Not Alright At All

So much held within,
like dams it is,
impatience just building and piling.

Annoyance constraint,
like caged song-birds,
hopes defeated by inhibitions.

Timid voice whispers,
like mice squeeking,
conveying nothing to human ears.

With all these surpressed,
will it one day,
be overcomed by immensed pressure?

A/N: Don't you just, JUST hate those who slack off in the team? But the point is, these people are WORSE. FAR WORSE.

1. The gather and talk. TALK CRAP.

2. I contributed EVERYTHING. I did EVERYTHING.

We have a ppt (power point presentation), a write-up, and a script.

So far, I did the ppt and write-up. I'll be working on the script next. I tried to include them.


'Oh, you do first, later we come together and edit k?' (inner thoughts: 'Yeah, thanks. Thanks for acknowledging that you're are SOOOO helpful. I feel like I'm doing solo work, with revisers who KS (gamer term: kill-steal. Leech in other words) all your effort.')

I want to SCREAM it in their face, but well.. I offered. I'm too nice. Too nice that I just get used, get bullied... and too quiet that I just allow people to KS me. I am tempted to get the peer review form, but I feel like I'm betraying them. Well they did something. TALK CRAP. Yeah, contributed, but end up they just stick to my idea so that they can say 'I don't understand'. WOW. Too smart, they outsmart me by so much, that I'm doing all the thinking for this project.

I feel like crying, screaming, yelling, shrilling, whatever it is, I feel like getting this emotion out. RAWR

And another reason for this poem:

my extra-curricular activity is a sport. Well in sports, there will be captains and vice-captains. All the other three students my year (only the senior year have leadership roles) have a certain title, i'm the title-less person (ONLY one, to emphasize). GUESS WHAT? The teachers come, look around (even though BOTH the captains and vice-captains are around) and ask me to do attendance taking (that's the captain/vice-captain's job). Again, I feel like I'm being bullied. It's not my job, in fact, it's their job, and I'm doing it for them. And who is getting the points and credits? THEM. ass.