Circumstance -- always a moment
in which memorable experience intervenes,
not often favoring my wishes
but furnishing occasions such as these
to express appreciation
that it ever happened at all;

and I can only hope
you will be in more of them,
but then that one saved image of you before me
is lasting:

"Please trust my sincerity
and do not think it out of place
as I concur with the others
who have said you are lovely,

as I'm sure, this, you've heard
so many times before,
and would never wish to be the one
at the point of its losing significance;"...

Call me an aesthete
but forgive this flagrant compliment,
as in a moment of exchange,
insignificant in its appearance,
I was awestruck...
...and just thought that I'd say now
what I couldn't say then.

Allow any hint of uncertainty
in any instant hereafter
to dissipate absolutely,
as never was an admiring word more deserved,
and to read your reaction,
a reward never to be bettered.

You are fine;
and if ever you're down,
let me be the one to tell you of the influence
your grace of both form and soul has,
as I promise never to use words unjustly.

..."and so forgive me
as I simply concur."