Lolita Moon

Warnings: Long, in depth homoerotic exploration.

Extra notes:School means there will be some proper Japanese stuff. You all know the word Sensei= teacher I'm sure, but you should also note "Kun" and "san" these are honorifics: words tacked onto the end of a name that show what someone's status is compared to your own.

Kun is a male of equal status to you.
San is male or female of equal status. Usually an acquaintance.
Chan is for someone you are affectionate toward/good friends with. (You'll see Su-chan and Dai-Chan call each other using Chan.)

Calling someone by their last name is standard. Notice how Ame and Yuki use parts of each other's last names. That's probably because they met and became friends in school. Someone who doesn't know Yuki could call him Raiyuki-Kun, but to call him Yuki would be offensive. To call him by his first name, Hiromu is even more offensive, unless that person was really close to Yuki, for instance if that person were his lover. So you can always tell relationships based on names. (at this point it should strike you as odd that Natsu calls Yuki Hiromu. Wink wink, nudge, nudge.) Also note that to begin with, Daisuki told Alex ONLY his first name, so he must have liked him very much from the beginning.


here's my official disclaimer: all characters depicted in sexual situations are of age 18 or older. No identifiable minor exists herein, blah blah blah. Now, on with the sexin'!

"Playing Halo"

School hours seemed to alter reality itself. Within the halls Alex was known as Rai-Ame-Kun and his Yuki was his best friend and MVP: Hiromu RaiYuki-Kun. But since football season had not yet begun, he expected the two would only meet on occasion, just long enough to bump fists in the hall and then race off to separate classes. They attended the opening ceremony together, however, and luckily the list had assigned them the same timeslot for lunch. It was lucky the two would be rejoining the football team together, since it seemed the seniors had been given little social time in their schedules. They'd spend most of their time just trying to prepare for graduation.

Not only that, but this year's graduating class would be double its usual number with the incoming students from their Tsunami-devastated sister school: Harusen High. To make room, Bansen had been remodeled, enlarged, and even the most familiar halls had been repainted and decorated, presumably to welcome their newer and slightly more wealthy students. Unfortunately however, this left even the most seasoned students at a total navigational loss. It was said that the old senior rooms were now the Harusen senior classes and 'vice versa,' but where that left Alex, he hadn't the faintest idea.

He did however manage to spot Daisuki at the opening ceremony. She was allowed to wear girl's uniforms apparently, even though she attended boys' classes, and he soon learned that not only was she a senior, but she was also the incoming class's president. Someone had apparently put her name on the ballot as a joke, only to wind up having her unanimously voted in. It was the perfect senior prank, since in consequence, the décor for the opening ceremony consisted of many pink rabbits and white hello kitty-shaped balloons. To top all this off, the president showed up in tight white leather, complete with kitten ears atop her magnificent head. She strode up on the stage with those shining four-inch heels and gave a very brief, noncommittal speech.

"Welcome to Bansen High!" the angel formally known as Daisuki had greeted the auditorium. She looked absolutely breathtaking, standing up on that stage with those sleek black curls hanging down to her skirt. The rest of her outfit may as well have been absent, since it was so tight and so short and left oh, so little to the imagination.

"I, the new queen of the world, will be serving as your student body president! I therefore hope that you will relay even the smallest need for assistance and guidance to… someone else!"

With that said, 'queen' Daisuke excused himself by way of leaping from the stage. How he stuck the landing in those four-inch heels was anyone's guess, but looking around, Alex soon realized that only the incoming freshmen and Bansen students seemed surprised by such antics.

"There she goes again," some of the Harusen upperclassmen chuckled, but the Bansen students were anything but amused. "That stupid fag," one of them grumbled, to many enthusiastic nods. "How the hell do we find our new classes now?"
"Yeah," someone agreed, "and why the hell is that thing allowed to wear girls clothes?"
"Think it's got a dick?"
"A tiny one, must be."

Alex meanwhile, did not even notice their bitter words. For some reason he felt much too dizzy to even think about school. He did however manage to memorize all forty six gentle sways of those perfect hips as Daisuki departed from the auditorium…

The lunch room was always noisy. Always crowded. But lunch hour was Alex's official favorite class. He liked to sit right by the windows, where only the football players dared. If the weather was nice enough, they'd head on out through the glass doors and snag some seats by the maples. Leaving the building was forbidden, of course, but there weren't any teachers with the balls to try to tell the entire football squad what not to do.

"Well if it isn't Alexander the great!"

Alex nodded absently, gesturing for his newly arrived teammates to take the seats around him. He'd only just caught the eye of the girl across the way. She looked a bit like Daisuki if he squinted just right. But everyone looked like Daisuki. It was like being lost out in the dessert- eventually all the cacti would start looking just like water fountains…

The nameless female flushed a cute, pinkish color and mouthed something, but another arrival distracted his wandering blue eyes: Yuki. "I got lost twice!" the quarterback announced proudly, finally taking his seat beside Alex. "Ran into three Harusen chicks," he continued, grinning, "so of course, I got me three new phone numbers. Still don't know where the fuck my homeroom's at!"

Alex only shook his head, but the other guys immediately lifted Yuki up as a god. He turned away, absently allowing their voices to fade into a nonsensical buzz as he studied his best friend: the star of them all. Yuki had always been uplifting and carefree. To everyone else this whole Harusen mess was a nightmare, but to Yuki it would be just another convenient increase in his dating pool and fan base.

At this rate, it wasn't hard to guess who'd be joining 'queen' Daisuki as lead of the homecoming dance. Ironic, since the football team made no secret of their hatred of all things effeminate. And Rai-Chan wouldn't even appreciate dancing with her: a free chance to actually touch those perfect porcelain hips.

With this bitter thought in mind, Alex tuned out the chattering of his friends, hoping none of them would ask how horribly he'd gotten lost last period. Neither intuition nor academics were his strong point. Football however was, and come football season, this same group would become his family again. They hadn't finalized their titles yet, but Alex already knew he'd be kept on as captain.

At least he could be head of something with an empty head like his, even though his mind was hopelessly crowded with thoughts of a much different type of head…

He could clearly see Daisuki sitting on the other side of the room, surrounded by no less than seven other men, each of which had already made shameless passes at the crowned Queen of his heart. One of those men was that same redhead, who Alex was surprised to see had donned one of the men's uniforms today. The pin on his collar revealed him to be a senior, just like Alex and Yuki, but that made little sense to Alex since the guy looked so very tiny: more like he belonged at a girl's middle school. The other pin beside it however, seemed to explain why. Honors. It figured. The stupid kid was probably a genius, on top of being gorgeous. He'd probably skipped a few grades just to catch up to Daisuki. Stupid little prepubescent fag. Unfortunately age difference didn't seem to dissuade Daisuki's affections. She liked him most. Even from this distance Alex could tell that much. And likewise, he pointedly began fantasizing of that redhead's very untimely, hopefully bloody death.


Those perfectly accented eyes had met his for just a moment, most likely by accident. They were a stunning green today, with thick pink liner, and even after Daisuki dodged, Alex had to force himself to look away. God she was beautiful. It was a wonder she hadn't glared at him though. He hoped those eyes weren't as sharp as they seemed. The humiliated pain in his chest was hard to hide, after all, when she was so very near and yet so inaccessible.

It had only then occurred to him, but he was definitely not the only man in the world who recognized Daisuki for the sex goddess she was. She was so good with those lips: trained. How many of those other men had she already put them on? How many of those men had already tasted what Alex had always dreamed would be only his own? So much for his blushing lolita bride. He wished he could be angry with her, or at least with those boys but instead only hated himself. Those guys were just smarter, smart enough to take what they could by talking smooth and hopefully treating her right.

God I'm such an idiot. She probably hates my guts.

Alex stood then, offering Yuki a fake smile and excused himself from the lunch table with the first excuse he could think up. He wanted to just go find the nearest, darkest corner to hide in, but knew that Yuki would get pissed at him for skipping their next class, which if their luck worked with them, they might have together. He could already imagine his best friend fuming, and so Alex altered his course at the last minute, deciding instead to get an early start on locating his next classroom.

Natsu immediately noticed where Daisuki was looking. A Bansen kid?

Weird. Daisuki usually had no interest in baby-faced boys like this one since they were usually younger. Except me I guess. Those wandering eyes finally met his curious green ones and he mouthed silently, knowing that only his best friend would understand. Who is that?

Daisuki shook his head. No one important. But Natsu noticed the way he reached up without thinking and started to tug on his curls: an obvious sign of nervousness.

Yeah right. You like him!

Daisuki only flushed and turned away. Hmm. Well this was certainly an unexpected development. Daisuki never kept his affections secret. Natsu turned around, just in time to watch the mysterious Bansen kid leave. Dirty blondish hair and a perfect baby face. But he also had a generously toned body. Maybe a jock? Definitely not one of Daisuki's usual picks, but if those eyes were wandering from a table already filled with handsome men vying for his attention, that one kid must have had something Daisuki really wanted. Odd. He looked average enough to Natsu.

The redhead met those fake green eyes once more, noting that his best friend looked slightly ashamed, and mouthed again. Want me to go talk to him? Normally Daisuki enjoyed choosing a cute guy or two to come 'visit' with him in the president's lounge, but this time however, Daisuki shook his head again, refusing the chance to be alone with the one that so interested him.

Wow. It looked like Daisuki wouldn't be choosing anyone today, so Natsu just decided to let him be. He settled back down, listening in absently to the conversation of the others around him. But still he made a mental note to remember the Bansen kid's face.

Daisuki was easy for him to read. Those eyes still watched those open doors, as if waiting to see if the boy would return. He did not.

"Well, well look what we have here."

Natsu only ducked, feeling his face heat up, right to the tips of his ears. He wished Hiromu Raiyuki knew at least something about personal space. The widely grinning jock had carelessly planted himself right onto Natsu's desk, sitting with his usual suave, carefree demeanor. He had these thick, powerful legs and he smelled exactly like hot, delicious masculinity. What did that smell like? Well Natsu couldn't really describe it. He just knew that's what this smell was: Hiromu Raiyuki: the god of smooth talk and sexy grins. "Hi Hiromu..."

"Why so shy?" He was only pretending to be surprised. Natsu could tell. He could always read through faces. It seems Hiromu likes to tease… Natsu simply turned away, letting his already pink cheeks do all the work for him.

Hiromu's body language changed then. He leaned closer and turned to face Natsu more fully. This man was smooth. He lowered those dazzling coffee brown eyes, flawlessly catching Natsu's timid gaze and moved just a tiny bit closer. It was so subtle, yet profound: transfixing. All at once everything faded to nothing and Hiromu took its place, alone in the world, and yet on top of it. That was where he belonged. Those chocolate eyes just seemed to hypnotize. Natsu never wanted to look away, and he couldn't even bring himself to protest. It wasn't so bad when your heart beat perfectly in sync with another man's breath…

And Yuki knew that he did this: seducing with his scent and undressing with his eyes. It was a charm many years in the making, and well worth turning on today. As long as it meant Natsu would give him the kiss he'd missed out on before.

He leaned closer, leaving no room for doubt. He didn't care that they sat in a classroom full of prying eyes or even that his conquest was male. Unfortunately, however, Natsu did. The redhead more shifted than backed away: rejection so subtle it didn't even sting. And that seemed to suit Natsu. He looked almost too fragile to touch, but too lovely to resist. His dodging amounted to little more than a butterfly's virgin flutter.

Had he ever been caught?

"We shouldn't…" Those words were just above a whisper, like the coo of a dove. Was it masochism or madness, the way his refusal only made Yuki shiver? He found himself only more desperately desirous: transfixed by this redhead's every subtle move.

"That's not what you said yesterday..."

Natsu blushed furiously but still dodged the next attempt. How cruel. Cream-colored skin and glistening strawberry lips: neither free to be tasted. And if his angelic looks were any indication, he'd be the type to squirm and mewl: Yuki's favorite brand of cute. Those thin little wrists looked made to be tied together. "I bet…" Hiromu whispered, leaning just close enough to tease his hot breath against one of those pale, pierced ears, "you've never even tasted a girl…"

Wow. Natsu couldn't even force himself to stop staring into those mischievous, chocolate-colored eyes. Did this man not know even the first thing about humility? He raised those eyebrows as if to say checkmate, even though Natsu hadn't said anything. "You'd like me, though, huh? I'd be a good first..." His handsome companion nodded, trying to coax Natsu into doing the same, but the redhead resisted, feeling so flushed now that he could not even speak. Hiromu was undoubtedly charming, but also too forward. In some, sick little way, he reminded Natsu of his father: overbearing and possessive, but he tried not to think of such things. It was hard not to, however, with Hiromu coming on so strongly already. Did he feel they knew each other well enough from grade school? Natsu knew he was at least considered a friend to Hiromu, but wasn't sure he could handle anything further, even if his stubborn heart beat so much louder with Hiromu around. It too almost begged for that kiss: eager to pick up right where they'd left off, but Natsu couldn't bear to concede. Not after that last talk with Oto-san. And what would Kujaku say, if instead of cuts, he started to find hickeys on his favorite son's skin? He'd kill me. Or Hiro, Natsu couldn't really tell.

"Um, Hiro..." He'd meant to ask the larger male to give him some space, but Hiromu interrupted.
"No one else calls me that, you know. It's my first name."
"I'm sor-"
"Think we're close, Midari-Kun? Is that why you think it's cute to call me names everyone else is too scared to say?"

"Forgive me," Natsu sighed. He knew it was terribly rude to address anyone so informally. He should have at least added "Kun" to the end of Hiromu's name. But he couldn't help it. Hiromu probably had no idea of how many times his name was scribbled into Natsu's diary...

"Naw, it's okay," Hiromu practically purred, leaning still closer, until Natsu could feel his hot breath on his neck. "I like it. Sounds kinda... intimate."

Natsu tried not to flinch. By now he knew his whole face must be blushing pure red, and he could feel heat rising up in his neck and ears too.

"Is that how you want us to be?" Hiromu had to be teasing. Or else, maybe Natsu was dreaming? Surely he'd wake up any moment. "...In-tim-ate?" He accentuated each part of that word with a huff of his hot coffee breath, and Natsu felt something terribly unfamiliar rise up into his body: something he'd hoped he'd choked out at the very first sign his body might be maturing. He remembered the cuts, neatly rowed right between his legs, and the desperation he'd felt, terrified of the changes he'd seen there.

"Please stop." He turned away from Hiromu, hands coming up to halfheartedly push him away, but his much stronger pursuer only chuckled. "You like it."

"I do, but..." Natsu had no idea what he could possibly say. He searched his brain for something, anything but the truth, but hated to lie to Hiromu. A moment later, however, he found himself rescued, since Hiro's attention was suddenly distracted.

"Holy- Yuki?"

Natsu glanced up just in time to see it; his shining Hiromu jumping up at the mere sight of… It's that same Bansen kid!

"This is perfect!"
"Stupid horndog! You didn't even see me come in!"
"Nah but I smelled ya- canine sense you know."

Yuki stood and turned his full attention on this other kid instead, and the two seemed to just launch right out into their own little world. The forgotten Natsu could only look on in amazement. So Daisuki's conquest was friends with his own? What were the chances? He respectfully averted his eyes, pretending he wasn't clinging to every word of their conversation.

"I bet you'll be sitting right behind me!"
"Ah, but no," was Hiromu's teasing retort, "I will not be behind you, I will be conveniently placed where I can copy off your paper."
"Yeah right!"
"Oh, but I will! Just like the star quarterback I am. You just need to shutup and gimme the ball!"
"Sure, if I can fit it in past your ego!"

Ugh! Football references? Why? Natsu appreciated hyper masculine banter about as much as chocolate rabbits appreciated Easter. It was one of those things that ground horribly on his ears.

He pointedly busied himself with ensuring that each of his textbooks was properly stacked on his desk and tried to get lost in other thoughts instead. This proved very inefficient, however, since Hiromu whipped right back around to show off his friend. "This is my best friend: Rai-Ame Alex," he explained, and Natsu nodded nervously. He felt relieved to know that the Bansen kid had an actual name, albeit an English one he could scarcely hope to pronounce, but unfortunately, this 'Alex' definitely did not look very happy to meet him.

"Wait this is the chick you were just flirting with?"
"We were not flirting," Hiromu smoothly informed, "I was just torturing him. Midari-kun here doesn't like human contact."
"Good. Cause really Yuki..." the Bansen kid muttered, "I'm sure you can do better than him."

The air of joviality had died the moment those scrutinizing blue eyes met with his timid green ones, and Natsu sincerely wished he could just melt into the floor.

Without so much as a word to Natsu, Alex turned back to address only Hiromu. "You're just friends right?"

"Uh- well yeah." Hiromu nodded, seeming surprised at his best friend's behavior. Alex didn't seem to regret though. He kept up that scrutinizing gaze for a long, painful moment, and then just turned to walk away.

What the-

Yuki nodded a quick apology to Natsu before chasing his best friend to the other side of the room. He was suddenly stern with Alex, glaring. "Hey. You mind being a total dickbag while we're not out in public?"
Alex only cringed. "I don't like him," was all he had to say for himself.
"Why not? What's your excuse?"
Alex only muttered under his breath. "You like him?"
"Well yeah."
"Like that?"
Yuki froze up. What the hell was this? How could Ame of all people be glaring at him with such contempt in those pretty blue eyes? He's… jealous? Come to think of it, I did tell him Natsu was hot back at that ice cream shop… A very smooth downplay would be needed to cool this one off. He leaned closer, whispering. "You must have something to say to me in private..."
Alex dodged. "Not really."
"Yep," Yuki decided for him. "Halo tonight. If you're not at my house by six I'mma show up at your door."

At that moment their sensei walked in at that moment, and the whole class immediately shut their mouths. That was weird… Natsu watched the other two choose their seats while pointedly avoiding their gaze. If he could help it, he'd never meet with those mean blue eyes again. Deciding this, Natsu tried to focus on class.

Sensei assigned seating in accordance with last names, just as Natsu had predicted, and he was thus the only one who didn't have to stand and choose a new desk. Unfortunately Hiromu wound up only one seat ahead, but was situated in the row directly to his left, and Alex did indeed get the seat directly in front of Hiromu. Of course. Rai-Ame and Raiyuki: even their names are really close. Ever the sadist, Alex swiveled around just long enough to mouth 'sweet!' to his best friend, and it was then that Natsu realized this schoolyear was going to be the longest he'd ever survived.

Why me? To have Hiromu close enough to touch and at the same time have those perfect chocolate eyes totally fixated on someone else? It couldn't possibly get any worse! But then Hiromu reached right up to tug affectionately on a lock of that long, chunked dirty-blonde hair, flirting with Alex instead, and Natsu knew he'd been mistaken. This year would definitely be the very worst of his entire life.

What was the point?

"Midari Suzaku? Midari Suzaku?"
Natsu startled, belatedly responding to roll call. "Oh, sorry Sensei. I'm here." Sensei nodded, but before she could call the next name, Natsu spoke up again. He tried to pretend he hadn't noticed the way Hiromu swiveled around with that handsome face writ with confusion. "Ano… Forgive me Sensei, but I prefer to go by my middle name."

"Oh." Sensei hurried to scratch that onto her list, reading the corrected name for clarification. "Midari Natsu?"
"Yes, that's right."
"Very well, Midari-San, but you will need to inform the stewardess at the front office so the system will correctly grade your tests and-"

The door slid open then, and Alex almost choked. Four inch heels, edible calves, legs for miles and that tight black skirt walked right in. The last and very insanely lucky desk found a new owner. Being the football captain and envy of many a man, Alex had never, ever wished he were anyone else, but at that moment, he had a swift change of heart. He'd kill just to be that little plastic blue chair, for just a moment, nestled right between those precious porcelain legs.

"And your name?" Sensei inquired.

Those plump red lips parted to reveal dazzling white teeth and in his mind Alex heard only "Aphrodite." Or maybe she'd said "Venus?" Perhaps he needed to work on his daydreaming problem…

Natsu didn't hear either. Yuki had swiveled right around and caught his attention again. Sorry about that. I'll talk to him. He mouthed, knowing those sharp green eyes could read every word. He brought a hand up, motioning, call me? and almost growled out loud at Natsu's response.

I don't think so. And that was it. Simultaneously, the two jocks made the very same vow in their hearts. A redheaded angel and a cross-dressed beauty queen: easy targets for the perfect crime.

Who ever said phenomenal sex had to be consensual?

Their Halo date later that night, however, turned out to have other ideas for the two.

"Don't tell me... you're jealous of Midari-Kun."

Alex only clammed up, turning to stare at anything but Yuki. He noted the time on the clock: 7:15, and thought vaguely of how it was amazing Yuki had even cared enough to drill him about this for more than an hour. "What do you care?" He finally grit out. "You like him. Everyone likes him."

"Don't be a brat, Ame." Yuki hit reset on his Xbox remote, but then had to manually go over to replace the Halo 5 disc. Afterward he returned to his place, seated just beside Alex, and selected the top five repeat option. The game proceeded to play itself, showcasing his top five battles, and Yuki used that opportunity to jack up the volume and turn to his friend.

"There. Now mom won't hear us or come in to bug us."

"She'll think we're busy playing," Alex absently finished for him. He should have thought of that idea at least a millenia ago.
"Who said we won't be?" Alex only shrugged in response, failing to catch the connotations, or the way Yuki leaned closer to him at that moment. He didn't catch on, in fact, until his partner whispered the rest in his ear. "We could be very busy playing, if you want us to be..."

He startled, eyes wide, but didn't dare say what he'd thought at that moment. Oh! Ohhhh, his brain finally screamed. Yuki thinks I'm jealous of Midari over him!

Well, okay, that was half way the truth, even if Alex had been much more concerned with how much Daisuki liked the redhead, but he'd never expected Yuki of all people to misread situations. It was a good sign, since he still hadn't caught on to his best friend's very shameful secret, but bad also, since now Yuki had decided to come onto him. This is not what I wanted... He thought that at first, but a little voice in his head chimed in to challenge. But what if this should be what I want?

Yuki definitely knew him better than Daisuki, and theoretically, it shouldn't have made too much of a difference, considering they'd both have the same parts down below. At the moment Daisuki seemed more appealing, however, since he might not have been quite so demanding. Yuki all but forced the first kiss, sending shockwaves of confusion and pleasure right into Alex, but he quickly recovered. He was going to be the football captain after all, even if Yuki would soon be his quarterback, and so could not just let himself be pinned down on a bed. He wasn't sure exactly what kind of "playing" Yuki intended to do, but didn't want to be led like a girl, even if he did feel really confused.

"Okay stop." Alex actually found himself stunned by how quickly his best friend obeyed, but tried to play that off as he continued to speak. "Let's uh, get some ground rules in, first of all."

Yuki nodded, deciding on the first one himself. "No biting unless I ask you to."
"Fair enough. And no one else will know about this?"
"And I am not gonna be your bitch. The back door's off limits, okay?"
"Hmm... everything else is fair game?"

"Um..." He tried to imagine "everything else," but felt it safe to agree either way. "Yeah, unless I tell you to stop. You have to stop if I say so, okay?"

"Alright, perfect."

These terms agreed to, Alex leaned in to invite the next kiss and Yuki boldly obliged. The feel of his lips soon grew more familiar, but the movements, no less exotic. With steady hands gently leading his face and smooth, wet kisses exciting his nerves, Alex felt he had much to catch up on. His own ministrations felt clumsy and awkward, even when he mimicked one of Yuki's, but Yuki seemed to only become more excited by his decidedly virgin responses. He chuckled, pulling back when Alex flinched at the first taste of his tongue, and at first Alex made to apologize, but then he realized Yuki only meant to adjust his position.

He pulled his legs up onto the bed, allowing his whole body to sit, facing toward Alex, and then moved to remove his top shirt. The way that fabric rolled up, accidentally exposing just two rows of his perfectly sculpted muscles seemed to snap something in Alex. Suddenly he couldn't stop his hands tracing over that path. Yuki giggled at first, ticklish closer to his navel, but then closed his eyes, encouraging Alex to explore with one hand in his hair and the other lifting his undershirt out of the way.

And explore he did. The slight dips and curves beneath his fingers reminded of smooth, carefully crafted mounds of butterscotch, even though they felt so warm and generously pliant. He proceeded only with his fingers at first, tracing over lines of musculature and dipping his palms down to test the smooth, tempting textures of each chiseled ab. His body seemed to move on its own, legs coming up so he could crawl easily to straddle Yuki's waist. His usually more dominant partner didn't seem to mind this at all, and lay back smoothly so gravity could work on their side. Alex felt almost pulled toward Yuki's stomach and chest. Once he'd leaned down, surrendering to this desire, he caught the unique scent that was Yuki for what might've been the very first time.
His kisses had tasted of mint one time before, and mocha the next, but it seemed the richer, almost creamy wisps of the second were Yuki's own natural scent. He couldn't help but press his lips to those muscles at that point, wanting to taste those as well and his hands moved to explore the sides of Yuki's stomach, firmly testing the curves of his hips. Alex had never appreciated how nicely his best friend kept up his physique, but now proceeded to worship him for it.

His chest rose and fell calmly at first, until Yuki reached up to do some exploring of his own. Alex actually shivered the first time he drew his hands up under his shirt, startled by such an unfamiliar, encroaching sensation. He tried to distract himself with trailing kisses up Yuki's stomach, but this only caused his more experienced partner to lean back and groan with the pleasure. He liked that. Alex tried to retrace his steps, not sure exactly where he needed to kiss to tempt such delicious responses. He teased his lips gently against those smooth, heating muscles, and flicked his tongue out as well, gingerly tasting what could only be described as amazing. He hardly noticed Yuki's hands traveling upward, but startled now, as each gripped his sides, slipping into place right beneath his arms to claim what he'd sought.

Yuki used only his thumbs at first, rubbing gently over both nipples, and Alex froze up, unsure how he felt for this alien sensation. Yuki's hands had felt cold initially, but had warmed up by the time they'd reached the delicate nubs. He teased each nipple with two fingers now, tracing around in circles before pressing down gently, and Alex nearly found himself trying to lay atop Yuki. He held himself up however, trying not to become too embarrassed when he recognized his lungs breathing deeper and the quivering rising up in his body. This was again, something he would never have thought might feel good, but oh, it felt simply amazing. His body responded all on its own, growing hot and stiff under those teasing fingers, and he realized then that this must've been what he'd done to make Yuki groan. It certainly made him want to let out at least a few more embarrassing sounds of his own.

Alex fought this urge however, and forced his own hands to move again, this time mimicking Yuki's teasing. He couldn't see Yuki's nipples beneath that tight shirt, but found both fairly quickly and began to massage. At first they felt soft, not like his hard chest, and the cool, silky little pink buttons offered his fingers the very same pleasure they dealt. But then things started to change. Yuki screwed his eyes shut, focused only on what he could feel, and Alex tried not to act surprised when those little nubs fully grew hard. He tried flicking one, experimenting with a little more pressure, and was pleased to hear Yuki growl in response. In all honesty, Alex would never have guessed a man's nipples deserved such attention, but now felt silly for not realizing before. Yuki's breathing grew deeper and heady, his fingers returning equal pleasure to his partner's own body, and soon both were naturally lost to the sensation. Alex dipped his head back down, reigniting their kiss, and Yuki responded in earnest. It grew deeper this time as Alex grew still more bold.

The feel of Yuki's smooth tongue on his own seemed to make his body tingle with pleasure, and catching his lips long enough to suckle was starting to make him feel hungry. Vaguely he became aware of the stiffening pressure causing his pants to feel tight, but tried this time, not to let it startle him so. He carefully noted that Yuki might be having the exact same response, and resolved himself not to fault the guy this time around. This felt good, and they'd already agreed no one would get hurt.

With this thought in mind, Alex made to lower himself to lay fully atop Yuki's front. He pushed his shirt up first of all, exposing the darker, taut nipples he'd teased to perfection already and yanked his own up as well before pressing his chest flush against Yuki's. It felt amazing, to have their heat pressed so smoothly together, but to his surprise, it turned out not to be their chests that had Yuki groaning this time. Inadvertently, he'd pressed their hips together as well, and Yuki responded by swiftly moving his hands. Now they gripped Alex's hips, and pulled downward, encouraging. This had the effect of nudging his manhood right up against the desire Alex had tried to ignore, and he instinctively backed up, voice suddenly quivering and unsure. "Yuki..."

He didn't even know what else he'd meant to say, but regretted his reaction either way. He'd broken their kiss without meaning to, and the moment the contact was lost, the sounds of Yuki's pleasure died out. He blinked those darkened, chocolate eyes open, finding the unsure blue ones above him, and tried not to look frustrated. "Don't stop, Ame."

Whereas before he'd successfully tuned out the noise of Halo, which would drown out their voices to anyone standing outside his door, Yuki now found himself distracted by it. Alex had tried to say something else, his worried glances darting to the left, but Yuki had missed it entirely. "You scared?" He guessed, unsurprised when Alex immediately lied rather than admitting.

"Come on," Yuki coaxed, sliding one hand between their nearly joined bodies, "It's not a big deal. It's just harmless fun..."

Alex tried to believe him. It helped if he just closed his eyes and snuggled closer to smell Yuki's hair, but he couldn't ignore the sensation of pressure between his own legs as Yuki took hold of his treacherous arousal. It didn't seem like his parts cared these fingers belonged to a man. Yuki drew them slowly upward then reset their position, stroking gently at first: coaxing just like his voice. "That feel good?"

Alex could not even answer. Yuki may as well have asked "is the sky blue?" but obvious or not, this just wasn't something he felt he could ever admit. He was vaguely aware that Yuki had most likely never done such a thing to another man, and so needed honest feedback, but still Alex couldn't speak. Instead he kissed him hard on the neck, encouraging more. Heat rose with the pressure, and Alex tried not to moan as those fingers made to stroke harder. He'd done this himself, a few times before, but had never imagined someone might do it for him one day, least of all Yuki. He'd had fantasies, of course, of cute little porn stars, but this was something entirely exotic. The sometimes annoying, higher pitched moans would be replaced with heady, masculine groans. Instead of soft mounds of flesh, Yuki had his muscular chest and tempting, dark nipples.

This isn't supposed to feel good. Alex told himself that, but at the same moment opened his mouth and let out a long, quivering moan. Emboldened by this, Yuki began to stroke harder, doubling the shame, along with the pleasure. Alex felt heat, most of all, with sweet, titillating shocks of desire, and began to respond without thinking. His hips wanted him to move them at that point, to bear down harder against Yuki's still teasing fingers. The more experienced of the two had kept his grip on Alex's hip, and now used that to guide him along, moving his hands out of the way. Now their bodies pressed firmly together, Alex leading. "Go on," Yuki encouraged, grinning with satisfaction once Alex complied, "that's it. Just like that... just tell me if you get tired and we can switch places."

Alex nodded absently, loving the way his inner thighs seemed to feel strained. He'd never done anything like this before. The heat between his legs began to feel wet, but he couldn't bring himself to even unbutton his pants. The fabric felt stifling, but he wasn't sure Yuki would tolerate if this wetness slid out onto his stomach. "Ohh..." He'd tried to stop himself uttering such embarrassing sounds, but that seemed near impossible, with Yuki encouraging the whole way. His voice had grown husky and low, and his breath caught sometimes, so Alex knew he felt this same pleasure too.

When he opened his eyes and leaned back, he found that Yuki still had his closed, enjoying the sensation of friction between their joined hips. Alex had to force himself not to look down. Somehow he knew that would just be too much. His handsome partner threw his head back at one point, groaning full out, and Alex felt his whole body tremble. Never had he felt so desperate to hold himself back, but Yuki only encouraged, tightening his grip and beginning to move himself too. "Let me do that now," he practically begged, and Alex forced himself to oblige as those chocolate eyes slid open, revealing the frustration he'd missed on his Yuki's face.

He nodded, and then the two separated, at least for a moment, to reposition themselves. This time Alex lay with his back on the mattress, and Yuki made to claim the position on top. He'd reached down between his legs and Alex tried not to look, but found it simply impossible. He realized then why he hadn't been able to fully feel the stiff proof of Yuki's arousal, and felt a bit stupid for not thinking to check on that sooner. But Yuki didn't seem to mind. He repositioned himself easily, and even helped Alex along. He hesitated at first, not wanting to draw his legs up, knees bent, but conceded to trust his best friend. This was something he thought only women should do, but when Yuki settled himself between his legs and leaned forward, it seemed to make perfect sense.

Now he could feel the heat and hardness of Yuki's arousal right on his own, but tried not to think on that much. Amazingly hot or not, it intimidated him, to say the least. Here was indisputable proof that he was "playing" with another man. Not only that, but Yuki's "proof" felt so much bigger than he'd guessed it would be. He'd only seen glimpses, of course, in between showers during PE, but still felt stunned to feel it so real and so full, pressing right up on his own. Yuki took the lead then, offering a very merciful kiss, which distracted Alex from his discomfort at least for a moment. But then he started moving, in much the same way Alex had done only a moment ago, only more focused and trained. And this time the result was a stiff shock of pleasure that had Alex yanking automatically back. He felt lucky to have not bitten Yuki this time, and even more so when Yuki toned it down in response. "You okay?"

Alex made to catch his breath, but nodded without speaking and reached up to grip Yuki's hips. He encouraged another try, and this time Yuki proceeded more gently. And god, this felt amazing. Alex heard himself moan but didn't even feel part of his own body. Yuki kissed him again, like he wanted to taste the sound, and Alex poured his fervor into that, not even caring when he sucked hard enough for it to hurt. Yuki's hips grinded so smoothly it felt like sheer torture. The pace remained steady but the pressure increased. It had taken Alex this long to realize, but he now recognized exactly what they were doing.

He'd heard the term "grinding" before, but had never imagined anyone might grind on him. Oh god he feels good. Shit. He Had to pause then, rethinking that thought as this feels good, and was glad for Yuki's tongue shoved in his mouth, or else he might've said that out loud. He might've screamed it in fact. He wanted to scream. He felt his jaw clench and his body tense up, matching Yuki's already tensed muscles. I am so going to hell, his stubborn mind accused, but his body could not have cared less. Yuki rocked smoothly at times and jerked forward at others, and Alex couldn't decide which he liked best. He felt himself begin to respond, letting his hips rock to the same rhythm, but had to stop after these doubly pleasuring moments.

He yanked his head back, forcibly breaking their kiss, and hissed quickly as his hands flew up to still Yuki's hips. "Stop, stop..." He thanked the stars as Yuki obeyed, and tried to catch his breath as the shocks of threatening pleasure melted into a more gentle hum. It was humiliating to be the first to call quits, but Alex much preferred that to making the mistake he'd very nearly dove into.

"It's okay," Yuki was saying, "you can cum if you want."
Alex shook his head, still breathless. "And then what, go home in wet pants?"

"Then let's take them off."

Again he refused, recoiling when Yuki reached down. Suddenly this situation reminded him too much of Daisuki, and the way they'd made such a mistake only a few days before. "Let's stop here," he practically begged, "okay?"

"...Yeah, okay." Yuki backed off, almost too quickly, and Alex felt awful for how he must've felt.

"But just..." he tried to assure, "just for tonight, okay? Let's do this again on... some other day."

"It's alright." Yuki even kissed him when he said that, and Alex wished he'd been first to do so.

He still felt so breathless, and his entire body seemed to mourn when Yuki retracted his heat, but he knew this was best. Slow and steady would be the only option if he ever wanted to rid himself of the turmoil in his mind and his chest. You don't even like Yuki, his heart bitterly accused, what a whore you're turning into.

This is sick, his head added, were you just gonna cum on a man?

But Yuki said it was okay. Alex tried to ignore his loud inner demons, as well as the sound of explosions from the television nearby, masking the proof of their dirty endeavors . Yuki had already released him and now made to lie down beside him. Alex turned on instinct and let Yuki wrap his arms right around him. The gentle kisses that followed felt nice, after their much more intense activity, and he paused every now and then with a word of encouragement. "You're good at that," he'd whispered most recently. "It felt great."

No I'm not you're just nice but hell yeah it felt great. Alex kissed him still more fully, trying to memorize his taste. He understood the sappy movies he'd seen just a little more now. It would feel even more splendid, he instinctively knew, if they could not just cool down together but fall asleep just like this, wrapped right around each other.

But that would be simply impossible. It was a school night, and his mother was most likely worried already, wondering when he'd come home. When he did though, at least he could honestly tell her just why he was late. I got carried away playing Halo with Yuki.

It was half-true at least, and if Alex were honest, maybe even more so. He didn't want to leave, still, loving the taste on his tongue, and wondered breathlessly when their next play date would arrive.