Chapter Three: Love Motel

The Great Sound, the lifeline for not only the countless numbers of aquatic life, but for all those who built their cities and towns around it. With its deep blue waters and calming weather that hardly sees any storms, The Great Sound became an instant hotspot for tourists and fishermen. Enormous ships large enough to be seen a great distance away flood into its waters from the sea, carrying everything from passengers to goods from countries afar.

Using a tiny boat that the villagers had graciously given them, Aki and Seph steered along the very same path the villagers used to sell their stock. The strong yet gentle wind filled their white sail with enough power that the two had to do hardly anything but sit and relax.

"This is great! Warm sun, cool breeze, and the salt in the air! I could live here forever!"

"It's definitely how Miss. Kayla explained it would be." Aki commented while keeping a firm grip on the steer to keep the boat from sailing off course. "It's too bad that she isn't here…I can't help but to admit that I miss her a little, even if she was our enemy…"

"Yeah…out of all of them, Miss. Kayla was the only one who treated us like human beings…"


"What's so funny Aki? You're not getting any perverted thoughts are you? I know we're alone in a boat where no eyes can see, but if you so much as touch me in a way where I feel uncomfortable, I'll throw you off this boat and leave you to be fish bait for the sharks!"

"What? N-no! I wasn't thinking anything like that! I was just remembering something, that's all."

"For your sake, I truly hope…hey land!"

Jumping to her feet like a child who sat in a car too long, Seph grinned from ear to ear while jumping and clamping.

"Seph stop! You're going to…"

Like a canoe, the boat turned and flipped to its side, plunging the two into the water. Seph, becoming frantic as she attempted to keep her head above water searched desperately for Aki, who was no where in site.

"Oh no! T-the sharks ate him! N-now they're going to come for me…!

As strength began to leave her from her struggling, Seph's panic became worse. Like any child would, she began crying uncontrollably and when she felt something grab her from behind, she began screaming so loud that it wouldn't be surprising if no one couldn't hear her from shore.

"Calm down! It's just me!"

"A-Aki help me! The sharks are coming! I-I can't swim!"

"There's no sharks, so calm yourself and climb on my back. I'll get you to the boat safely I promise."

Not wasting any time, Seph slid onto Aki's back, relieved that she wasn't alone and that no sharks would bring her any harm. Aki slowly swam to where the boat had drifted, turning it over, the two climbed back in.

With her butt planted firmly on the wooden seat and somewhat embarrassed that she let herself go like that in front of Aki, Seph remained motionless the rest of the trip to shore.

"I-it wasn't like I was really scared or anything…" Seph began explaining in her defense to try and cover for her childish actions. After all, she was no crybaby, or at least, that's how she tried to play it off. She didn't want anyone to think that, especially Aki. "Yeah…I was just worried that the sharks got you…that's all."

"You're a terrible liar." Aki laughed.

"Y-you just shut that hole in your face! I'm not a crybaby…ok, I'm not!"

"Alright, alright." Aki gave in. "You were just concerned for me, I understand. You weren't crying, not at all."

"Good. Glad we're on the same page then."

Hiding his grin, Aki continued to steer their boat toward shore were a dock surrounded by a bustling town sat waiting for coming and going visitors. Out of all the towns they passed through before, this one had to be the largest. A community full of all types of different people, all weaving in and out of each other as they browsed the markets and shops.

Tying their boat to the dock, the two made their way through the massive crowed that made up the town. Both soaked to the bone from their saltwater swim, the two decided it would be best to find a place to stay and get some rest. As they traveled down one street and up another, they couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the massiveness amount of activities that the city had to offer. Everywhere they turned they found more and more shops and seafood restaurants, and what appeared to be what Miss. Kayla would call a 'casino', stood tall in the middle of it all as the towns' biggest attraction.

Becoming weary from their tour of the city and the massive sea of people closing in on them, the two rushed into the nearest hotel they could find. Which happened to be…

"What's with all the pink hearts?" Seph stated out loudly without any thought of whom might've heard her. A couple that sat at a table near the entrance giggled at her innocence before continuing their confessions of love for one another.

"Hello there! Would the two of you like a room?" A cheery young woman asked from behind a heart shaped counter.

"Well yeah, we wouldn't be here if we didn't."

"Seph…" Aki sighed, too tired to even try and control her if she got out of hand.

"Well let's see here…" The woman began while flipping through the pages of an overly large book. "Hmm…yes here we go. We do have one room open, it's a little pricey but if you want it, the deluxe lover's suite is available."

"The lover's what? What kind of hotel is this?"

"We'll take it." Aki cut in, not really caring about anything except sleep. Reaching into his pocket, he brought out a small plastic card, something Miss. Kayla had given to him before their escape.

The lady took it with a smile, after running it through their systems, she handed it back. "You're all set, enjoy your stay!"

As the two made their way up the spiral staircase, Seph could hear the girl at the counter giggle at them. Unsure as to why the woman was laughing, there was one thing Seph was sure of, and that's the uncontrollable urge to walk back down there and knock her right out!

"Here it is I think…room four."

"I'm not sure about this hotel Aki. Really, what's with the people here…they're all lovey dovey and stuff."

When the two stepped into the room and Seph saw what lay within it, she became irate. The entire room was filled with sexual toys, creams and lotions, a heart shaped hot tube, heck, even the bed was in the shape of a heart!

"Aki…" Seph growled. "This is a sex house! I knew it! You scrawny little pervert! I'm going to take your head and pop it like one of those dandy lion things!"

"Whoa! Time out…time out!" Aki pleaded as he backed away. "What would you rather I've done? This was the closes hotel we could find."

"Liar! You brought me here to…to…"

"Are you out of your mind Seph? I wouldn't dream of doing anything inappropriate to you. I just want to get out of these cold wet cloths and go to sleep. I swear to you, that is my only intentions."

"It better be!" Seph snorted as she plopped herself down on the couch.

"You don't want the bed?"

"Humph, no! Who knows how many people used that thing to do…you know…"

"Alright, I'll take it then." Aki sighed as he tossed one of the pinkish robes to Seph. "Better change into that, don't want you getting cold or something."

Seph, reacting with a glare, stood up and went into the darkest corner of the room. With her eyes still narrowed, she peered over her shoulder. "Better not look pervert!"

"Out of all the years we've known each other, I would think you'd know me better then this Seph."

"Tch, whatever. Just turn around!"

With an expression of hurt, Aki turned so his back was to Seph. Taking off his damp cloths and wrapping himself with the robe, he placed his cloths over a chair to dry. With his eyes hardly able to keep themselves open any longer, he collapsed onto the pillow top bed.

Seph followed a similar pattern, after she draped her cloths to dry she plopped back down on the couch. With a deep yawn, she stretched out her legs before turning to her side. Glancing over toward Aki, who had his back to her, Seph couldn't help but feel a slight fondness towards him. How in the world does he put up with her anyway? All she does is yell and get herself into trouble, relying on Aki all the time to get her out of it. Really, how can he put up with it? Never heisating to comfort her when she needs him and here she is, treating him like an old rug that constantly needs to be beaten. Oh well, enough of the thinking…must…sleep.

The feeling of her feet and arms becoming numb jolted herself just enough for her eyes to shoot open. Sitting up she realized not only that it was pitch black, but awfully cold in the room. Wrapping her arms around herself, she stood up to try and find a blanket. Maneuvering around the room in the dark turned out to a hazardous one. Knocking over sex toys among other things, Seph left a trail of destruction everywhere she walked.

"Tch…this is ridiculous! Are there no extra blankets at all?"

Not finding a single blanket, Seph returned to the couch and drew her knees to her chest to try and stay warm. Did they turn on some cold air or something? How did they expect people to sleep!

Giving into a sigh, Seph shifted her weight into a more comfortable position. With her mind drifting in and out and almost back asleep again, the one thing she never cared to hear echoed throughout the room like a rumble of thunder in a valley.

Moans and groans along with a constant beating of something heavy hitting against the wall made it perfectly clear what was going on in the room next to them. Shaking her head and trying to block out the noise, Seph tossed and turned angrily. "Wonderful, not only am I freezing my butt off, but now I have to listen to that?"

Unable to withstand the cold any longer, Seph got to her feet once more. Only this time she walked over to where Aki slept comfortably. Pondering if she should crawl into bed with him or not, she hovered over him with a blank stare. Light from the moon shined through the window, lightly brightening Aki's outline. His breathing, soft, but clearly visible in the moonlight. An odd and almost uncomfortable feeling swept over her to the point where she began to tremble. W-what was this feeling? It's not like she was going to 'do' anything. She merely only wants to get warm and sleep. Yet, her heart ached for some reason. Humph! Maybe it was fear that he'll wake up, find her sleeping beside him, and then do whatever his perverted mind tells him to do! Yeah, that's it…but the cold…it's flipping freezing!

With sleep and the desire to be warm talking over, Seph pushed the feelings away and quietly laid down. Placing her hands together and against her chest, she cuddled up against Aki's back. He stirred slightly, but didn't wake. With his body heat beginning to warm her, Seph finally fell asleep. The only sounds were the constant banging of the bed next door.