Andrew was standing at this point, whisper-shouting in my face. He always wants to watch out for me and "protect" me, and he treats me like I'm some small child. The truth is I'm older than him. He just has to be the big tough guy who apparently "knows what's best." However, I just sat there and glared. I swear, if looks could kill, he would've been dead. Despite how badly I wanted to punch him in his face, I just sat there and gave him the chance to let it all out.

"Do you understand now Sam? I really really want you to be careful. You need to be." I can't believe he seriously just said that. I'm not that oblivious. I know about freaking guys. I grew up with them. Damn, he blew it.

"You listen to me Andrew Mark Ellis. I'll do what I want. Date who I want to. It doesn't matter though because nobody's even asked me! You need to just chill out and go home. There doesn't need to be a fight in my room at 11:45. Just go home. We'll talk tomorrow or something. Okay? I'm a big girl now Andrew. I can handle myself. Fucking puberty wasn't for nothing."


He just stared at me with those big blue eyes. The eyes that matched my own exactly. A minute goes by, then two, then three. He finally says something.

"Sorry Sam…" That was it. He turned away and headed towards the door. Finally relaxed I started to lie down.



He was at my door when it burst open and Michael Burnes came prancing into my room. So much for a good night's sleep. Things were just getting going.

12:00 AM

"Michael? Dude. What the heck?"

"I needed to talk to Sam…but apparently you already have." I let out a long groan because one, I kind of wanted to go to sleep and two, to let them know they were still in my room. It started as one of those old timey showdowns. The two guys were just slowly walking in circles and staring at each other.

"This is great and all. But seriously guys, what's going on?" Their stares shift to me and I started to feel slightly uncomfortable. I got the fidgets and had to sit up again.

"Woah. Sam. No bra?" Michael had a smirk that I really wanted to slap off his face.

"Woah. Michael. Lay off dude. You hardly know her." Andy's shifting into brother mode.

"Yeah and 'her' wants you to leave. So goodnight. See you guys in the morning…" They both just look at me. Yeah, I figured I wasn't getting out that easy. Of course, Andy takes his spot at the end of the bed and you see anger start to fill Michael as he watches. I really couldn't afford to have a fight in my room. If my parents woke up, oh man I would be dead. Plus there were two guys in my room. If you walked in on that, you'd draw some pretty ugly conclusions. Naturally I start to try and shove Andy off my bed to hopefully help with the situation. Bad idea.

While I'm pushing and shoving and giving it what I got, Andy's eyes connect with mine. I could almost picture all the memories from when we were dating coming back into his brain. We all know guys are impulsive, but this was a bit much. Andy looked into my eyes, brushed my hair out of the way, placed his hands around my head and kissed me. He kissed me like he used to, and Michael, he wasn't happy.

"Damn it Andy. What the fuck was that move?" I tried so hard not to giggle. Michael looked like he was bout to blow up or something.

"Dude. I'm sorry man. I don't know what happened. I just…" Michael wasn't going to take anything.

"I'll tell you what happened. You pulled somethin' pretty shitty right there. You knew I liked her dude. I came here to tell her that and ask her out! Way to go asshole!" It was about time I said something so I swallowed the last giggle and tried to calm the idiots down.

"Michael, how exactly did you know where I live?" His eyes got wide at that. He started to stutter.

"I. um... k-knew from A-andy. Yeah."

"Bullshit! You frikin stalker!" Andy got into this. Now I wish I hadn't said anything.

You know that feeling of being fought over, like a stuffed animal or blanket or something, back and forth, back and forth, Michael, Andy, Michael, Andy. That's what I'm feeling like right now. It's not pleasant.

Another unpleasant feeling is having your arm grabbed and nearly yanked out of its socket. That's right. Michael had pulled me up and out of my own bed at this time. Life just isn't fair. Also, there was that look in Michael's eye that sent a little shiver down my spine. It worried me.

When does the chaos end? Not yet my friend.