This is related to behavior as the last one however in this one I address the disrespect to the teachers that is a disease in our school. Not to mention disrespect to each other as well!


I ask of you today

To explain to me

Why must all of you


Throw trash on the floor?

Talk while the teacher is talking?

Or better yet

Why disagree just so you can disagree?


Please explain to me

Because I cannot understand this

Why must you act this way?

Does it help you further your knowledge?

Or is just for status?


Why be this way?

To the friendly teachers

That want to help you

To help you learn

To help you succeed


Why be an enemy to them?

When you can come for advice?

Or you can talk to them?


I don't know about you

But for me

Teachers will always be

The best of the best

For they have to teach you and I