Lolita Moon
Chapter One: Ame
Words: 3k
Warnings: Homerotica 16+ Rating will rise in subsequent chapters.
Notes: Ame is pronounced "Ah-May" Yuki is pronounced: You-Key.
Yes this is set in Japan but it's co-ed highschool and you'll hardly notice. You'll see things like names followed by the suffix "Chan" or "Kun" later on, but mostly you'll just see boy on boy lovin' so ditch the dictionary and snatch up some kleenex instead.

I really debated on having making out or anything overtly sexual from the get go. I really didn't want to do that but uh... it kind of wound up with SOMETHING steamy in just about every chapter so yeah. You'll still see a heavy plot with angst and romance but yeah, Yaoi fans only plox.
If you don't like homoerotica please head for the hills while you still can. XD

Lolita Moon

Alex wasn't supposed to be out this late. He knew that, but didn't really care.
The cold night wind bit at his skin and the werewolf moon threatened above, glowing eerily behind the few scattered clouds creeping past, but he hardly noticed, being so lost in bitter thought.

With a scoff he kicked yet another rock clear down the street, hoping it would hit one of the cars parked nearby. He didn't care. He hated this stupid neighborhood and all the tightwad, 'good neighbors' in it.

I was a worried sick! I swear I saw your son at the park at midnight yesterday!

That dumbass Mrs. Segawa, from across the street had blurted that to his mother just hours before, and of course she flipped out. That stupid woman. Alex was so pissed at her that he'd just stormed out of the house, not even bothering to defend his case. He was in bed at twelve last night, probably dead sleep and drooling all over his pillow, and he knew that for a fact, thanks to the sticky mess he'd woken to just this morning. But she wouldn't listen. Parents never did.

And well, if they could be irrational, so could he. If he was going to be in trouble, Alex figured, he may as well go commit the crime. The park at twelve, he told himself, and luckily it was already nearly midnight. By the time he returned home, mother would be worried sick.


His feet carried him automatically on that quiet summer night, with the familiar sound of crushing gravel beneath and the watchful glow of the full moon above. Even though the cool night breeze was naturally returning his once red face to its normal handsome tan, he still hadn't shaken off the frustration. All his life he'd walked the straight and narrow, yet still had to put up with sudden, meaningless episodes like this one.
Oh, what he wouldn't do for a normal, not overly-protective family! Just last week, in fact, his father had sat him down in response to his son's thirteenth birthday and given him advice not on the 'birds and the bees' but on how to 'just say no.'

And why the hell are they always on my back about drugs and shit!

Why did adults just assume his desire to grow his hair longer meant he was also a pothead? Alex couldn't understand it. He just liked his hair long, that was all. The dirty-blonde locks had only just reached past his cheeks, and he was happy for that. It's just frickin' awesome, okay? That had been his explanation, but his mother had only frowned.

And honestly, Alex didn't know why he bothered. She'd never understand. So rather than cutting it, Alex considered getting some black streaks put into it. Or, if he really wanted to give Mom a heart attack, blue.

Absently he tossed his not-yet heart attack worthy hair back, catching a quick glance at the full moon above. Werewolf night, he almost laughed. Around here? Yeah right! This neighborhood had to be the most boringly peaceful place on earth. PleasantGrove: perfect, white picket fences and short golfer's grass everywhere you looked. Only the trailer park down the street ever saw any kind of action. And even then it was just those two idiots: Mr. and Mrs. Kujaku arguing again.

But even Alex had to admit, there was just something awesome about staying out on werewolf night. Werewolves were in at school nowadays. Blood-thirsty night walkers! What could be cooler than that?

Right as he thought this, Alex froze up. His footsteps had only just begun to crunch on the familiar woodchips of the park, but even now that he'd stopped, the sound of crunching continued. What the hell?

He turned only his head, checking every direction, but there seemed to be no one around. Everything fell deathly silent in this deserted little park. The sound had stopped, but only after he did.

I'm not alone.

Everything seemed to freeze in that instant. The night, dark and silent, seemed to actually increase the volume of thumping in his chest. There was definitely something here, nearby, and most likely watching his every move.

Alex took one cautious step and sure enough, another rustling noise followed his: slightly off-timing. Over there!

Sharp blue eyes darted toward the jungle gym, where the children usually played. It was too dark to peer beneath the thick plastic slide, but he could have sworn he caught the gleam of eyes, staring right back at him. A kid?

This time Alex took a step closer, and his quarry matched it, almost perfectly, stepping silently back. A kid that's played this game before. If this kept up, the other person, whoever it was, would back up enough, and lure Alex close enough to swing around. Did it mean to attack?

"I know you're under there."

He hadn't said it in a threatening way, or even raised his voice. But just talked to that dark space, as if trying to start a conversation with a children's slide.

There was no response.

But now he could almost swear he felt someone there. He could picture the outline of a child, crouched low underneath that slide. Maybe it was a kid. Was it scared of him? "I'm not gonna hurt you," he offered. But again Alex was met with only silence. Strange.

He stood up, feeling his tensed up body relax. Maybe he'd just imagined those eyes? Maybe the sound was in his head, thanks to his wandering mind. Werewolves, he mentally cursed himself, what a stupid thing to think about at a time like this.

And even if he had seen them, it was way more likely those eyes belonged to a kitten, rather than a werewolf.


Originally he'd planned to at least sit down and swing: make good use of his time at the park, but now he felt too on guard to do it. It had only just occurred to him that maybe his mother had had a good reason for being worried about his wandering alone, at this poorly-lit park at midnight. "Whatever."

He turned to leave, deciding that his bed and his laptop probably missed him anyway. Not to mention his Xbo- He froze again. That same sound. And no way had he imagined it this time. Turning back around, Alex fought an internal war with his nerves. Curiosity killed the cat, he knew, but he was not a cat. In fact, he was currently favorite to be picked for Football captain. "Who's there?" He called, boldly, "I know you can hear me!"

This time he definitely recognized the sheen of eyes on him. Grey. And they were definitely human. He sidestepped, but so did his quarry, disappearing back into the shadows. "Quit that already. I already know you're there!"

Finally it hit him. Obviously this was the same stupid kid Mrs. Segawa had seen. "You got me in trouble, you little creep. My stupid parents thought it was me hiding out in the park last night."

For a moment he just stood there, letting the silence stretch thickly between them. His sharp steely blue eyes watched like a hawk, radiating contempt, but finally the kid seemed to make up its mind. To Alex's surprise; however, it was not a 'creep' that finally crawled out from under that slide, but…

A girl.

A very beautiful girl. She looked much younger, and was definitely dressed it. A soft, lacy white dress hugged her perfect, porcelain curves and matching ribbons trailed along with her thick, wavy black hair, all the way to the ground. The shorter bangs just barely brushed those plump, cherry red lips. Immediately he noticed her smudged makeup and bloodshot eyes. She must've been crying. No wonder she didn't want to be seen.

"I- I'm sorry." She whispered, with a quivering little voice: sweet as lace. "...I didn't mean to cause trouble."

Those soft, shivering words struck him suddenly dumb and he couldn't remember anything anymore. Why in the world would a living angel ever feel the need to apologize? If his heart had been thundering before, that was nothing to the hoops it jumped now. All frustrations and annoyance with his parents burst into nothingness: obliterated by the intensity of those gorgeous, almost silver eyes. Only the sweet, saddened angel before him mattered. From what corner of heaven had she slipped and fallen from? Hopefully the fall had not injured her. Those big, teary eyes looked oh, so sad, to the point he felt willing to do anything to make that pain go away.

"No, I'm the one who's sorry." His lips had moved of their own accord, since Alex could scarcely think. "I shouldn't have yelled." Automatically he moved closer, even though she flinched in response. "Oh, don't be scared. I just wondered if you were hurt."

"Not on the outside," was her only offering.

She was practically whispering. Those timid eyes kept avoiding his, and she scooted back, threatening to disappear into the shadows again. "Please don't go." He'd said it automatically, without even knowing why. "I'm seriously not mad at you. Just my parents. They bitched at me cause they thought I was you."

"I'll stay out of sight next time." was her almost whispered reply, "I won't cause any more trouble."

"No, no… Forget about that. I mean maybe I can walk you home?" He sidestepped, hoping to catch a better view. How old was she? It was impossible to judge. Twelve? Maybe younger, but either way, he knew she shouldn't be left outside alone. "It's not safe out here, you know."

"I can't go home."


Those sad, sweet little eyes dodged his again and for a long while she didn't respond. When she finally did, however, the murmur was so low that he missed it. "What?"

"Because of this dress," she explained, a little louder this time, "Mom'll kill me…"

What? What kind of parent would punish their daughter for wearing such a beautiful dress? "Oh, she's real traditional?"

"I guess you could say that."

"I hear ya," He offered, "In fact I'm probably gonna be grounded when I get home too." Alex took a seat, skillfully ignoring the itchy woodchips in favor of lessening the tension between them. He wished those perfect, white silk curves would come further out of hiding, so he could see her beauty more clearly in the moonlight.

"You um… Go to Bansen Middle?"
"Harusen," she corrected.

Holy crap! She lives that far away? Then how in the world had she gotten here? Surely someone her age couldn't drive. "Um, I'm thirteen..." There. That was more polite than flat out asking her age, and luckily she seemed to appreciate the thought.

"Fourteen for me. January..."
Wow. And she's technically older than me. That was almost impossible to believe. She was so much smaller, and being a guy, he'd already taken the time to memorize her chest. She had to be asian with a body like that. "You're Japanese too?"

"Half. Born in Kyoto."
"Crap. My guesses are all horrible huh?" She laughed! Maybe they were finally getting somewhere! It was more of a giggle, actually: a sweet, charming little noise. Her voice was comparable only to a bluebird's springtime joy. It made him wish very badly to move just a little bit closer, even though he hardly felt worthy of being blessed with hearing such an angelic little sound. "We moved here from America a while back," he offered, well aware that his fluent Japanese speech and obviously American looks clashed, "I'm Rai-Ame at school, but my real name's Alex. Oh! But you can call me whatever's easier to say…"

Maybe the discomfort had left her, because the girl did take one careful step forward then. The way the moonlight bathed her flawless porcelain complexion was nothing short of breathtaking.

Dayum. At that point Alex began to sincerely hope his eyes weren't staring half as hard as certain other parts of his anatomy. He was knowledgeable enough with Japanese internet to recognize lolita when he saw it. Now he understood exactly why her parents would be upset. Frilly white lace and trailing silk ribbons greeted him, along with stockings that cut off midway up her thighs, and garters with silver clasps to hold them up. She even had soft, pearl-white gloves and a matching white collar around her neck. Only the parasol was missing.

Why a girl like this would be wandering alone at midnight in lolita garb of all things was anyone's guess, but Alex knew then he couldn't possibly leave her here alone. What if some creepy pedophile drove by and just snatched her right up? She could be seriously hurt! Not to mention the agony it'd cause Alex if he ever admitted this to his guy friends. Leave the epitome of innocent yet erotic all alone at night? Yeah right. He'd be socially outcast forever.

"Um…" He didn't know why he couldn't stop talking. The silence was much less painful than the wood chips scraping beneath his legs... Maybe it was something in those heart-wrenching, tear-filled eyes. "You can't go home? Is that what you said?"
"Just because of that dress though, right? Well I bet my mom has some clothes you could borrow. Maybe those would be better for your parents?"
"Oh, no."
His heart fell at that rejection, but then leapt again when she offered something else. "But maybe I could try some of yours?"
"What? Oh, sure of course!"

He stood then, hoping he didn't look as overly-excited as he felt, but it was pretty difficult to care. It didn't occur to him that a pretty girl like this should never be encouraged to wear men's clothes, since in his mind visions of this cute little girl undressing in his room were dancing around like twilit sugarplum faeries: outclassing all other thought. Finally she approached, timid as the kitten he first thought she was, with a soft smile playing on those perfect pink lips. Yes, yes yes!

He had to fight the urge to stare down that lacy, adorable dress: offering instead to take her hand, and she, in turn, offered her trust.
Thin, delicate fingers met with his and he thought only of how heavenly the skin beneath those silky white gloves was going to feel like.

"But after that, I never saw her again."
"Pathetic. You are never gonna get laid."

Alex just rolled his eyes. He should've expected a response like that from Hiromu Raiyuki: the infamous class douche bag. "Yuki can you not be serious for even one second?"

"I am being serious!" was his defensive retort, "you mean to say you didn't even try to tap that sweet ass while you had the perfect shot?"
"You don't just tap a living angel, Yuki." Alex scoffed, plopping down on the bed beside his thoughtless best friend. The two of them were supposed to be trying on their new high school uniforms, but had gotten completely distracted by another of Alex's nostalgic tales of long-lost love. "And can't you be just a little more supportive? You're my friend! You're supposed to say something like 'It's okay, I'm sure you'll find her someday!'"

"Why?" Raiyuki was obviously not convinced. He leaned right back, looking bored as he rolled those brown eyes and absently tossed back his short, messy black hair. "You probably won't see her again. I bet you didn't even try to find her again."
"I did so!" Was his defensive retort. "I tried to call her but her mom hung up on me. So I went back to the park, but she never showed up there again either."
Yuki only scoffed. "Well you know what they say, gotta get while the gettin's good. Seriously Ame, you might as well forget it. You had that chick alone, taking off her clothes- not just any clothes mind you, but a kinky lolita outfit- in your room and didn't make a move then. Obviously you're not going to get a better shot than the one you already blew."

"It wasn't like that! I didn't blow it, I just... picked the gentleman's way. I gave her space you know, let her change in the bathroom and I even talked Mom into driving her home."
"Wow," was Yuki's retort, "you are a complete puss."
"Shut up. Just because some of us don't jump on girls like trampolines, doesn't mean we'll never find love."
"Maybe she woulda liked that," Yuki muttered, "since she was dressed like she just crawled outta a porno."
"Whatever Yuki. You don't know shit about girls. I let her go 'cause I didn't want her to think I was an asshole like you. Not everyone likes the whole hit it and forget it thing!"

"No strings. No troubles." Yuki shrugged.
"No pain, no gain," Alex countered.
"Hmm," Yuki put a hand to his chin in fake contemplation, "Let's see, blueballs and courtesy or real life hot lolita porno play? What's a guy to choose?"

"I was like... twelve!"
"So what? You can still get it up at that age."
"Ugh. You would know."
"I would actually, since it was only six years ago. Not that I could tell you her name..."
"See? I can tell you my dreamgirl's name!" Alex felt accomplished now. His midnight angel was so much better than any of Yuki's nameless playmates! "It was Dai-su-ki, and listen to this! She said she went to Harusen!"
"Duh, Baka! Harusen High was the one hit by that Tsunami last month, remember? It's still under construction, so all the students will be moved to our school!"
"And let me guess? You really think this chick is gonna remember you..."

"Of course she will!" Alex enthused, "It's fate, just like in the movies, Yuki! All I have to do is find her at school next week and remind her who I am!" He sighed dreamily, staring up at the ceiling. "Oh, I just know we'll pick up right where we left off..."
"Yeah right. Not like you 'left off' anywhere anyway."
"We did, thank you very much! She let me kiss all ten of her fingers. It was the sweetest most romantic thing ever..."
"Wow." Yuki's voice was just dripping with sarcasm. "Impressive."

"Shut up. Daisuki, Yuki, Daisuki: like the japanese word for adoration. You can't tell me that's not adorable! And it even rhymes with the beginning of my name! Dai and Rai! Isn't that perfect? That's exactly what I'm putting on our wedding invitations…" He sighed again, ignoring the way Yuki rolled his eyes in response.
"Whatever Ame."
"You're just jealous."

It's possible. Yuki skillfully held that comment in, but didn't bother stifling his next sigh. Alex Rai-Ame: his best friend and quite possibly the most hopeless romantic on Earth, was at it again. He was now staring off at nothing with those huge, dewy blue eyes. His bleached, dirty-blonde hair was tied up in a messy ponytail with a few tendrils hanging down, giving him the usual misleading look of an art student and those pretty peach lips seemed lost in a permanent pout. Yuki never had understood Alex with his silly romantic antics. If he wanted action as bad as he pretended to, Yuki already knew he could get it, considering the guy was captain of the football team. Sure Alex looked cute on the outside, but if you dropped him down onto a football field? All hell would break lose.

Everyone used to say there wasn't even one guy in Japan who could stay standing if Alex Rai-Ame decided to tackle him. No one, of course, except Yuki, who'd tried out on a whim, only to wind up the team's star quarterback. The name came with some sweet benefits, but he didn't really care. Being on the football team had just offered a good excuse to tackle Alex.

Maybe I really am jealous? This definitely was not the first time his best friend had gone off on a tangent, swooning over some 'perfect' chick he'd met, but this time Yuki felt something new stir to life inside of himself: an uncomfortable, sinking feeling.

This time, Alex had waited five years for this girl. What if he really did find her again? Daisuki. He whispered that name to himself and it left only a bitter taste in his mouth, giving no clues as to just what about her had captured his heart so completely. But it didn't matter. Whatever that girl had, Yuki himself was not likely to have. Thus, he sincerely hoped Alex never would get the chance to meet up with her again. Huh! Some best friend I am. He supposed he should try to encourage Alex or something lame like that. The phrases 'Go get 'em tiger!' and 'Strike while the iron's hot!' flared up in his mind but then wound up just fizzling out. If there were a catchy phrase for 'Hey, why not try obsessing over me instead?' however, he might have been very tempted to blurt it out. But since no such phrase existed, Yuki just wound up remaining uncomfortably quiet.

Alex was still blabbing on about something. He had these perfect, pale peach lips that sometimes flushed just as pink as his cheeks… But yeah, it was probably smarter to just stop that train of thought before its inevitable fiery derailment. "So... Next time, you think you'll actually fuck that chick, Ame?"

"I wish," was his dreamy reply.
"That's your type, then? Pushover younger dates?"
"Not sure," Alex offered, a thoughtful look crossing his handsome, tanned face, "I kinda don't have a type." He decided, "Just there's people I'd like... marry, and people I wouldn't."
"Marry? Are you kidding?"
"No. Why, Yuki? You really don't believe in like... commitment? Is it really that weird?"

"Well..." Yuki mentally cursed himself as those soft blue eyes started looking hurt. "Nevermind. Forget I said that. I meant something else." Shit. This was the last conversation he'd meant to get into with Alex, of all people! Of course he believed in commitment, just not with a girl. Girls were bitchy and difficult, unlike someone like Alex, who could be laid back, funny, exciting and god-just everything perfect, all rolled into one. Yuki had considered that many times, and was currently debating on whether or not he should just cut to the chase and ask Alex to come see that new Harry Potter flick with him. That would make the perfect date. Alex loved Harry Potter. The way those big blue eyes filled with wonder while glued to the screen was nothing short of adorable. It was second only to the grumpy little silent pout he'd put on while reading a particularly deep chapter in one of the books.

"Whatcha thinkin' about Yuki?"
Shit. Had Alex finally realized just how often he zoned out just to reminisce? "Harry Potter." There that was a decent cover up. "Ooh!" Alex immediately lit up. Figures. "I bet you like that Watson girl!"
"Not really." She was a little too flat-chested for his tastes, so Yuki was much more fond of Radcliffe, since he at least partially resembled Alex... "Maybe I might go see the new movie with you..."
Got him. Hook, line and sinker. "Yeah, we can go Saturday if you want."

"Oh my gosh!" there went Alex's artsy side again. It was so cute how he unleashed this 'uncool' side only when the two of them were safely alone. It made Yuki feel like he knew a side of Alex that others did not. And Alex was not just a raving fan, he spun right into an explanation then, going on and on about literary devices or whatever else made the Harry Potter series memorable. Yuki wasn't really listening so much as he was watching his best friend's lips move. To think that anyone, ever, had those perfect lips on their fingers was suddenly making him angry. What the hell did that Daisuki chick have that he didn't? Why should she even deserve Alex? She wasn't even the one who fawned over every precious flicker of light in those perfect blue eyes... Just because she's got tits. Stupid little hoe.

Oh, but that was only the jealousy talking. The rest of Yuki was so much more cunning. The rest of him subtly recognized this opening. How special this day could be. He'd finally lured his very secret heartthrob into his bedroom, under the guise of trying on their new senior uniforms, and so here they sat, alone, with the entire house to themselves, a soft mattress beneath them and a light, affectionate friendship glowing warmly all the while. Three years in the making, this small, sweet little flame now burned just bright enough to spark something new. Maybe he could-

"I wonder if Daisuki likes movies..."
At that point Yuki's thoughts came to a crashing halt. What the hell? He'd been so sure mentioning Harry Potter would keep the subject off that lolita-wearing nobody! Stupid, clueless Alex! The two of them had been sitting on this bed, completely alone for at least an hour and yet the most passionate thing he could think about was his impossible future marriage to some chick he barely knew!

Oh, but Yuki was cunning, pissed off or not. Maybe Alex liked sweet little girls, but there was something he liked oh, so much better. Sweet little treats.
"You feel like ice cream?" he cleverly tempted, already knowing the answer.
"Yes!" Alex had snapped out of it, practically jumping for joy, but Yuki rolled his eyes, trying not to smirk. "Want me to buy you some?"
"Well what do I get in return?"

Adorable. How in the world Yuki had wound up becoming so close to anyone this incredibly naive was still beyond him. But what did that matter? One needn't comprehend everything before indulging in its benefits... May as well cut to the chase. "Hey Ame, you ever kissed anyone? Like, really kissed someone?"
"Why not?"
"Didn't feel like it I guess. Why do you ask?"

How cute. He still hadn't caught on. But that was just fine. It was easier to just not have to admit such a thing. In fact, Yuki then realized, I can use that stupid lolita chick for this! "Well then what the hell are you gonna do if you really do see that hot lolita girl again? She's older than you right? Wouldn't it be embarrassing if she knew you don't even know how to have sex?"
"You really think so?"

Oh my god... Alex hung his adorable head, looking just like a whining puppy. The way he worried his bottom lip was seriously beginning to border on erotic. It was at times like these that made Yuki wonder about... well, everything he'd ever thought about himself. It's not that I'm gay. He knew that much, at least. He'd already slept with more women than he could possibly hope to count, and was anything but inclined to stop. Women were excellent fuckbuddies, and it wasn't that Alex reminded him of or even remotely resembled a woman, but he seemed like he'd still be delicious in bed. Alex's charm was purely his own. The fact that he just so happened to be male, in fact, was of little consequence, since homophobia was purely a social inconvenience. If we're alone it doesn't matter... right? No one else has to know.

This decided, Yuki chanced scooting just the slightest bit closer to his still-troubled companion. Undoubtedly Alex remained lost in thought, still worrying over whether or not he needed to learn the proper kissing etiquette. And that was perfect. What were best friends for, after all, if they couldn't share their dating tips?

It was almost automatic: perfectly natural, the way he initiated, closing the distance to catch those plump, worried lips in his own. And Alex startled, of course, but Yuki was quick enough to catch him, and bore down only closer, his whisper hot on the lips he was dying to taste. "Come back here. I'm not gonna bite."
"But Yuki-"
He cut off his questioning murmur, quick as a fox. "What're you, scared?" Yuki hadn't asked in a cruel or mocking tone, but a sly, leading one. No way could any man back down from a question like that. The wavering look in those soft blue eyes made the real answer glaringly obvious, but still Alex leaned right back in.
"Of course not..." It was just barely more than a whisper, though, and Alex tensed on instinct when Yuki made to move closer to him.
"I'll teach you how, okay?"

Alex seemed stunned at first, like he couldn't believe his pretty blue eyes, but the conviction seemed to melt in through Yuki's determined brown gaze. "Okay I guess."

Those words were like shots of ecstasy to Yuki's starving ears, and he felt his whole body respond, heating up with immediate excitement. Seeming braver now, Alex drew so close that the warmth of his breath tickled Yuki's lips, making him feel only more and more hungry. He wanted so badly to just swallow those words, and every word hereafter. Those perfect lips were surely not made for talking; only for pressing their sweet, precious warmth to his own.

"Don't be scared. I won't hurt you." He promised this lastly, proceeding more gently this time, and obediently Alex let himself be carefully led. It was so sweet how those still scared blue eyes forced themselves shut.

Who knew it could ever take so much effort just to trust your best friend? The rest of his body remained stiff and nervously hesitant, but when coaxed closer by Yuki's touch, Alex responded with careful compliance. He forced himself not to startle when their lips met this next time, and tried to focus instead on the strange sensation this was starting to trigger. His body felt somehow numb, while his face grew overly sensitive. He could almost smell how handsome Yuki was, with those powerful arms and trained, tanned athletic body. It felt so strange, at first, to be kissed by someone so opposite his chosen dream girl, but wonderful too. The first real kiss was something beautiful: brief and chaste, and it ended way too soon. Yuki drew back afterward, and those careful brown eyes met his just as soon as he opened his own. "You still doin' okay?"

Alex only nodded, giving up his battle of wills and moving to cup Yuki's face in one hand. God he was handsome. This was so much more than okay, but at the same time felt so wrong. He knew anyone who saw them would freak, but also that Yuki always kept his bedroom door locked. "This is a secret, though, right?"

"Yeah," Yuki promised, leaning back in for round two, "just you and me."