Oh Thank God you're here! I was feeling so alone! But first, I must clarify two things:

-Yes, I'm talking to you

-No: This is not porn

Well, if there is anyone left, let me tell you about a funny thing that happened on my way to this website, see…I was a reader and now, for some kind of ironic-Twilight-Zone-kind-of-thing, I'm been reader by, well, you

Now I'm trapped inside this story; my soul lies somewhere behind these words, and I just can't get out. Why? Who knows! If I knew it I would probably have found a way to escape.

See, here's the thing: As long as there is a reader reading me, I would be alive and aware; I would have a mind, I would have my memories and all that kind of stuff, but once you stop, I would disappear….until someone comes and reads me again.

I can't even describe how does it feels to be isolated and alone; somehow, you feel frozen, caught in a long sleep, like a ghost, and you only feel alive again when you found someone that begins to read the words I've written.

And here's the hard part…I'm not exactly a good talker (or a good writer for hat matter…nor a good WRITING FOR THAT MATTER!) so I don't know how long I can keep you interesting. Wanna hear a joke? Alright: A man comes into a talent agency…Oh damn! I'm a "All-Audiences" Story! I can't even say f*ck!

Well, then…what do you think about the President? Is still the boring one at charge?

Oh who I'm kidding? I'm not political savvy neither…

…Wait, wait…please, don't leave! Oh, fine, I would wait for someone INTERESTING!

…OK, I didn't want to sound rude, I'm just so…did I already say alone?

Whatever, good bye, and I hope not to wait too much time to find someone willing to read me again...so...see ya later (yeah, right...)


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was REALLY high when I wrote this, if you know what I mean...