It was a long night. My brother who's not really my brother was there. This other guy was there too. I still feel a little dazed from waking up. I'm hoping it was just a dream. Let me start it like this…

It was probably about 11:00 at night and I had just gotten out of the shower. I was half dressed in my room, but couldn't find my stupid shirt. Now, on a side note that will eventually make this even more awkward, I don't wear bras to bed. It's uncomfortable. Anyways, I was still searching for my shirt. On another side note, unknown to me, there was a guy standing outside my closed door. There was my shirt, tucked behind the back of my bed. I grab it and hold it up in the air with victory right as this guy knocked and walked in. He didn't even wait for a response after he knocked. He just walked in.

"Woah…um…" that's all he said while I was having a spaz attack on my bed trying to find something to cover up my exposed chest. Of course all my covers were on the floor, so I end up using a stuffed pikachu combined with my shirt to stop showing off my boobs.

"WHAT THE CRAP?!" It was more of a whispered shout.

"I… um… You don't wear a bra to bed?" Wow. Of course he would make the observation. The guy turned out to be Andrew (Andy), my friend who's like a brother. Even the fact that he's practically a brother doesn't make this okay. We went out at some point. You have no idea how awkward this was.

"Andy. You have no idea how uncomfortable it is to wear a bra to bed…" I pause for a moment, realizing that my best friend isn't actually supposed to be here at 11:00 PM. "ANDY! What are you doing here? WAIT! Don't answer that yet. Let me…um. Let me get dressed."

"Oh. Okay." He doesn't move an inch.

"That means turn AROUND! Give me fifteen seconds of god damn privacy!"

"I think this look is fine. Why change?" Typical guy.

"Oh shut up!" He finally turns around and starts counting to fifteen out loud, so I ended up rushing to clothe myself. Luckily I'm dressed and sitting on my bed by the time he's done.

"Alright. What's up? Why are you here you little bastard?" He comes and sits at the end of my bed.

"That's it. You're not gonna yell at me or lecture me..?"

"What's the point? You're already here. I'm over it."

"See. This is why I love you."

"Shut up kiss ass. Now why are you here?"

"Because you stopped texting me and I got worried." He gave his signature goofy grin, I rolled my eyes and laughed in his face.

"Pahahah! You expect me to believe that? Come on Andrew. I know you a little better than that. What's on your mind kid?"

"Fine. I need to talk to you 'bout Michael." Michael was one of Andy's pretty good friends, who I haven't known for very long.

"What bout him?" I had been texting him a lot lately, but just casual conversation.

"He talks about you. A LOT! And eventually he wants to ask you out. I kinda don't think you should do it…" Was Andrew Ellis jealous?

"That's weird. I got a text from Rachel telling me that I should date him. I said that he hadn't even said anything bout dating…so she said. 'I know. That's me talking.' And then the conversation ended." This is all making my head spin. I think I should decide who I want to date right. I mean, Michael hasn't even said anything about it.

"Oh. Well listen. He keeps saying how you're beautiful and funny and how he loves your personality and everything. Don't believe that."

"Wow. Way to stick up for your friend…Why not?"

"Cuz it's a load of rubbish! Sam. Come on. Trust me. He doesn't really care that much."

"Don't 'Sam' me. I hardly know what's going on here. You should probably head home now." Andrew looked pretty pissed at this point. I gave him a weak smile for support.

"NO! You don't get it Sam! He's lying and he's going to lie! Michael doesn't really care that much about you! He just wants to…" I was getting pretty heated up at this point as well.

"He just wants to what Andy? What? Maybe he does actually care! Maybe you're just jealous! MAYBE you're afraid of him being the better guy!" I knew then that I shouldn't of said that. Andy was pissed.

What was I supposed to do? I'm not the kind of girl whose decisions get made for them. The sad thing is, there wasn't a decision to be made at the moment and the night just kept getting weirder.