A/n: I'd just like to warn you that this is rather length but please do enjoy and let me know what you think(:

So I've basically narrowed it down to this, 80 percent of guys must follow the rules of this:

He'll flirt with you, and then say something to totally contradict his flirting, and send mixed messages then hit on your friends and lie to you. Then he'll lead you on so you fall for him and one night, just one- and he'll make you feel so damn happy but the next day he'll completely ignore you. Then when he needs someone to turn to he'll come back to you when he needs someone to talk to and you'll be there because you're so helpless in love and you don't want to lose him.

Sad isn't it? I mean really why is it always like that? I mean give or take some factors, that how heartbreak goes and I seriously think that guys conspire this all together. Except maybe some gay guys because Brayden thinks I'm just crazy and that this only happens to me. But he's gay and usually does the dumping so he wouldn't know. Guys don't break Brayden Smith's heart, he breaks theirs. Ugh, if only it was that way for Aurora Rosenberg.

Oh! Wait, that's me and that never happens, ever. Just fucking dandy

"Rora, wanna sleep over this weekend?" Brayden asks me in a hushed tone.

"Mr. Smith!" Mrs. Shelton calls us-him- out.

"Yell as Rora too." He points at me in a rather sassy manner causing me to scoff.

"Mrs. Shelton! Are you going to believe him?" I sneer as I look him up and down, "The way he's dressed should be a crime."

"Aurora, we wear uniforms at this school." She replies bluntly.

"Exactly." That remark earns me giggles but I'm being serious! Stupid kids in this stupid business class.

She scoffs, "Do you want me to send you out in the hallway?"

"A little bit…" I mutter under my breath, "No."

"Alright and may I continue?"

"You may." Me and Braydon drone at the same time.

Basically I don't have friends and neither does Braydon. Okay kidding, but as you see I don't get along with other girls and he doesn't get along with as many guys. He thinks they're stupid cavemen and I think girls are moronic bitches. So we go well together ever since we met in 1997- it was a cloudy day deep in the winter…no just kidding. We met at the playground when he tried to give this boy a flower and the boy ran away and Bray was throwing a tantrum and my first boyfriend dumped me because Silvia Wintergreen gave him animal crackers that her mom dipped in chocolate, damn Silvia.

After the long boring lecture on being a CEO or something the bell rings and we gather up our stuff and leave.

"So what were you talking about?" I remind Brayden.

"Oh, right wanna sleepover? Finish watching the 3rd season of Friends and indulge in ice cream, feel fat then run it off in the dead of night and probably step on a cat and run away?"

"I'm in if we can go on a late night run to 7-11."

"Naturally babe." He tosses over his shoulder.

"It's on sweetheart. Now I'd love it if you'd help me find Scotty boy."

"Sure thing doll face, just look for the tall head with a green worn out red sox hat." He shrugs as he puts an arm around my shoulders.

Scotty Bouffant is my other best friend, we instantly became biffles since I met him in my home ec. class in 8th grade, we almost burned down the school together, good times.

"Scotty!" I yell, not wanting to waste energy.

"Rora?" I hear his deep booming voice but I can't identify where it's coming from.


"BOO!" I jump as I turn around and see the grinning face of Scotty. He's a baseball player, six foot two, muscley, broad shoulders, bleach blonde short cropped hair with some extra length on the top but it's always covered by his cap. Since we have to wear uniforms we can wear hats and any accessories, tattoos and piercings don't really matter anyway here either.

"You're mean." I pout.

"Wanna come to my game Saturday morning?" He asks as he overlaps his arm around Brayden's.

"Ehh." The unfortunate thing is that I hate baseball.

"Pleeeasee? I need a super gorgeous girl to cheer me on." He pleads.

"Get a girlfriend then." I deadpan.

"Girl's got a point." Brayden adds.

"Ehh." Scott shrugs.

"If you took Rora's approach then you'd be on five dates a day." Brayden teases.

"Oh shut up."

Okay, so here's the thing, I date anyone who asks me. I mean it's nice! Despite what Brayden and Scotty say, I think it's nice because I gives guys a chance! I mean it's not like they become my boyfriends, it's like one chance to everyone and if I don't like them I don't date them again. Simple as that and I mean it don't care if it makes me seem easy or whatever- hell I spend all my time with guys, despite that a few are always gay.

"Look Rora, it is nice- sure, but you're kind of leading guys on when you say yes." Scotty shrugs.

"No, you're wrong." I state firmly.


"No, invalid."

"Just too stubborn." Scotty laughs.

"Whatever babe, see ya'll later- off to econ." Brayden makes a gagging face and walks off.

"So what's your real intention of me going to your baseball game?" I inquire, looking up at Scotty suspiciously.

"No real intention." He looks down at me innocently.

"Yeah right, my ass."

"Your very nice ass." He corrects.

"Kiss up."

He beams at me goofily before we depart and I walk into my next class.

People always think that me and Scotty make a nice couple, but it's true guys can only be just friends. I mean in the end yeah, your boyfriend or husband becomes your best friend but it doesn't mean he always starts out that way. And really, me and Scott would just weird- he's like the brother I never had.

"Um Aurora?" This taller than me, skinny- possibly skinner than me as well- nerdy looking boy is standing there awkwardly and nervously.

"Yeah?" I run my fingers through my hair, long loosely curled tresses of chocolate brown.

"W-would you go out with me?" He makes a slightly pained face and fixes his thick, black framed glasses and shakes his long dark hair out of his eyes. Awww he's like a shy little kid.

"Oh, sure." I give him a smile and his face lights up.


"Yeah sure. How about tomorrow at Lucy's Café? I'll meet you around 6 or 7?"

"Y-yes sure! Sounds great." He gives me a sheepish grin and I hug him as I walk off. Hrm, tomorrow is Tuesday so I won't have much homework…sounds good to me.

I walk off in my four inch heels- I need the height since I'm only five foot one and 17 years old.

"Hey-" I get stopped by an extremely tall guy. Taller than Scotty I'm sure.

Oh it's only that guy…Tyler. He's on Scott's team…he's the captain! That's right- he doesn't really date much from what I hear.


"Did Jonah just ask you out?" he asks perplexed. Oh his name is Jonah…Tyler has pretty baby blue eyes, hrm nice light freckles.

"Yeeeap." I pop the 'p' for extra emphasis.

"And you said yes?" he said slowly.

I nod, "Why'd you do that?" he asks.

"Why not?" I retort.

"Because he's Jonah- did you not just see him? Or are you blind?"

"Well one, you happen to be wearing the same thing as him and two- if I was blind then that would've been highly offensive."

He rolls his eyes, "Okay fine but I mean-"

"I'm hungry bye." I interrupt before I go buy some lemonade. Hrmmm…

"Rora sweet cakes," Brayden walks around me like a shark.


"I saw that nerdy little good Jonah…"

"Ugh God, first him now you."

"Him who?" He asks with sudden interest. I sigh as we both plop down into the nearest empty table.

I wave my hand, "Just that kid Tyler."

"The Baseball hottie?" His eyebrows raise practically into his hairline- despite that he has bangs. Hrm I wonder what I'd look like with bangs.

"I guess so-he's the captain I think if I remember right."

"He's hot." Brayden answers pointedly.

"Yeah whatever, he was asking why I said yes to that kid- who I learned that his name is Jonah."

"Babe I think its karma."

"What?" I scoff.

"Yeah, I mean not this specifically, but I mean you say yes to all guys and break your heart then all your jackass boyfriends break your heart."

"No, I think it's just because they're all jackasses. I have bad judgment."

"Well duh."

"Which makes me wonder why you're my baffle sweetie." I jab him in the side.

"Because I have amazing judgment." He sings mockingly.

"Uh huh Mister 'bitch, I break your heart not the other way around'- sorry that I'm just looking for a prince." I scowl.

Which, causes him to laugh wildly and for my jaw to drop.

"You're such a mean gay guy."

"Yeah yeah," He laughs a bit, "Anyway I was laughing 'cause it was so stupidly naïve. Princes don't exist hun."

"Says you." I scoff.

"Yeah says me." And Bray continues to laugh as I roll my eyes.

Okay so I'm such a movie freak it's not even funny. Well even if I say it's not funny Braden and Scotty make it an appoint to laugh at my movie obsession. Good movie, bad movie, anything I'll watch it and I'm not even judgmental about it. I don't get it when people say a movie sucks- I mean maybe it might be boring but a movie certainly can't suck. I will slap you if you say that in front of me, no matter whom you are. Which sucks because I want to slap that boy Jonah right now.

So far, he hates all sports- including baseball which I gladly agreed upon- but he says he hates lacrosse. Lacrosse, the sport I play, I mean seriously? You're going to flat out tell me that my beloved sport is just as bad as foul baseball?

And now he's bashing movies- okay not bashing but saying how he saw this awful movie and saying how we should see a movie. Of course he's stuttering and stammering and blushing but whatever- I don't like him.

"So…" I start, "How come I've never seen you around school?" He shifts awkwardly and I take a sip of my espresso.

"Um…I don't know I guess I'm just not noticeable-I uh I mean-"His face slightly scrounges up in embarrassment.

"So, do you two need anything else? How's it going?" We both turn and look up at Tyler.

He's wearing a black t-shirt with Lucy's Café and the logo on it and a folded in half black apron- I never noticed but he has relatively small solid black gauges in his ears. His dark brown hair short, a little lengthy at the top and a bit spiky and ruffled- hrm attractive.

"Ummm, Tyler?" I question.

"At your service." He grins sloppily. If I remember correctly he also wore braces in 9th grade.

"You work here?"

"Yeah, only sometimes though if I have time." He shrugs and looks at Jonah menacingly.

"So…Aurora…" Jonah starts.

"Um Jonah, how about we call it a night?"

He blushes and looks down, "Oh okay, I'll walk with you." I gather up my stuff and Jonah walks in front of me but Tyler stops me.

"Jone, I'll drive the lady home."

Jonah looks surprised but doesn't question the jock and gives me a hug. I sigh and look around as Jonah is holding on and he let's go and I kiss his cheek causing him to beam before leaving diligently.

"So, " Tyler chuckles, "How'd the date go?"

I give him an aggravated look before sitting back down in my seat, "Awful- we had nothing in common and it's like a rule for me, I don't care how different we are just need one thing in common."

"And what may that be?" He chuckles as he sits down in Jonah's seat.

"Aren't you supposed to be working?"

"My mom owns this place." He replies nonchalantly, "My dad's a dentist."

That makes me laugh, "That's a little ironic isn't it?"

He shrugs, "They complete each other I guess."

"See, that's cool because my parents are like ugh- one's a divorce layer and the other is a journalist- the least my mom could've been is his secretary, it would've make the story so much cooler."

"Well it might've been a bit scandalous if she was his secretary don't you think?"

"I like scandalous." I say rather proudly.

"You're kind of weird you know that?"

"Oh thanks," I roll my eyes, "But yes I do."

"Good, it's a good thing. I get why you're best friends with Scotty now."

This is interesting, "And why is that?"

"I guess it's because you both don't care about other people's opinions, you're a little oblivious and naïve, childish, easy to talk to."

"Hey- I'm not naïve."

"Yeah keep telling yourself that." He chuckles as he gets up and walks back to the cash register. I pout and I feel a buzz in my pocket- probably Brayden.

Bitch from my sources you're hanging out with the hottie- Bray

I roll my eyes and quickly reply "Creep- Rora"

"Here." Tyler holds out a piece of cheesecake? It had a light looking crust on the bottom and then a filling and some whip cream dollops around the rim and its cut in a circle- it looks adorable and appetizing.


"What, what, it's a cake, you eat it." He says it like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"I mean what as in 'what the hell'." I scoff.

"It's for your disastrous date." He states.

"Hrmm." I eye the cake suspiciously.

Tyler rolls his eyes and holds out a fork to me as he places the plate down on the table.

"Fine." I cave and take a bite and instantly I moan. It's so damn buttery and smooth and delicious.

He laughs heartily, "Glad you like it."

"Well none of my friends can cook-"I scoff, it's true who says gay guys are experts at cooking?

"Wait- are you gay?"

"No, I'm not. My sister made the cake- she does all the baking."

"Oh okay." I shrug, now that's more probable.

"Why do I have a gay vibe or something?" He eyes me suspiciously now.

"No- I mean I'd know since I have plenty or gay friends- but I don't know, you play baseball and cook so it seemed sketchy." I reply nonchalantly.

"So before, what was that one thing in common you were talking about?"

"Oh," I realize, "it's that we have to be able to talk."

"What?" He asks incredulously, "That doesn't make sense."

"What are you talking about, it makes plenty of sense."

"No it doesn't, talking to each other isn't something to have in common."

"Yuh huh, see if person A can talk to person B it doesn't mean that person B can talk to person A. So if you both can talk to each other then it's a thing in common."

"I guess that makes sense but that's just like being friends."

"Well then let's say my standards aren't too high."

"Obviously." He scoffs.

"What does that mean?" I wonder offended.

"According to Scotty your ex's aren't the best guys- he likes to complain about how you complain a lot."

"Typical Scotty. He thinks that I should listen to him and Bray when it comes to dating."

"Well you should. And you should listen to me."

"Really? When you randomly talked to me about Jonah it sounded like you were just being a stuck up-"

"Well it came out wrong, I mean telling by the way he looks and what I know he didn't seem your type."

"Oh so you know me type?" I ask a little flirtatiously.

"I guess," He shrugs, "It just seemed too weird, you and him, so I couldn't help but ask."

"Hrm I guess so- we seriously only had like two things in common."

He chuckles, "And what are those two things?"

"He hates baseball- albeit that he hates lacrosse my beloved sport- and he loves coffee and I love coffee."

"What's so bad about baseball?" he asks innocently feigning a hurt expression, "And I can tell that you love coffee."

"Really how so?"

"You're always so perky and talkative. Back to baseball."

I let out a pained sigh, "FIneee- I hate baseball it's awful. I used to date a baseball player in the 10th grade and he like made me come to every game and scrimmage and I like died- so boring. Plus I tried softball, it's awful."

Tyler scoffs, "Baseball is amazing-"

"Says the captain of the Varsity team- you're a little biased."

"Well being Scotty's best friend, shouldn't you at least like it a tiny bit?"

"Nope." I state.

"I can change your mind."

"I doubt it." I hold out a piece of the cake on the fork to Tyler and he eats it.

He licks his lips, "Okay so what if I showed you that it isn't so bad?"

"And how are you going to do that?" I down another bite and Tyler opens his mouth, as a mean to tell me he wants some more cake. I comply and feed him as I feel two buzzes in my pocket.

"Come to our game Saturday morning, I'm sure Scotty asked you."

"Not going to happen unless you want me to fall asleep on the bleachers."

"Okay, so what if I teach you how to play?"

"Eh." I take another bite and look at my phone, four unread text messages.

No, the people who told me are creeps. I just love gossip- Hayden

Bitch, answer me!- Hayden

How'd the date go? – Scotty

Bitch!): Hayden

"Cake, pleaseeee." Tyler pouts. I roll my eyes and put my phone back.

"You have hands."

He pouts and I feed him, "You're mean."

"That's not mean." He defends.

"Fine it's just spoiled. So I don't really know much about you but am I wrong to think that you're a man whore?"

He bursts out in laughter, "No I'm not I think you're thinking about the JV baseball captain."

"Hrm, probably- so then-"

"I don't have sex often, sure I'm a guy I like sex but it's whatever. I don't sleep with anything that walks or comes crawling my way."

"Smart boy." I scoff thinking about the scum I dated.

"Thinking about the ex's?"

"Read my mind." I deadpan as I give him the last bite before placing the fork down.

"Are you always this friendly?"

"Hrm, I guess so. I'm not good with other females so I don't spend much time with girls- I only have some kinda friend female friends and I'm super friendly with all my friends and I go out with any guy that asks so I guess so." I contemplate and look around.

"You go out with any guy that asks?"

"Yeah I mean, it's not that I'm desperate or have low self esteem or that I'm being a bitch or something or easy, contrary to popular belief- it's just that I think every guy deserves a chance."

"But then it's kind of like leading a guy on. Plus, it doesn't make it very special if guys know you'll say yes."

"Well not all guys know I'll say yes. And no it's not, it's just that like I said, every guy deserves a chance 'cause you never know maybe the guy will surprise me."

"That's true but then say if I, or any guy asked you out then it wouldn't make me special because you don't like me or any guy that asked- it doesn't mean that you like said guy who asked it just means you're being nice."

"It's not nice, it's…it's selfish." I try to defend.

"And how so?"

"Well it means I'm going on a date with the guy because I hope he's the guy who'll sweep my off my feet. Not because he likes me and I want to be nice- it's because I want to see if he's worth it." I shrug.

"You're awful at making yourself sound like a bad person."

I pout, "Yeah yeah baseball stud."

"Are you calling me attractive?" He asks slyly.

"You're alright." I lightly laugh.

"Oh I'm flattered." He rolls his eyes.

"Good, you should be buddy." I poke his chest.

"Well you're not to bad yourself." He shrugs.

"Oh you're nice." I roll my eyes and check the time.

"Well time sure flies fast." I look around and see that there's only a table of three left.

Tyler looks around too, "Yeah- let me clean up and I'll come back later." I shrug and reply to Brayden as he picks up the dishes.

Sorry, I talking to Tyler- Rora

Hey Scotty, it was AWFUL- Rora

Oh my god Ror, are you going to whore around with him- Brayden

No I'm not meanie- Rora

Too bad, I'm disappointed- Brayden

What, want juicy stories?- Rora

Yeah, all your past boyfriends are grossos- Brayden

That makes me literally laugh out loud and I hear someone clearing their throat and I look at Tyler smirking at me, wiping a mug. I give him a whatever face and return to my phone.

Why?- Scotty

He was boring and we had nothing in common, total dud- Rora

Nuh uh- Rora

Yes, totally, especially the really itchy meth head- Brayden

That was just a bad boy phase- Rora

Who was it, that Jonah kiddo right?- Scotty

Yeah but I ended it early so it's all good- Rora

"Hey," Tyler greets as he sits down.

"Hey." I place my phone back into the back pocket or my skinny jeans and fix my heels.

"You look nice- too nice for Jonah."

"It's Mr. Bipolar," I scoff.

"What?" He asks.

"Nothing." I try to play coy to see if he'll ask- which- will give me a great reason to rant.

"Come on-"

"Okay, so I have this theory that's like some sort of conspiracy all guys have. Flirt with a girl, diss her, send mixed messages, hit on her, hit on her friends, lead her on and make her fall in love and yada yada. It's like happened for almost every guy I've liked or dated."

"Hrm, yeah you're crazy."

"Uh no I'm not." I scoff, "By the way I can drive home, so I'll see you once this conversation is done."

"Nah, I'll drive you, wouldn't wanna be a liar now. And okay I get what you're saying but maybe it's because they're shy."

"Oh please they're not shy."

"Not shy per se, more like you're intimidating."

"How in the world am I intimidating?" I raise my voice unintentionally.

"Besides that you're a little scary," He smirks, "It's just that you have this thing about you- this whole 'I'm pretty, self confident and I'll say whatever I want and you can't stop me' kind of thing."

"I'm so not like that." I scoff.

"Not to you, but to everyone else around you. I mean it's kind of hot but then it makes guys second think what they say."

"Mhm hmm." I say, not really believing what he's saying.

"Oh come on, ask anyone that'll tell you the truth."

"And so why are you telling me the truth?"

"Because, like I said I'm not a liar."

"Interesting. Well see ya." I grab my bag and get up.

"Hey, wait let me lock up and I'll drive you."

"No thanks."

I head for the door but he calls out, "Rora, come on!"

"Nah." I give him a smile and a wave before heading off.

"I heard that you and Tyler were getting to know each other, I'm offended that you withheld this from me." Scott remarks as he grabs my stuff to carry.

"Well damn," I roll my eyes, "So much for that."

"I heard from Bray." He says nonchalantly.

"Oh goodie, he'll be talking about it this whole weekend at this rate."

"At what rate?"

"He saw me and Tyler talking this morning."

"Date last night and a secret rendezvous this morning? Questionable." Scott decides.

"It was not a date and it was not a secret rendezvous, so no questionableness needed." I defend.

"It was-"

"No-" I interject, "He works at Lucy's and he saved me from the disaster date and we were talking- like normal people, ever heard of it?"

"Okay, okay, you're right. But I'll ask him about his interpretation at practice tonight, wanna come?"

"Ew, no thanks. No need babe, 'cause he's hitting on some girl over there."

"Ew." We say together, it's Chelsea Henderson. She wears so much make up and her hair color changes as often as Bray changes the background on his phone.

"Anyway, besides that, you still should come. Spend some time with me and the team." We walk past without a care.

"I love y'all but no. I hate baseball, I can't stress that enough."

"Oh come on, practice with the team, Coach loves you."

"Hey, do you like my shoes?" I ask him wanting to change the subject.

"Yeah they're pretty, fits you."

"Thank you, I like that they're all strappy but doesn't make me look like a hoe."

"Hrm, true- so back to practice-"

"Nope not going."

"Oh come on I don't care if you go and sit there making out with some guy, just come."


"Come on."

"What guy?"

"You pick, what about Jonah." He laughs.

"Ugh, no thanks. Maybe I'll make out with Casey, he's hot and he likes me."

"Sure thing babe I dunno if Coach will-"

"You said he loves me so no brainer."

"Yeah yeah." He ruffles my hair and I swat his hand away.

I walk into Psychology and there's Tyler, hrm didn't know he was in the this class.

"Aurora, please take your seat. Today we'll be having a class discussion." Mrs. Ritter says.

"Cool." I shrug and sit down in my assigned seat and twiddle with my pen as the bell rings.

"So, class let's talk about love."

"Love is shit." I call out.

"And why is that?" Tyler replies, looking at me from his seat a few seats over.

"Okay look it's easy people make such a big deal about love. But it's not like you can see it, how in the world do you know it's real?"

"It's like saying just because you can't see God then he's not real." Some girl butts in.

"Well it's not like I'm freakishly religious but I don't not believe in him. I don't think I have a religion but I don't know- and don't go shoving religion down my throat-"

"Rora's got a point but anyway maybe it's just because you haven't been in love."

I scoff and hold up a hand to him, "I have been and I've had my heart broken but I think it's not worth it. Plus love is the reason why I'm living here instead of on a beach."

"And why is that Aurora?" Mrs. Ritter asks.

"Because my parents love money, they love their jobs. If they didn't then I'd be relaxing in shorts and a tank top and my sandals on the boardwalk."

"Your dad's a lawyer correct?" Mrs. Ritter asks to clarify.

"Yeah, and my mom's a journalist so she can't move but well that means that because she loves what she does and she loves money- like all people- then we stay here. She hates our house though."

"So you have a bad relationship with your parents?"

"Of course not I love them, they're awesome but I'm just saying that everyone can be selfish. Love is selfish and that's just how things go. Love is awful and people get hurt."

Tyler rolls his eyes and smirks, "A, everyone gets hurt, it happens all the time even if it's un love related. You just gotta deal."

"I know but still. It's gross and I do deal with it amazingly but it's just that it's stupid. You get hurt over nothing because if wasn't love."

"Well just find a guy who'll show you what love is like." Tyler states.

"I'd love to find him, if you know a guy like that let me know." I snort.

"Maybe he's right here- I mean here as in right there in front of you, like someone you just don't notice."

"Well if I don't notice him then how will I know who he is?"

"Miss Rosenberg has a point-" And the rest of class goes by in an instant.

Ugh, GOD I can't believe that Scotty dragged me to his game. It's fucking six in the morning and I'm watching baseball and it might rain. Gross, pure torture.

"Scotty!" I whine in an annoying screech.

"Sup Rora."

"Can't I sleep in your car?" I practically stomping my feet like a child.

Tyler walks over chuckling, "Throwing a tantrum now?"

"Yes I am, what of it?" I sass him.

Tyler wraps him long toned arms around me and I hear his chest rumble a bit as he laughs, "It's not that bad A."

"If it rains I'll hit you with a bat, and then kill Scott." I grumble as I hold onto him.

"If it rains I'll walk up to the bleachers and hold an umbrella up for you." Tyler deadpans.

"Are you being serious?"

"Dead serious."

I look up at him and he looks down at me and I swear my heart skipped a beat, uh oh.

I hear the team laughing and I let go of Tyler and pout.

"Okay babes, you know Bray would've bitched to you about that right?"

I give him a 'puhlease, give me a break,' look, "Yeah he'd have a field day/heart attack. I think we should keep this a secret."

"Yeah right," He snorts, "Keeping secrets from Bray doesn't work."

"Ugh, I hate how true that is." I groan as I trudge back to the bleachers. Girlfriends all giggling and sitting close to the field being happy and grrrr. It makes me slightly jealous but then I don't think I'd want to date another baseball guy- at least on this team. Okay, maybe Tyler.

"Mhmm…" I moan as I sit up, apparently I fell asleep, hrm I wonder if there's the indent on my face from the bleachers. I begin to rub the side of my face and I look up, why is it black?

"Hey," Tyler chuckles.

"What?" I say dumbly as I turn and see Tyler holding an umbrella over me.

"Did you really-?"

"Yeah." He shrugs, "I'm no liar remember?"


"Why? Cause-"

"Okay, okay," I grumble, "That was really sweet of you." I fully sit up and give him a slightly sympathetic smile since he left the game for me.

"No big deal, they still won. There's a tape of it though, I'm sure Brayden will get his hands on it- Scott probably will."

"Great, just watch him post it all over Facebook and YouTube."

"That'd be scandalous." He grins.

"Oh most definitely he thinks there's something going on between us."

"I'm sure everyone will and I mean I hope so."

"What?" I ask dumbfounded.

"You know, something should be going on. Friendship is something right?" He says so innocently, way to get my hopes up Tyler.


He looks as me with his eyebrows raised, taken back, "You're speechless for once?"

I shrug and open my mouth to speak but don't and shrug again.

"Wow." He looks around and I contemplate if I should tell him that I just him like him. I mean rejection isn't so bad- at least I'd feel better.

I mean it's already over right? He said we're just friends but I really want to kiss him, Tyler why can't you just kiss me already like a jerk would?

"Are you sick Rora?"

Yeah I feel like my heart dropped you idiot, "I don't know."

"Do you want me to-"

Abruptly I kiss him as I take the umbrella out of his hand and put it down- score for my skills. I wrap my arms around his neck and tangle my fingers in his hair as he grabs onto my waist for dear life, trying to pull me as close as possible. I don't feel a spark but I sure as hell feel my heart drop again and back up like an amusement park ride. Our lips break contact for a brief rapid intake of air before reattaching- the process repeats a few times but I reluctantly pull away and his face follows mine like a magnet before he realizes what's going on.

I stand up and touch my lips briefly before I lean and kiss him quickly once more, "You kind of put me in the stupid friend zone but I like you. So yeah I guess that's it, I just really wanted to kiss you." I tell him breathlessly before departing. His face all red-and wet- and his mouth is open slightly and his hair is all messed up and he looks pretty damn hot.

I climb down the bleachers and jump the last few rows and walk off to Scott's car.

Once I get there I see Scotty in his green hat running towards me, "Holy mother fucker Rora!" He shouts, putting his hands on his head like a monkey.

"I know!" I yell back in a whiney manner.

"Bray is gonna shit bricks! And it's ALL on tape- Peter videotapes all our games plus the crowed and DAMN! Most eventful crowd scene ever!" He hollers as we climb into the car, not entirely soaked yet.

"Ugh God, I don't want to know his reaction. He's gonna lecture and pry and god everyone will know how-"

"Adorable you two are?" Scott interjects, "That was seriously the cutest thing ever! Besides that bunny you showed me but still, why'd you leave him?"

"You didn't hear?"

"Nah, you guys were to far away for the camera to pick up the sound."

"Well Tyler doesn't like me but apparently I like him."


"Yeah I mean he kind of put me in the friend zone and I really wanted to kiss him so I did."

"Are you sure? I mean it seems that he-"

"Yeah he-" I stop when I see my phone flashing in the cup holder compartment and hear it vibrating violently.

7 missed calls and 11 unread texts, ugh Brayden.

Bitch! Where are you?! I need the details from you! I better see that video! ): - Brayden

"Brayden?" Scott asks.

"Yeah…why do I feel like I just got dumped? And made a porno."

Scott laughs, "That would already be leaked if so but you'll feel better babe- maybe you should make out with Casey."

"Maybe I will."

After finishing the 4th DVD of the 3rd season of Friends and a bunch of gummies and a few lollis, me and Brayden decide that it's time for a run to 7-11.

So we watched the video together this morning and it's all over Facebook now, there's even a page for, "Tyler Henley and Aurora Rosenberg as Class Couple." The could've at least put Rora instead of my full name, jeez.

"Hey Rore, it says you have like 11 Facebook messages and tons of notifications." Bray hands me my phone and I reluctantly take it.

"God I don't want to deal with this." I sigh.

"Chill babes, Tyler's a hottie. You two make the most sickeningly adorable couple like ever."

Okay he's right about that. In the video it's basically this:

It starts to pour and after a few minutes of that Tyler jogs up the bleachers with an umbrella in hand and I'm snoozing away like a schmuck. I'm pretty sure Tyler chuckles and smirks as he opens the umbrella, sitting down. Part of Tyler gets wet since he's making sure my curled up sleeping form is dry and the video skips some bland parts but overall while I'm sleeping Tyler strokes my hair and talk to me in my sleep.- but it doesn't pick up what he says but you can hear the annoying girlfriend section gossiping and the team saying stuff like 'holy shit', 'Tyler is really doing that?', 'whipped', 'awww' and 'Brayden is gonna flip!". Of course that's Scott mentioning Brayden- which made Bray happy that he got mentioned. And then there's the whole me waking up and us kissing scene.

"Why must Tyler be so fucking adorable? You what, he followed the pattern too." I point at Brayden knowingly.

"Just this once I have to partially agree. Way too many mixed signals from that I know. But despite that friend comment and him hitting on other girls, he seems so into you like grotesquely so."

"I mean it didn't seme like it to me but then he was just so amazing. Whatever at least this time we didn't get involved so it's not that bad."

Bray gives me a 'you've got to be kidding me' look, "Rore, it's totally virally all over the net. Maybe he was lying about that friend thing?" He tries to suggest.

"According to him he doesn't lie. And the whole umbrella scene proves it right."

"Okay fine but maybe he's shy?"

"He's definitely not shy."

"Correct again…hrm…"

"Whatever I'll make out with Casey and forget about it." I shrug.

The whole conversation made me think about how Tyler said I'm intimidating…

Brayden scoffs, "Ugh Tyler, greater than Casey."

"But you see Casey actually has a crush on me."

"Mhmmm…" I feel a vibration on my thigh and I get up, searching around my leg for my phone.

"Hello?" I ask groggily.



"Yeah I got your number from Scott, look out the window."

Confused I get up and walk to the window and see Tyler standing there. I push the window open but there's that weird wire netting- not like I'd try to climb out I'd die.

"Tyler!" I hang up the phone and see his grinning face.


"Scott again?"

"Yeah, now look." He spreads out his arms and I see that he put black light paint on the lawn- at least half of it and wrote FRIEND ZONE on the that half he's not standing on.

"The Smiths won't be happy with their lawn."

"It's worth it, so what do you say?"

"I say, see you in a few hours Tyler." I grin and he returns it before saluting me goodbye.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart." I faintly hear before shutting the window again.

"And I missed it?! Ugh LAME." Bray scoffs as I park my car. I'm still going to make out with Casey Livingston. Let's face it, I still don't know where I stand exactly with Tyler and I just need to get over all this. Screw what Scott and Bray say, me and Tyler isn't going to happen.

I roll my eyes as I see Scott walking this way with some guys- including Casey.

"Hey!" Scotty calls out and I beam at him and I walk over- but instead of hugging Scott I pull Casey's lip down onto mine. He doesn't reply for a moment- probably due to shock- but soon he does and we make out. Kissing him isn't as amazing as Tyler- Casey is a good kisser, but it just doesn't make my heart drop like with Tyler. Casey holds onto my waist as the other guys chuckle and I distinctly hear Scott's chuckle and I hear Bray bitching.

Casey works his tongue into my mouth and I grab onto his shirt and this lasts for a bit until Casey is pulled away and surprisingly punched.

"Holy-!" Casey shouts, as a fuming Tyler stands there.

"Tyler?" I ask unsure, what the-?

"Hey." He grins at me.


"Unable to conjugate full sentences now? Are you sure you're not sick?"

"Um Tyler- you just punched Casey."

"Yeah, I was there." He grins.

I look around really unsure, "Uh- why?"

"Well you see I wanted to talk to you about that but then well Casey was sort of attached to you and I got jealous."

"You got jealous?"

"Yep." He confirms, "I mean you know since-"

"Wait, what did you want to talk about?"

"Well I wanted to one inform you that you now have turned me into a liar- thanks- and two I wanted to discuss the whole friend zone and not friend zone thing."

"Uh huh and how did I do that?"

"I lied to you the other day- at least partially."

"How so?"

"Can we talk in your car?" He looks at the group and they're all confused, Casey slightly bruised and a busted lip but he doesn't seem angry at all.

"Sure." I shrug and I climb into the driver seat while he sits in the passenger seat.

"So anyway," Tyler starts, "You are intimidating. I thought that I wouldn't be like all the other guys-that I could handle my feelings and that things between us would pan out. So I guess you're right- I subconsciously followed all those signs you told me about- that pattern. And the mention of something happening between us made me think, did I want us to be friends? Or did I want to risk that and ask you out? Because it's not like you'd reject me- you don't reject people."

I blink a few times before licking my lips, "You're such a dork, a very stupid dork. You could've just asked me if I liked you."

"Oh come on Rore, we know it's not that easy- you'd probably feel nervous, unsure of how I'd take it and it's just not that easy. There's always complications. Didn't you catch on that I just might like you?"

"No- I'm not good with things like that. I thought you're just a bit out there."

"Well okay here, I like you, okay? I really like you." He looks me dead in the eye and it kind of makes me blush and I have to look away.

"I like you." I add lamely.

"Good." Tyler grins as he takes my face in his hands and pulls me in for a kiss.

"Wait- "I interrupt.


"What does that make me? Your girlfriend or your-"

He smirks as I feel his hot breath on my lips seeing as we're so close.

"It means that I very much want to be the person B to your person A and that I want to be the dentist to your café owner self and the Prince Phillip to you Princess Aurora."

"Does that mean you're my husband?"

He chuckles, "Something like that."

Finally he closes the space between us and everything feels so good- or is that just Tyler's lips? His lips are to die for.

"You bitch! I swear I'll claw your minty green eyes out if you don't stop hiding things from me!" Bray shouts as I smile into the kiss.

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