Monday June 28, 2010-9:58pm

I'm tearing myself apart

But what's the point

I'm losing my mind

And it'll all your fault

But no you didn't know

It's not your fault

No it's all mine

The shadows flicker around me

And I miss the flame

The shadow dance around the fire

And I miss the pain

You're busy living your life

Driving each other away

You've got a new life to plan

My mom's planning your wedding

My grandmother can't handle the stress

My grandfather is insane

My father could really care less

My aunt is a worthless pest

My brother hides behind the weed

And I miss it

I miss the smell

I miss the taste

I miss the smoke burning my chest

I miss the pain

And the dreamlike state

I miss my lovely rainbows

I miss the blade

I miss the blood

Running down me

Down my throat

I miss the salty taste of my tears


And blood

This is all about madness

And as your world grows bigger

My demon devours me

As this family is ripped apart by our once loved insanity

I'm left in the aftermath

Left to clean up your mess

But we all know

The reason to madness

Is to find the end

In this endless abyss