Living the life of a cliché

Chapter one

"Sunny hurry up!" Gabriel calls from downstairs, I hurriedly shove my red plimsolls on and pull my long blonde but knotty hair in a bun.

"Coming, just calm down okay?" I yell back as I grab my bag and run down the stairs.

My two brothers, River and Gabriel, both seventeen, are very impenitent in the mornings, especially when I make them late for school.

"Here!" I grin at them as I stumble un-gracefully to the front door.

"Really, how long does it take one girl to get ready?" Gabriel asks irritated.

"Gabe chill out, it's my boobs, they get in the way," I chuckle to myself as he makes a very angry grunt.

"Just lets go, Logan and River are waiting in the car," he stomps off and leaves me to lock the house up.

Logan Williams, the bane of my existence. My brothers best friend, and the one boy who just knows how to drive me to the brink insanity. He's not worth an explanation, but unfortunately I have to give one.

I've known him since I was near the age of five or so. I was at the playground with my brothers and Mother and I was sat on the grass alone eating the cookies Mum made for me. I was in the middle of munching them and Logan suddenly appeared. Not knowing what to do I just stared at him, he then stole my cookies and ate them for himself. I tried to get them back and he threw grass on me, making me cry.

My brothers came over to laugh at me crying (back then they weren't so protective and fucking stupid about me) and met Logan. The three became instant friends, and one year later he becomes the best friend of the family. My mother considers him and my brothers other friends, her sons.

After I lock the door I hop into Rivers old green car and sit in the back next to Logan.

"Morning," Logan says cheerfully, I make some kind of noise back and put my ipod in my ears, silencing the annoying boys around me.

Okay, I'm not exactly a morning person neither.

I listened to 'Dire Straights' 'Romeo and Juliet' the concert version, which actually lasts ten minutes, so when the song ended the journey ended, which I found cool.

I quickly get out of the car and making my way to the changing rooms. Did I just say changing rooms? Yes I did.

You see guys, I'm a jock.

Well, not actually, I only do a couple of sports. I'm quite ashamed of it actually.

During homeroom every morning I practice with the track team, we train for cross country competitions which won't be starting for a while since it's not the running season yet.

After schools on Monday I do climbing, mainly because I've always been a bit of a climber. Just ask my brothers, they have had the pleasure of spending five hours with me in the emergency room after a tree climb went wrong.

On Tuesdays during lunch I do yoga, which I hate but Amy forces me to do. Not very jockish, but stretchy.

So I'm a jock, I compete in competitions and get very overly competitive. Family genes. My brothers are the same, Rivers captain of the football team and Gabe's the captain of basketball.

I enter the changing rooms and greet Amy, who was attempting to fit herself into a locker whiles Billie watched laughing.

"Um, Amy, are you trying to see if you're eligible to join the circus? Because your really not," I say walking to stand beside her, so far she's got her left leg and right arm crammed into the locker. Don't ask how.

"Firstly, fuck off I can kick the circuses ass with my flexibility. Secondly no, I'm just trying to prove to Billie that I can fit myself into this locker because she thinks otherwise," Amy says sourly, jokingly glaring at a giggling Billie.

I roll my eyes at Amy's blatant stubbornness, she never likes being wrong.

"So Sunny," Billie says opening her locker, "How are your gorgeous brothers then?" she grins.

"Jack asses, last night they had the nerve to lock me out the house, I mean, who does that?" I exclaim angering over the memory.

I may love those two dorks, but they do piss me off.

"Ooh calm down," Amy echoes from inside the locker, which she has now successfully stuck her head in. "Your a drama- oh wait, shit I'm stuck," she panics.

"Smooth," I mutter grabbing her head and yanking out of the locker. If she gets hurt, it's her own fault!

"Thanks," she grumbles after I successfully pull her out of the locker.

"Dumbass," I laugh heading out the changing rooms.


"Had a nice run then?" Cooper asks me in maths.

"Yeah, as good as any run will be," I state, pulling my old and vandalised maths book out my bag. "What's up then?" I ask after chucking my bag somewhere on the floor.

"There was a new kid in homeroom," Cooper says in a bored, uninterested manner.

"Was he fit?" I ask excitedly, Cooper narrows his eyes at me.

"How'd you know it was a boy?" he asks suspiciously.

"Because I'm physic," I smile, making a smile crack on his face.

"Well," he says over dramatically. "Go ask one of the cheerleaders if he's fit, because I'm not gay, as much as you'd like me to me,"

I really wish Cooper was gay; life would be easier in general.

"Fine," I mutter turning to face the other side of the class, examining the people. "Hey Evie," I bellow.

"Yeah?" she asks whiles skipping over to me and Cooper.

Evie, the only cheerleader I actually like. She's so down to earth it's ridclelous that she's a cheerleader.

"Stats on the new boy?" I ask raising my eyebrows.

"He is so freaking fit! His name is Ace, that's right, great name am I correct? He's from New York, very attractive, blonde hair, blue eyes…typical hot guy stuff, he's thinking of trying out for basket ball, I think you'll like him Sun!" she squeals in utter excitement.

"Bargain," I smile and wink at Cooper he scrunches his face up unattractively.


Schools over and absolutely gutted that I didn't see the new fit boy… heart broken into pieces. Ha-ha.

Apparently he was too busy all lunch talking to the coach about basket ball; hmm…if he gets on the team he can play with Gabe, maybe he's already talked to him! I need to ask him later...

As soon as I get home I jump down on the sofa and spread my limbs out; running had really taken the life out of me today. I snuggle down and watch TV, my favourite show Futurama.

I kind of have a crush on Bender. I like robots.

"Sunny my dear, fancy seeing you here," Logan calls from behind me smirking; he jumps over the back of the sofa and lands his bony ass on my legs.

"Ow," I yell moving my legs inwards and away from his chicken little ass. "What do you mean fancy seeing you here? I live here, twat,"

"Did I say fancy seeing you here? What I meant was, fancy seeing you here looking all sexy," he winks.

"Gross. Boundaries Logan," I snort kicking him in the ribs.


You've probably been wondering where my Mum is? Shes in Paris, on business. And she'll be there for another three months. Her jobs a bitch.

I have another brother as well, his name is Bailey, he's twenty and in collage at the moment. I have a different Dad from him, his Dad passed away when he was one. My Mum always talked about him in grave detail, telling us how lovely and amazing he was.

Mine, Rivers and Gabe's Dad… he was the devil in disguise. I hope he's rotting somewhere.

After what happened my brothers have been really over-protective of our family, especially me at school.

They don't want to see me hurt, which is understandable, but they seriously go to extreme lengths to prevent that, and something's its so aggravating!

I've never had a boyfriend, I've never been kissed. Nothing.

My name is Stacey Summer, Sunny as a nickname. And my life is a cliché.

*insert applause here*