A Christian Firewall

The origin of the firewall goes back to the automobile. It is that sheet of steel that separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment. On the engine side, such things as heat, noise, spinning belts, fan blades, hot liquids and various other things are going on that should be kept apart from passengers. After all, passengers expect to get to their destination without being reminded of what makes the car go.

When home computers came of age, the term firewall was adopted to signify a program that protected the computer from viruses, hackers, unwanted pop-ups, etc. Again a way was found to protect the computer, and it's owner from unwanted, and unpleasant attention and damage.

Remember the Disney ™ cartoon where Goofy is trying to decide if he should take the easy way out, or do the right thing? The little evil Goofy is on his left shoulder (it's no surprise that evil chooses to whisper from the left). Little moral Goofy is on his right shoulder and he is also whispering.

Little evil Goofy is saying: "Go ahead, do it! So what if it's wrong? Who's gonna know? Everyone does it! What are you, some kind of sissy?"

Little moral Goofy is saying: "You know better then this! Sure it's easy. It's also wrong, and immoral. Do the right thing. It may not be as easy, but it's always right."

Goofy has to decide which path to take.

We as a Christian's are like our computers; constantly under attack! All that is unpleasant, evil, distasteful and not glorifying to Jesus is out there. We don't have to go looking for it. It's right outside our front door. The world at large is full of everything we believers distain.

Satan is constantly presenting his calling card to you. It says: I'll always take you back!

Christians need a firewall too! I prayed to the Holy Spirit. He gave me the tool I needed. In my minds eye I see a dark background. In the center of that background I see the brilliant outline of a cross. The four ends of the cross flare out slightly. That brilliantly outlined cross is my personal firewall! It's between the world-at-large and me.

The only way it won't work is if I were to make a conscious, free-will decision to ignore the cross, and step around it. We all know who is waiting on the other side of the firewall; and yeah, he's more then willing to take me back! But, like Goofy, I know better.

Pray to the Holy Spirit. It was his job to convict you of your past sins before you confessed to Jesus and asked for the gift of eternal life, a gift of grace, bought with our saviors blood and crucifixion. If you are a believer and a disciple, the Holy Spirit's job now is to help you move forward as a Christian boy, girl, woman or man. Ask the Holy Spirit for your personal firewall. He will download it directly to your heart; I promise!