss to his lips.

Deangelo saddled up behind me, wrapping my arms around his waist. I turned my head and gave me a slow kiss. I smiled up at him and whispered, out of breath, "Deangelo… Ethan… thank you."

Ethan pressed a kiss to my shoulder and mumbled, "you're welcome baby brother. Happy birthday."

Deangelo gave a final kiss to my temple and whispered, "Happy birthday baby, I love you."

"I love you too…" I mumbled, eyes fluttering closed. I fell asleep wrapped up in the warmth of both Deangelo's and Ethan's arms. They held me close all night, curved against their hard bodies. My final thought before I fell into a blissful slumber was how this was definitely the best birthday gift ever… and I was going to have to thank Candy.

The End

Anyone need a tissue for their nose bleed? I'm getting addicted to writing these. They're so much fun though! Besides, we all know you guys have been wanting to see some Ethan x Oliver action and I've been dying to write a threesome. It's win win! Anyways, hope you all enjoyed it! Who knows if I'll write something else like this!