You existed of course
I saw you in the hall from time to time
Just another face in the crowd
But that face became more noticeable
If you were around
I would see you
Your face was bright in the crowd
Seeing you would make my day
But I was too scared to talk to you

But I guess fate had other plans
A friend of my friend
Was also your friend
And soon we were all friends
We hung out all the time
Laughed our brains out at each other's jokes
Exchanged friendly pokes
Made fun of each other
Without fear of one of us getting hurt
You would talk
I would listen
Looking you in the eyes

I though you may have known
How I felt about you
But you can never be sure
I don't know how it happened
But I guess I let it slip that I liked you
You didn't like me back though
But that was fine
We were still friends
And that was cool
It was awkward at first
But that passed
You were fine with me liking you

That's when I realized
That you may not know the extent of what I feel for you
At first you were just a face in the crowd
But you grew on me
I don't know why I grew to like you
It was out of the blue
But I couldn't control it
But here's the catch
I think it was true


I said it
And will say it again

True love

I had never experienced it before
Sure I had crushes
But this was different
I knew it somehow
It was unexplainable
Except by those two words

True love

It may sound crazy
It may sound cliché
It may sound awkward
But it's the only thing I can think of

I would never think of you badly
Never treat you badly
And I never will
But I don't think you fully understand
You may not be capable
You may not want to
You may not need to

You sat with me through thick and thin
And I believe you always will
Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I fear you
Sometimes you confuse me to no end

You are just and innocent, sweet girl
Misguided a little bit
But that won't stop my heart
I know it for sure
I already tried
But nothing will ever stop me

I would never make it
If something happened to you
Because I just care that much
And I will never stop

So I sit here and write


Because I just needed to say how I felt I guess

Some of it may have been confusing
I just wrote as it came to me
At 3:30 in the morning
Probably skipped around a lot

If I show this to you
I may get an aww
Or awkward
Or lol
Or some random nonsense word
Now I'm talking nonsense
But that's just how you make me :)