Chapter 2

When we get up into the house Lauren unlocks the door and my sister's 85 pound german shepard dog Hanna jumps up on me to say hello.

''hey Hanna!'' I say

I hear Lauren snap her fingers ''Hanna down!'' Lauren tells her

''that's okay she's just excited to see me.'' I tell her

''come on kido lets get you upstairs and all settled in then you can sleep or take a nap if you would like.'' she tells me

I just nod.

''yea okay I think that would be good and I think I will.'' I tell her and follow her upstairs with my bags and she takes me into the guest bedroom

''would it be okay if I took a shower?'' I ask her

''yea of course it would you don;t need to ask.'' Lauren tells me

''okay.'' I say

''hey sweetie you okay what's going on?'' Lauren asks me

''yea why and nothing just tired.'' I tell her

''okay.'' Lauren says

''you hungry kido do you want me to make you something to eat?'' she asks me

I just shrug.

''okay kido get some sleep.'' she tells me and kisses my head ''I love you.'' she tells me

I just nod and wait for her to leave the room shutting the door and going through my suitcase to find a pair of pajama pants and change into them and then crawl into the bed laying down and close my eyes and fall asleep for a little while. Laurengoes downstairs and sits on the couch and picks up the phone and calls her best friend Kathy.

''Hello?'' Kathy answers

''hey kath it's Lauren.'' Lauren tells her

''oh hey sweetie how are you?!'' Kathy asks her

''great how are you hun?'' Lauren asks her

''good.'' Kathy tells her

''oh yea and how's my god son?'' Lauren asks her

''he's fine.'' Kathy tells her

''aww that's good.'' Lauren says

''yea.'' Kathy says and smiles