(Devised and created one lunch-break after being particularly peeved off by pointless political procrastination.
Unless someone asks, it wont get much further than this.)

"What I'm saying is, why exactly aren't we preparing for the future?" The question had been repeated three times; All said in the same careful and patient tones.
"We are, in area's like health where my thirty two billion dollar pla-" The Prime minister poised to begin his policy spiel, was cut off by the sandy haired seventeen year old.
"No, That Is Not What I asked. What I wished for you to tell me was why this state was not using a system of finance akin to Norway, for example."
"Well I'm not familiar, but if you'll let me speak about Australian policy then I'll-" He was cut short by a glare Piercing enough to put rivets through four inches of steel plate.
"You will talk about that another day, today I, and many others wish to know why this country does not accrue it's royalties into a sacrosanct investment fund" He paused and continued speaking Slowly and deliberately "Where after a fixed time period the interest from the fund will become the states main source of income against the day when out resource's Run Out."
The Prime minister looked around for help from the surrounding entourage. There was still fifty five minutes left in the hour interview, this having been the prize for the top academic scorer in the high school subjects of both economics and Politics and law.
"Because the preceding governments haven't deemed it right for the good of the Australian people and"
He was again cut short. "-However I must notice that your government now has gone from zero debt to an approximate deficiency of twenty thousand dollar's against the name of each Australian."
"You're not looking at the bigger picture-"
"Kindly, Shut up, unless you are going to openly refute or agree." The reprisal came hard and fast, the boy felt pleasure in it's delivery and pressed forward.
"If we don't start early with these reforms what happens." He looked at the PM expectantly.
The PM, better at oratory than mental acrobatics took a moment; "Well, if we were to implement them then there would be less time before the resources ran out for the fund to accrue value."
"Full marks. In essence the point I am making is thus; Our economy is a open cycle, blood running down hill. We have a limited supply of stuff we can stick in a truck and cart away to sell. Already our agricultural aspects are beginning to wane. They will likely disappear before the mining interest do.
This is all after your political lifetime, I digress, So we have farmers; State programs retrain them to either mine, or they retire, or they move towards the city." He paused for breath, seeing that he had the floor and that everyone was agog. "We have another problem, Water. Population. We can't support large supply's of either. We can get more water by piping it down but that costs a lot and will probably take a few elections to finish. Population. We may use a system which works the same for both immigrants and those who are born. What will happen is that each child being born should in theory have been prepared for in advance, with cash going into the sacrosanct fund essentially against their name. So the population of the state cannot surpass the capacity of the fund. As for Immigants, legal ones, the situation is simple. As the fund increases, so does the amount required to be part of our nation. In essence a cover charge, since public facilities will be paid for them while they live here.
Illegal immigrants; Give them a chance, Children will receive schooling and adults training, so that they may buy their way into citizenship and become a valuable part of our community."
"What you're suggesting is not in the interest of the Australian people as a whole."
"How so! It will strengthen us to the point that one day each person will be proud because they have earned their place. It will be bad for the federal government as it will one day allow the state to be autonomous and no longer need to conform to it's commonwealths every whim in return for essential funds. I'm sure it will be good for labor politicians if only to teach them financial self control and everyone else to make sure they actually act instead of procrastinate. It means that one day, a day that can be pinpointed, we will no longer need to worry about things running out here. We can work uninhibited."

The interview went on in much the same fashion. The boy was heralded as a second political coming.
After two years he won the state election by a large margin, his party? "Fiscal Force".
The next day, he setup three leader-board's in Perth in anticipation of the funds debue.
Two months, the leader-board was lit up. It counted down the seventy years till financial independence, while showing the amount of cash in the fund and it's interest.
He won the next election by a narrow margin.
Fourteen year's later, he lost the election, but the fund remained.
Constant efforts to take the cash in the fund, now totaling half a trillion dollars, lost them the next election and saw him return to his former position.

The same boy divorced WA from it's political neighbors in the world court, on the grounds that it's financial solvency, meant federation was no longer equitable to western Australians.
The remaining states began their own funds. South Australian leader fred Arlington, did not have the resolve and their fund was misspent after a scant two terms.

Thirty years later, the last farm in WA closes.

Forty years and fiscal force remains in power in WA, No attempt is made to contest the federal government.

Fifty years. Land bound illegal immigrants begin to become a serious problem. The gorgon gas project is almost exhausted. The long time leader of fiscal force diverts the funds interest into using these immigrants as indentured skilled labor on the free water scheme, whereupon the central deserts are flooded to induce greater rainfall. Five years and all workers are offered citizenship and the chance to continue in the same profession.

Sixty and the rainfall has done something no amount of politicking could, It's turned the land green.

Seventy. The counter finishes ticking down. The interest alone off the former west Australian fund now is equivalent to fifteen percent of the worlds yearly income. The state population is five million.
It's income is the highest per-capita in the world. Taxes are abolished and the fund feeds itself one fifth of it's own interest, the bill was motioned and passed by the same boy. Now an old man.

The state has flourished. It's lush and it's emission output is near non existent. It's a place where wealthy retirees come to relax in their final years. It's academic performance is astronomical, school giving cash handouts proportional to performance; ten dollars per year mark percentage point in years eleven and twelve. There are plans to situate the tether, a line to act as a winch between recently designed space station the Pratchett and the earth. A line to the stars, one that would put the country at the center of all future off planet interest's.
What of the boy, now an old man at eighty nine? He retired from politics. He'd finished organizing the country to the point that it would run itself. And to that he'd dedicated most of his life in toil.

and his reward? He had an ordinary apartment, living on an ordinary retirement. He didn't have a wife, never had a child.
He hadn't any friends, as a leader he'd always distanced himself from his subordinates on principal.
More than any martyr, he'd served his country and the people in it, giving to it his life and his happiness.
But he'd done this not because he loved it's people or the landmass, not because he enjoyed the endless struggle of the debates, not even for the fame and recognition, not for the immortality he'd hold in the hearts and mind of the countries inhabitants. He'd done it because it was the right thing to do. And sometimes, the only way to get things done is to do them yourself.