- Instant Attraction -

I never thought I'd ever do something like this. This is so unlike me. But before I realized it, it was happening. I don't understand. Why did this happen?

Looking around frantically as she walked, she wondered where he went. She didn't even know where she was going, and finally, at the observation deck, she gave up. Sighing, she draped her arms over the railing and looked out over the lake beneath the Natural Museum. "What am I doing…?!" She groaned quietly and buried her face into her arms.

She had come to the museum to see the skeleton of a mountain lion for her current sketch. She did this often so she could visualize how the animal would move on her page through her pencil. It was when she was just finished doing a rough sketch of the skeleton when she spotted him. He was with another guy, just chatting and strolling through an exhibit. Dark hair that reached just below his ears, stunning eyes that were surprisingly light, and an air about him that said he was untouchable…

Without even thinking, she'd turned on her heels and followed behind them. She didn't even know what her intentions were, but her feet took her where her eyes lead. However, a few turns later, they were out of sight completely, and she was left to blindly look for them. She didn't know why she followed them the way she did. She didn't even know them. She had never done something like this before. In truth, she was a little disgusted with herself that it happened at all.

Still, she wanted to see him again…

"Hey! You alright?" A voice jerked her back to reality. She straightened and turned to the voice, only letting the slightest surprise show when it turned out to be them.

The one who'd spoke to her was the guy's friend. He was in some regards, the opposite. He had shorter blond hair, probably dyed to that colour, and dark brown eyes. He looked at her with some concern, but had a grin on his face, "Whew, what's a pretty girl like you doing up here all by yourself?"

Her defense mechanisms kicked in immediately, "None of your business."

"Ouch, haha," the blond guy laughed sheepishly. "I guess that was a little out of the blue." He took a peek at his dark-haired friend. "As an apology for startling you, allow us to treat you to a drink." His smile was charming, but she was most cautious around this kind of people.

"No thanks…"

"I insist, there's a coffee shop just downstairs near the lobby. C'mon," he grinned and pulled on her arm.

She tried to tug her arm out of his grip, but couldn't. "This is abduction," she told him, angry.

"Relax, we're only treating you to a drink," the dark-haired one spoke for the first time, and she felt her heart skip a beat. The hint of huskiness in his voice just about killed her. Regardless, she shot him a skeptical look. "Like we could do anything with so many people around."

She stopped struggling, and the blond one dropped her arm with a grin. She walked silently between them and wondered why the day was turning out so terribly. First she lost her mind and followed two complete strangers, and then they end up treating her to a drink? What?! The two were both over a head taller than her, and traded conversation above her head, which made her feel rather uncomfortable. But she also didn't feel like telling them to stop. It would be too much effort.

She sat at a table with the dark-haired one while the other guy went to buy the drinks. He didn't even ask her what she wanted, what was he thinking? She stared at the table, occasionally peeking up at the guy across from her. He looked just as cool and untouchable as she thought he would be, with one arm draped over the back of the couch-like seat, looking out the window.

"Here we go! Ice café mocha for our lovely lady," the blond one returned, placing a tall glass with a straw in it infront of her. He took the seat beside his friend, placing two other cups infront of them.

She looked at the coffee-coloured drink in the fancy glass, then at the blond guy, "I don't drink coffee."

His eyebrows raised a little, and then he chuckled, "Just try it. I'm good at guessing what drinks people like." He winked at her.

She looked reproachfully at him, "How do I know you didn't drug this?"

The dark-haired one raised an eyebrow, "Just how old are you? You don't look old enough to be so cynical about everything."

"None of your business," she declared. After inspecting her drink one more time, she sipped it. "Ah…" Her features lightened considerably. It was delicious.

"See?" The blond one was grinning with satisfaction. "You're probably wondering why I knew you'd like it. There's a real science to things like this, you know…" He proceeded to go on about things she had absolutely no interest in. She ignored him and continued sipping away at her drink. She was good at tuning people out when she wanted to.

"Hey Jace," the dark-haired one mentioned after a while, "I don't think she's listening."

"Eh, really?" The blond one, Jace, paused. "Hehe, sorry, looks like I ran away with myself again." He grinned at her good-naturedly, completely unbothered that she stopped paying attention to him. Maybe he was used to this kind of thing. He finished the rest of his drink, and spoke again, "Speaking of which, what are you doing at a place like this by yourself anyway? This isn't a place people usually come by themselves."

She froze, "That's none of your business." Standing up, she said coldly, "I have to go." His question reminded her that she really did have no obligation to stay with them. She wasn't even sure what possessed her to let them bring her to this place. She left the rest of the drink on the table, and reaching into her pocket, took out money for the drink. She didn't like the idea that she might be indebted to them. As she prepared to put the money on the table, the dark-haired one stopped her, catching her hand before she dropped its contents.

"We said it was our treat, don't make us go back on our word," he told her, gaze steady.

She couldn't look away from his gaze, and when she realized it, she wrenched her head away. Without saying another word, she turned on her heels and left.

"Eeehh…" Jace leaned his cheek on a knuckle. "Was it something I said?"

"Who knows," his friend shrugged. "She didn't look very friendly to begin with. What were you thinking anyway?"

"I thought she was pretty interesting," Jace grinned at his friend. "And kind of cute."

"You disgust me sometimes."

"Heh, I love you too."


KageLynx says: Heeyy! It's me again. As I said I would, this is the new story I've been working on. First chapter is pretty short, but don't worry, it'll be up to its ridiculous lengthiness in due time. Chapter 2 should be up some time soon!

And yes, I realize the girl has no name in this one. You'll find out what it is in the next chapter. Peace!