I guess this is really to anyone who died in war, though I mostly think of my own country of course. But I really wish there was no war at all. My dad says without war there is no peace. And I say, with peace there is no war.

You gave up so much, to fight for our sake
I'm really touched, at the measures you'd take

In the water, in the sky, and on the ground
You must have been frightened with death all around

And still you fought bravely, you fought to the end
Even though death was neighbor, you lover, and friend

With guns going off and bombs in the air
You probably wanted to be home, you didn't want to be there

You've been here in our hearts, we've prayed for your lives
We've prayed you'd return to your children, family, and wives

We've wept with each loss, you families most of all
They wanted to be ther, to catch you when you fall

You fought and you ran, the enemy right behind you
You watched with horror as another man fell dead beside you

Out on the battlefield maybe you prayed to those above
That you would survive this, and return to those you love

We wanted to be there to hold you hand
Because as we were here, you were out taking a stand

You went off for reasons of your own
Even though you knew you might return as nothing but cold skin and bone

I can't imagine, what out there you saw
It was "Kill or be killed," that was the law

I want you to know now, that your deaths wern't in vain
There was a reason, for all of the pain

Our country is stronger, its all thanks to you
We've all formed a bond that we never knew

Your families, they miss you, they want you to come back
THeir houses feel empty, for a human it lacks

You did well, you did awesome, you did great, you did your parts
All of America holds you close in their hearts

Your journey is done now, we may finally rest
You fought for a reason, your the best of the best

We'll miss you forever know that your gone
But I hope to tell you, "Its time to move on."

I wrote tis for you, for your spirits that roam
All Americans open their arms to say...

"Welcome home"

Please, please, Rest in peace