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Jay P.O.V.

I entered the elementary school. I always hated to go to this particular school. I seriously didn't know why. Every time I came anywhere near it, I'll get a creepy feeling . The smell of cleaning supplies didn't help either.

I headed towards the secretary's desk.

"Hello, how may I help you?" She asked with a friendly smile. She was an ederly woman with red curly hair and glasses. I looked at the name in her desk. Mrs. McAllister.

"I came to pick up my brother, Alex." I said, nodding. I wonder what Ryan invented this time.

"Oh. Your brother called, I'm sorry about your father. I hope he gets better." She gave me a pitying smile. So now I have a father in the hospital! Great. Note the sarcasm.

She looked for a number in a sheet of paper in her desk and dialed it.

"Mrs. Johnson! Alex is going home." Guess that's Alex's kindergarden teacher.

"Yes." She smiled.

"Alright, we'll be waiting for him in the front office." She hung up.

"He'll be here in a little while, dear." I gave a small smile and sat down in the uncomfortable chairs they had.

I was staring around the room looking for any threats, possible weapons, and ways to get out when the door opened. I tensed and then I saw who it was. Alex.

I automatically relaxed and walked towards him.

"I hope your father gets better." Mrs. McAllister said before we walked out the door.

"Thanks." I said, nodding and walking out with Alex.

Thank god, Brian let me use his car.

We walked towards the car and got in.

"Where we going, Jay?" Alex's little voice asked from the backseat.

"Um... Home."

"Why?" Should I lie or tell the truth.

"I don't know." Half-truth.

I could feel his stare. He didn't believe me.

After enduring ten minutes of Alex's unnerving stare, I finally parked on our driveway. I looked up to our one-story house.

"Home sweet home." I whispered quietly.

I saw the blinds move and suddenly I heard Ryan's ringtone.

I answered.

"He-" He cut me off.

"Jay! Get out of here now!" He said, his voice panicked.

"What-?" The house exploded making the car windows break. Glass and fibers rained everywhere.

I climbed to the backseat.

"Alex? You alright?" I asked. He nodded. Ryan! Mom!

I got out of the car.

The whole house was enclosed in flames. My chest tightened. I stared at my house in tears. They were gone.

I faintly heard sirens in the distance. The police and firetrucks got there but it was too late. They couldn't have survived the explosion.

I was in shock. I wasn't aware of anything that happened after that. Everything was blur... A sadistic blur......

My family was dead! I couldn't wrap my head around it. I just didn't get it. We had been threated before! What had gone wrong now?!

I was sitting in the hospital with my head in my hands.

"Jay." Brian, the Jokers' leader, said gently like he was afraid that I'll break. He was like an older brother to me.

I looked up.

"They're gone." I said, my voice cracking.

"I know, hun. But you gotta be strong for Alex's sake." He said crouching down to my level.

"I just fucking can't, dammit!" I said burying my head in my arms. He gave a hard sigh.

"I promise you that whoever did this is gonna pay. The Chokers aren't gonna let this go either. You're gonna be safe, JJ." He said, hugging me. After a while he let go.

"Take care Jay." He got up, kissed my forehead, and left.

Jake P.O.V.

We got to our three-story house. I patted my pockets looking for the keys.

"Hey you got your keys on you?" I asked Matt, after figuring out that I forgot to bring them, again.

He shook his head at me and pushed me aside.

"I don't even know how you got all the way to high school!" He said while opening the door.

"Thanks." I grinned at him, pretending not to have heard him.

"Whatever." He said walking inside.

"Jake? Matt?" My mom's voice was heard from the living room.

"Yeah mom." Matt answered. He called my mom 'Mom'.

"We want you to meet someone." My mom, Sarah, said. Guess John is home, too. This must really be important.

Sarah, my mom, remarried after divorcing my dad to John, Matt's dad.

John's divorce was very nasty. Matt didn't even go visit his mom anymore.

"Who?" I asked, bumping into Matt who had stopped abruptly. I walked around him to stop short. My eyebrows furrowed.

Who is that?

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