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Our instruments were polished, our uniforms freshly dry-cleaned, and the show, both music and drill, was something I was sure we could have done in our sleep. The only thing that was slightly getting me down was that Daniel had said he had something to do during our competition. Actually, so had Jace. Lucy was actually angry that he apparently couldn't be there; she had refused to talk to him all day at school on Friday. I was disappointed, but figured that if Daniel could come to the State Competition next month (assuming we qualified at this competition), I didn't really mind so much that he missed tonight. Besides, we were planning on starting to work on his mom's kitchen the next day, so I'd get to see him then.

After school on Friday, the guys, since they didn't have a game, had gone to the park and played football for a few hours. Lucy and I tagged along, with some other girls, but Lucy still wasn't talking to Jace. Half-way through the game, though, he twisted an ankle and she was falling all over herself with worry for him, apologizing for holding a grudge and not talking to him. Danny laughed at them while he smooshed me in a huge, sweaty hug.

As we marched in formation to the competition field, the percussion section playing cadences, I felt adrenaline flow through my body and a smile tugged at my lips. My parents were here, as well as Daniel's mom and dad. I was surprised when my mom told me they were carpooling to the stadium in the next town over, but felt glad that they wanted to support me.

Once we were lined up, waiting for the band in front of us to finish their last song, I allowed my eyes to wander over the crowds of people. While not as many were there as would be at State Competition, there were still a lot. Suddenly, a large bedsheet-banner caught my eye. On it was written "Go HFH Band!" along with several people's names, including mine and Nora's. It appeared to be held up by some very large guys.

"Luce!" I whisper-yelled to her, without breaking attention. "Lucy! Look over there, in the center-front of the stands."

From the corner of my eye, I saw her head turn, then her face lit up when she saw. "It looks like the football team. And some of the cheerleaders! And there's Jace." She bounced up and down a little at that, earning a dirty look from our director. "And Danny's next to him," she finished in a quieter voice.

My heart swelled with joy. He had come after all, and brought a cheering section for us. A wide grin stretched my face.

Just then, a whistle blew. I jerked my attention back to our field commanders, who were directing us to start marching onto the field. As we made our way to the first formation, marching precisely and carefully as the drums beat out their rhythms, I couldn't have been happier. The show went by in a bubble, with nothing else existing outside of the field.

As it turned out, I did audition for that solo that I had been considering. It was part of the competition show. When the time came, I stepped forward out of formation, as rehearsed, and played the second solo of my life. Inside the bubble, I only vaguely registered the fact that there were thousands of eyes focused on me. I looked only at the conducting field commander, making sure I stayed in tempo. After the last note faded from my instrument, I stepped back into formation and barely registered the spattering of applause for me. We continued through the show, still in our bubble, which existed until the last notes faded into silence.

Suddenly, that bubble of isolation burst as applause and cheers broke through. We left the field to await our score and I glanced once again toward the group from our school. I was pretty sure I heard a voice yelling, "I love you, Solo Girl!"

The End.


ANpt2: Sorry, short and rather corny, but it's a happy ending, so what else could it be but at least a little corny? haha. Thanks for reading!