Broken-Hearted Healing Time

by BlackFireXD13
© 2010

Rating: K
Author's Note: I just think there're too many poems/songs/stories out there where someone gets their heart broken. Why isn't there anything about someone breaking another person's heart? --besides heartbreaker--
Summary:You'll thank me for leaving you, as all heart breakers, are prone to do.

I see your hand r e a c h out to me,
This pitiful person in the dark.

The only light that I can see,
Is it cynical to think it's only a lark?

If not, I dare not take your offered help
I know I'll pull you in.

Cover you in emotional welts
I'll immerse you in sin.

I can't say I love you
How can I when I don't know love?

Besides that would be way too soon,
Besides, it's respect I hold above.

And it's true, I do, respect you that is.
Enough to pull a w a y.

You know it and I knowit, that this--
It will all D I S A P P E . . . one day.

And you'll thank me for l e a v i n g you,
As all heart-breakers are prone to do.

And You won't be hurt because I'll not be in you're life for long.
Because I had the foresight to stop this before it went on.

And you'll thank me, one day, with your own lines,
Because I've spared you the broken-hearted-healing-time.