Random poem that I wrote while I was half asleep. I keep paper and pencil near my bed for moments like this. I fell asleep halfway writing it, woke up and decided to actually finish it, then fell asleep again. Weird night for me last night. Strike of inspiration I guess you can say?

Um, not a whole lot of flow to it, I think, and I shall revise it one of these days, summer makes me lazy, sorry about that. So read and review- help me revise it because I don't feel like doing it at this moment. Hope you enjoy!

"Our Business Deal"

I know we parted,
I know I asked for it.
It was our choice-
Not 'cause of a fight,
Not 'cause of an argument.

It was over before it began.
Everyone can see that.
I had someone on the side,
You knew but turned the other way.

Why were we together?
It looked good,
Nothing but a business deal.
But even I must admit-
In the beginning,
I really did love you.

I'm not complaining,
Separating was the best choice.
This business deal
No longer gave us an advantage.

But one thing shatters my heart-
The reason we can face each other,
The reason we can smile at each other.

The only thing that breaks my heart,
Is you don't even care that I betrayed you.
You don't care enough to hate me.