It seems you have me in quite a predicament
Oh secret love
I cannot be with you
for it is forbidden

My friends say it can't be
that loving you will do no good
they say you would only bring me pain and heartbreak
the past tells us so
me loving you is of highest taboo

But my mind and my heart want to say no to those words
I want to believe you can be different
that you can change
learn to love

Your image will not leave my mind
whenever I look into your eyes it feels like they have entered my soul and have spread through my body
I want to feel your warmth against me
your hand in mine
the taste of your lips on mine

I have grown restless
without your body next to mine I cannot sleep
you're all that comes to mind when I wake

There has to be a solution
maybe you just need someone to love you
maybe you just don't know how to handle your angst
your sorrow

My heart wants to love you
and my mind is close behind
but at the same time my mind doubts
for you have confused me many times with your actions
but never really hurt me
like the others say you would

But I don't want to doubt them either
they are my friends after all
but so are you
that is why my mind is in turmoil
maybe even why my sleep is troubled too

All because of my forbidden love for you

This has been fudging up my mind and not letting me sleep for a while now .