Okay, so, have you ever felt thats theres this really big turning point in your life and you either have to do it one way, or another? Have you ever felt totally useless, useless to society, yourself, family, useless at everything you do?

Have you ever thought about what being apart of the 21st century society is all about? Whats worth it and why we are here? What we all want and what we don't? Why we do things and not others?

My turning point was my AS-level results coming out, not being what I expected and everyone around me handling me like glass. Afraid of breaking me or setting me off. My results weren't completely crap, but, they weren't good either. I could either like it and lump it, carry on with my studies and try harder, or I could sink into a depression and not go on, do better, improve. I felt useless, everyone around me was doing so well, my sister ahd just graduated from university with a first, my brother, going into his second year of university, my cousins doiign well in their GCSE's, my friends gettings A's and B's. What was I doing with my life? I couldn't do anything, i wasn't that good at history, sociology, englsih, art. I didn't have any skills to speak off. I couldn't paint, draw, bake, flower arrange, play music, dressmake, write books, make things out of wood, metal, glass. I couldn't do anything, I had no use.

I was in a society which was changing rapidly, we were getting out of a recsession, everyone wanted to be a celebrity, fameous for something, people were getting fameous for nothing at all. Everyone wanted money, riches. Women were trying to break into the mans world of work, to get higher than they were, to amke things more equal. The british government had made ti hard for young people to do anything with their lives. They cut univerdity places, apprenticships, public and private sector jobs, there was nothgin to do. Global warming was taking effect with floods and droughts and earthquakes and every other imaginable disaster happeneing, terrosim, wars, everything was going nowehere.

What was the 21st century worth? What was it worth to me, to society? To me, it was my life, I was a 17 year old girl living my life in this century, this terrible world of nothingness and desolation. Not to paint the picture too black, it wasn't all liek that, good things were happening too. But they never reached me. The world was changing and it wasn't worth shit. We didn't do anything. The world was over and we just stood there and let it happen.

Why were we here? Why were we still on this world? This world we were wrecking with pollution, poverty, celebrity culture and sadness. In less than two years the world was due to end. We knew it, but we didn't do a thing. Not one single thing to stop it from ahppneding.

The world ended. It ended on the 12/12/12. We did nothing but stop and wave as it went by. We were useless. The 21st century had failed, we had failed. The world changed, and we were not apart of it anymore. Humans dissolved like stars and dust and the world continued. We were wiped of the face of the earth and no-one noticed, too busy in their celebrity-chasing, rich-hungering, war.

The world ends, and no-one is there to see it. No-one, except me. I saw the humans carry on with their lives, then when the clock struck 12 noon, time stopped. The humans disintergrated and were blown into space to join the stars like the wind blows away a pile of sand.

The world had ended. The clock ticked.

Such a fast paced society, only to be blown away like tiny grains of sand.