A/N: Like most of my one-shots, this was written as part of the 100 Theme Challenge. I know that not much happens in this - it's just one of those things in life that we all go through, and the first thing that came to my head when I saw the theme 'Waiting'. Enjoy.

Her fingers drummed against the table, her eyes staring at the computer screen for no other reason than it kind of gave her something to do. She couldn't concentrate, right then, on anything except pressing refresh on Facebook every couple of seconds.

Anna's eyes drifted down to her phone.

The drumming slowed down, almost as if she thought, by focussing her full attention on the small black object, she could make it ring.

Frowning, Anna reached forward and picked it up. "Mum!" she called. "Can you text my phone? I don't think its working."

"OK honey!" her mother called back, and a few seconds later her phone beeped.

LY xxx

Anna sighed, put the phone down and resumed tapping her fingers against the desk. It had been three days – what did she expect? For him to suddenly text her now? Two days was fine, that was playing it cool. Three days was not interested.

Her brother walked past the study.

"Eric!" she called, glancing at him as he appeared in the doorway again, staring at her with his head tilted to one side and a curious expression on his face. "Eric...how long should you wait for a guy to text before giving up?"

He rolled his eyes, moved off, but a few seconds later she heard his voice calling "A week."

"Right," she whispered, "a week." She stared at the screen again, opened up Word and double-clicked on her homework assignment. She really should have been concentrating on that, it was important, it was her last year of A-Levels and...

Her phone buzzed.

Anna's eyes shifted towards it slowly, her tongue licked her suddenly dry lips and she reached for it, flipping it over and quickly scanning the 'sender' line.

Anna frowned when she spotted her best friend's name, Billie. She shook her head, hating herself for getting so worked up and pressed open.

You heard from that guy yet? X

Typical. Anna let out a groan before pressing reply and quickly typing in the single word answer. Adding a kiss to the end, she sent it and put the phone back down.

"Focus on something else," she whispered, eyes returning to the computer screen. "A watched pot never boils, right?" She forced herself to chuckle as she started typing up her essay.

Deep in thought, concentrating intently on the work, (for once), Anna didn't hear the quiet beep that meant her phone was running out of battery. She missed the single flash that signalled its death, too absorbed in the changing representation of gender roles in the twenty-first century media to notice.

Her eyelids grew heavy under the watchful glare of the monitors light. Having got over half the essay done, Anna lent back in her chair, saved the document and closed the PC down.

Yawning, she picked up her phone, annoyance filling her once more as she realised he still hadn't texted her. She pressed a button.


The phone was dead, the usually light that sprung to life when she pressed a button was missing.

She didn't dare let her heart hope that there would a text waiting for her when she managed to turn the phone on.

Still, she gathered her stuff up, grabbed a glass of water and said goodnight to her mother. Once in her room, she plugged the charger in and turned the on button.

She bit down on her lip, stopping her mouth from smiling at the sight of the small envelope icon. It wouldn't be him; it'd just be Billie or someone...

Even Anna's teeth weren't enough to keep the smile that broke out when his name came up with the text message.

Anna checked the time. Well, she thought, it was too late to text back right now and, anyway, she didn't want to seem too keen. So instead of hitting the reply button, she turned her phone on silent and put it on her bedside table, smiling to herself as she pulled her duvet over her body and lay down to sleep.