Tom entered the room and sat in the chair that was in the center.

The patient looked at all various instruments and bottles on the counters as the dentist's back was turned. He was a bit nervous, as this was his first composite filling.

"Open wide," the dentist said as he began the procedure.

When the filling was done, Tom went back to the receptionist desk.

The woman calculated the cost and said, "That would be $201.00."

Tom fished out his wallet and picked through his cards. Retrieving a white card, he asked, "Do you take this?"

The receptionist took the card and looked at it. Various logos were posted on it, including AmeriPlan and HealthTrans. Curiously, she ran it through the scanner. With a surprised look on her face, she gave the card back to Tom.

"Sir, the price just went down to $95.00."

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