Disclaimer: Corn Pops cereal is owned by Kellogg's.

It was a sunny day in the woods. Two green tents were next to each other. In front of those tents, a pile of ashes and burnt sticks indicated that a campfire was formerly in that spot. Nearby, there was a large lake.

A teen-aged boy was rummaging through red and black duffel bags. Green eyes were spaced closely on either side of the bridge of his short nose. Sunlight shone off his black hair. He was wearing a white T-shirt with jeans and black boots.

"Dave," a man called out, "what's the matter?" The middle-aged, potbellied man had a round, bald head and a thin goatee. He was wearing a red shirt with khaki pants and brown boots.

"Where's the Corn Pops?" Dave asked his father.

"I thought you packed them. I guess we left them at home." He shrugged his shoulders and turned away.

A chord of the Jaws theme played.

Dave felt his heart skip a beat and froze. 'Left them at home?' he thought. 'No!' Turning around, he said, "Don't we have anymore bags?"

"No, those two are the only ones we brought with us."

The Jaws theme resumed, getting faster as Dave talked to himself.

'No Kellogg's Corn Pops? Oh, that sweet, crunchy popcorn, I can just taste it now.' Visions of Corn Pops overflowing from the top of the box and pouring into and around a clear bowl ran through his head. Time seemed to speed up and the campsite appeared to be spinning. 'Why did I ever agree to go on this trip? I can't believe we didn't bring them, and now they're like a thousand miles away and we don't leave until tomorrow! Forget this stupid camping trip, I wanna go home!' He crouched down and buried his face in his hands just as the music ended.

Lightly, the father tapped his panicky son on the head with a box of Corn Pops. "I found them in the car." He held out the yellow box.

Dave suddenly felt like an enormous weight was lifted off of his shoulders. With a quiet sigh of relief, he grasped the cereal and stood up. "Told you we had them," he said with a nonchalant smile.

A box of Corn Pops stood on a wooden table, with a white bowl of it in front. Beside them was a white and light blue carton of milk. A tall glass of milk and a shorter glass of orange juice sat in front of the carton. Two slices of toast were on a small, white plate that was next to the bowl. An apple was to the left of the bread.

"Kellogg's Corn Pops Cereal is part of this complete breakfast," the announcer said.

'I gotta have my pops,' the boy grinned as he sat on a log, eating his cereal.