Hey there! If you don't know me, I'm StripehChekaz - author of "Shatter". This story kindof goes along with it slightly, just for some characters that I only mention. It's mainly between Dean Potter's daughter, Zynele (Zye) Gardner and her brother Rayde (and some others). Chapter titles aren't songs this time around, and... to make things either... Neyl's last name is "Saia". Enjoy, but don't forget to review!

Chapter 1 - Fall

The midday sun's rays hit the calm waves, blinding us. It always seemed to make him sad, like he was about to cry. How out of character for him. We never understood it, or even bothered to ask why. We just let him be after he – my older brother – finally returned home.

Two years ago, a wild storm appeared out of nowhere, even though it had been calm and quiet just moments before it'd all happened. We had all been separated, but not everyone knew what was going on. Those who do know refuse to talk, and those who should… just don't.

Me? I was supposed to know. I feel like a huge chunk of my memory just decided to stand up and leave without warning. Maybe there's a reason that I don't remember much, you know? My older brother, Rayde, ask me still; quizzing me for answers that simply don't exist. The only thing that I do know is this: we all changed that night – something weird happened. My brother changed, even more so than when his best friend, Darius, had died that night. And now – like Rayde – I was able to use the power of darkness.

Our small, island town is so much different now. Our parents had passed away in a car crash while on vacation, so Rayde and I live alone. We were able to keep our parents' house thanks to the financial support of our friends; the town. The Boivens – the family belonging to Rayde's deceased friend Darius – still live next door. Kerri Raine – another friend of Rayde's – moved across town, so her family's house went up for sale. Not long after, another family moved in – the Saias. Their son always seemed so familiar to me when he and his father had moved in, but I still haven't figured out why. A friend of ours, Leon Winters, took his house back again, and he now lives with his girlfriend, Allaura Burkhardt. Right now, Leon's looking for his missing sister, Cherette.

"You look like Gardener Sr. over there," he laughed. "You'd probably only say, 'Just thinking', too, wouldn't you?"

I rolled my eyes. "I am, 'Just thinking'. Thanks for your concern, Jeremy dearest!"

I splashed him with seawater – playfully – making his straight, pale blonde hair just as wet and sparkling as his seafoam-green eyes.

"Hey!" Jeremy yelped, falling over. "What gives?"

"You're just so vulnerable, Jeremy Greene!" I grinned.

"And what are you two idiots up to, this time?" he said, balancing his sword over his shoulder.

"She attacked me!"

"She's a girl, fight back! Or better yet, let her win. I thought you were a gentleman, Jeremy," he rolled his eyes while I started to laugh.

"You should know better," he turned back to me. "At least you and I know some portion of what actually happened that night."

"What's that supposed to mean? It's nothing compared to Rayde and Leon! You know that, Neyl."

"Yeah, well it's better than the average." He sat down in the sand beside me.

Jeremy turned his head over his shoulder, now wide-eyed.

"Hey Leon, how long have you been standing there?"

Leon's chocolate-brown hair reached his shoulders, and partially covered his steel-blue eyes. The quiet man pushed away from the tree he had been leaning against, now shaking his head.

"Not too long, Jeremy. You guys just remind me of… never mind. It's not important."

"Still thinking about her, huh?" A new female voice said. I saw her shake her blonde, braided head and sigh. "She's probably still out there, Winters, so she's bound to come back. Maybe she just hasn't found a way to get back here, yet."

"Reneal! They're still sitting right here!"

"Don't you think it's about time that they've found out? They have no idea what's happened; it's all been right under their noses the whole time!"

"Reneal, look out!" Rayde yelled. She ducked, diving to the ground. Something struck the island with a shudder, more now shooting down from the sky.

"Leon!" Rayde panted, out of breath. "They're back. All of them. Get everyone to the copter!"

I looked up at Rayde.

"Copter? Since when do we have a copter?"

"I'll explain later!" He had to scream just to be heard over the sound of the ground shaking.

"Rayde!" I was just standing there, looking at my brother. The whole world seemed to grow mute – just the two of us standing. "What's going on?"

Then the entire world came back. The sound, the light – everything. He stared at me for a few seconds; I stared right back. Then he spoke. "The Nameless. The first time we were all separated… they were the cause. They're corrupted."

I blinked.

"Wait… what?"

"Just go! Find Leon!"

"But – "

"I said go!" He pushed me out of the way, he too almost getting hit by one of the dark, falling objects.

In the distance, I saw some of the objects move, as if they were dark water. They now stood in the shapes of men and women, starting to walk. They shed their black, liquid skins to reveal smirking faces. They really were people.

Corrupted people.

"Ray – "

"Zynele, this way!" Neyl yelled, calling me. "Jeremy's already in the helicopter with the others."

He ran up to me, taking my hand. I was having trouble keeping up with him and his speed.

"Neyl, I can't run this fast!"

He jumped into the large contraption, then tried helping me up. "Jake!" Neyl yelled. "Make a little room, then take off!"


Jacob Rivera – Jake – took off while I was still hanging out of the side of the copter.

"Jake, she's not even inside yet!" Myde – another friend of ours – yelled, terror lacing his words.

"We need to go!" He yelled back, swerving around a few more falling black objects.

"Neyl, she's falling!" Jeremy exclaimed, while he and Myde tried to help me up.

"Zye, don't let go!" Neyl's fingers dug into my wrists as he tried to bring me back up, his face in concentration.

Then it all happened. It all changed in the blink of an eye. One of the falling "people" – The Nameless – rammed into the opposite side of the copter, knocking me off of the side. It was now out of sight, flying off to the mainland or wherever else Jake decided.