Kiss number 3,698,423. Blonde curly hair, some acne and grey eyes. A mutter of disbelief, a growl, another few kisses just to be sure, and then storming footsteps leaving my room. Welcome to the life of a "sleeping" beauty.

3,698,424th Kiss.


My name is Princess Lilliana Bluestone. I have rose blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and I'm 352 years old. Yup, 352. How you may ask? Well, it all started 334 years ago.

I was the youngest princess of 3. My eldest sister, Princess Roza, and my other sister, Princess Tamara were twins, Roza being older by two minutes. They were both the typical beauty in our kingdom, long black hair, deep, shocking blue eyes and slim, tall figures to match. I of course was slightly different, with my pale hair, eyes and skin, I tended to stand out in a crowd.

Anyway, one day they decided I didn't have enough romance in my life, so they asked a newly graduated witch to come to our castle. The witch arrived, and gave them all sorts of tonics and potions that would make me more desirable, make guys fall in love with me - that sort of thing. But that wasn't good enough for them.

As children, both my sisters had adored the story of sleeping beauty. The romance of the prince saving the princess from an eternal slumber was magical to them. So, when the witch asked them what they had in mind, they both came up with the 'brilliant' idea to put a spell on me so I could be just like sleeping beauty, and be rescued by a handsome prince.

So later that night, they told me to put on my best dress and that they wanted to show me something in the old tower. Giggling, they led me up the winding staircase and took me into the main chamber, a round room with tan stone walls and 3 arched windows. In the centre of the room was a huge bed, framed by lacy curtains and piled with cushions.

That was round about when I started to get a bad feeling. They told me they wanted to play a game, and when I said I was too old to play games they laughed cheerfully.

"You're never too old to play games." Roza had chided.

So I (stupidly) obliged, lying down on the bed, I got myself comfortable as they faffed with the pillows.

They both then stopped and looked at me. With a dreamy sigh, they sat beside me and held my hands.

"Oh Lilly, your so lucky." Roza had sighed to me.

"Yes," Tamara agreed, "We would give anything to be in your position right now."

Then I really started to feel panicky. In the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow step out from behind the door. As my head swiveled around, I could hear a soft voice coming from the dark sillouette.

"Eyes close and body sleep, no need to eat nor drink. As days and weeks pass your never aging, waiting for your true loves bailing. Only then will you wake and be free, as lovers lips release."

A soothing wave swept through me, stilling my body as my eyes grew heavy. But even though this wave soothed me, my emotions were roiling and panic overwhelmed me.

Soon after my eyes closed, I heard my sisters sigh.

"Oh Tamara, this is a fairytale come true!"

"Almost... That spell could've been a bit more romantic though Opelle."

The witch Tamara called Opelle touched my forehead. "I'm sorry Highness, but I am still a fresh witch, I haven't had much practice yet."

"No matter," Roza said airily standing up. "The spell has been cast and she's fast asleep, waiting for her true loves kiss." She sighed. "And just like sleeping beauty, she'll have no idea what's going on until the kiss. I almost wish we'd told her. Oh well, she'll be grateful when she wakes up!"

All three left the room, leaving me asleep in the tower to await my prince.

The thing is though...I wasn't asleep. I was completely aware and unable to move or open my eyes.

Welcome to the life of a sleeping beauty.


Sooo, this is my newest story idea! :) it kinda just popped up and I had to write it down. haha :)

Tell me what you think! Should I scrap it or continue? I haven't really thought where this story will go but if I get some good feedback I'll look into it :)

Thanks for reading!!
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