watched the day come and go,
and the night do the same.
until the next day came and went the
same way.

i watched the light change.
the shadows moved and danced
like fingers on a keyboard.

i heard the sounds of different hours,
different days.
new and old.

we all have our stories to tell.

and mine was a numbness;
an aptitude for nothingness,
combined with an ability to watch.

i watched.

i watched the sun rise and the
sun set. i watch the people wake
and the people sleep.

and i find that nothing really changes,
but the amount of understanding i
gain of it all.

i grow in my knowledge of the meaning
and i lose the sense of what the meaning was
or is. because i guess there really isn't

it just seemed like there was before.

love is a constant force but people hops.
some can't love because love wanted
other people first. and there's only
so much available to share.

and just like food, there's an unequal
distribution of love.

but is love even so worthwhile?

just another high, another habit.
like alcohol, drugs, and gambling.
like workoholics and food addicts,
and sex addicts.

we fill our highs.
they fill their highs.

none of it makes me high.
nothing elevates me at all.

the mountains are as high as the valleys.

the sun comes, the sun goes.
life comes, life goes.
what of tomorrow?

the sun comes, the sun goes.
life comes, life goes.
what of tomorrow?

the sun comes, the sun goes.
life comes, life goes.

it never stops.
round and round
and we fight it.

we try to make more of it,
we try to brighten it.

we swim and we run and we travel
and we learn and we read and we love
and we search and we sing and we laugh and
we try and we fail and we bake and we play and
we hope and we hurt and we photograph
and we remember and we buy
and we eat and we drink
and we are the same.

a little more enlightened,
but the same.

we all have our stories,
but the basis is the same.

we tried to elevate ourselves above the reality
that life doesn't really matter after all.