He wore bright red hooded sweaters everyday, with an extra large white undershirt. His massive black boots were smothered by blood. He glared at the wanted poster, with unblinking eyes, that scolded any ne'er do well he set his eyes on. His upper lip had a few long hairs sticking from the stubble. He tossed his corduroy coat over his back, stuck a fat cigar in his mouth, and walked out from his plain white apartment.

The hallway of the Horris Hall motel reeked with the smell of garbage strewn upon the mottled turgoise carpet. A pile of cigars lay right near the exit to the doorway where Lawrence always tossed them. With an effortless flick of the lip, the cigar went up in a high arch until it met the top of the pile. He smiled arrogantly, as if he had accomplished something beyond human capability.

He glared at the street ahead of him outside the large oak motel door. He knew some where in the god forsaken city of Philadelphia, was his target. It was a Julian Gitz, if he could remember correctly. He was a hoboe, that hung around hotels, and steals strays. Good Lord in heaven, if this guy was one of 'em crack addicts that wasted his money snortin' snow, he'd slip a bit of arsenic in the tranq.

Lawrence walks out to his Black 2009 Lincoln MKS. Below a plastic bear whose head is supported by a two inch spring dangling from the rearview mirror, in silence and motionless, a leather ebony breifcase. Lawrence reaches a massive hand over the driver's seat, and around the breifcase handle. He lugs it onto the driver's seat. Opening the case, Lawrence picks up the handgun inside, giving it a quick workover with his eyes. He then pulls out the magazine, replacing it with a newer one.

He pulls two viles, one of sedatives, and the other of synthetic snake venom. The Sedatives, a mild horse anesthetic, would first knock him out, and the synthetic venom would cause pain after the target awoke. Always a good thing for interrogation. With an eye dropper, he sucked a concoction of both into a hypodermic needle.

Now, all Lawrence had to do was find where Julian went. Of course, Homeless shelters would be an obvious answer, but all intel pointed to one place Julian was said to go.

Lawrence slaps the Lost Pet flyer to the brick stairs of the Methodist Church. A Car drives by, some pigeons are gazing down at Lawrence, cooing, but no Julian Gitz. He circles the church. A dog found someone's discarded McDonalds Lunch, some blownout tires, and newspaper heralding the UN's newly created Justice Task Force, which was why Lawrence was here, but no Julian Gitz.

Lawrence then walks into the Church. The Floorboards were old and shifted to some degree. The white walls made the walls seem to close in on Lawrence, and he turned away, being extremely claustrophobic. He turns to see a Hoboe dressed in torn clothes, with a mangey laborador Retriever sitting next to him, talking in a phone booth. Julian Gitz. Julian walks across the street, taking no notice of Lawrence and his red hoodie. He then takes notice of the flyer Lawrence had put up, edging towards it cautiously.

Lawrence always did a 'Have you seen me' before he took the target. It always made him smile to see the torn up, distraught look on their face. One time, though, there was a little girl who was abducted by her biological father, and he was to take her back to her parents. He put a flyer of the girl on the abductor's door, and the man commited suicide for not being able to take care of his daughter. He turned out to be a loving husband, caring volunteer, and former Marine who helped save a man in Vietnam. His name was Richard Langsley.

Richard Langsley's face appeared over Julian's and Lawrence looked away. Lawrence then quietly ran down the steps, to find Julian snickering. He emotionlessly puts a cloth over Julian's mouth and nose, and pushed up into his septum. He inserts the needle into the man's neck, and he collapses into Lawrences arms.

He lays Julian down, and takes the leash from his hand and ties it around the rail at the foot of the steps. The Lab simply pants and watches Lawrence drag Julian to his car. Lawrence watches the lab follow the black MKS with it's eyes until he turns to enter the Franklin Bridge, where the Lab began to whine.